A Real Life Soul Retrieval Story:

This journey was done in January 1997.

Tom is 47 years old and works as a professor at an ivy league college university. He's a marathon runner and all around athlete. He obviously is a well educated and successful person.

Tom called at 1:00 am in a panic. He blurted out “I’m going to commit suicide if you don’t help me right now!” 
I asked him to tell me what was happening? He said “I don’t know! Everything in my life is falling apart!”
My wife left me a few months ago, then our dog died. I’ve dated some women, but I can’t seem to get involved or committed to anything. Now I have muscle aches and pains and the doctors don’t know what is wrong with my body. 
I’ve lost a lot of weight. My life has been about struggle for years. And today just because I didn’t feel like going to work, I quit my job. 
​It was clear that Tom needed a Soul Retrieval. 
​I agreed to see Tom as soon as he could get here.
He drove 7 hours and arrived here at 7am. I explained Soul Retrieval to him.
I went into a Shamanic journey and asked my spirit guides to help me bring back the essence that Tom had lost.
First, I saw Tom as a little boy, about 5 years old. His hair was blond and he was swimming among several older kids.
The water was very choppy. All the other kids were jumping off a large rock into the water near Tom as he struggled to keep his head above the water. Tom became overwhelmed by the waves and splashing and began sinking down into the water. I looked at my spirit guide and stated “he is drowning.”  My guide said, “He can’t keep his head above water.”  
Tom sank deeper into the water. It looked as though he was about to drown when along came a teen-aged girl lying on a surfboard. She looked down into the water and saw Tom's blond hair. She was very calm as she reached down and grabbed at Tom’s blond hair and pulled him up to the surface. She threw him onto her surfboard and paddled him to shore. She pumped the water from his small body and sat with him for about a half-hour. They talked a little bit, and finally when little Tom felt strong enough he walked down the beach to report what happened to his parents. “Mommy, Mommy, I drowned, I drowned,” little Tom yelled to his mother. 
His mother didn't understand the severity of the event as she looked at Tom and said, “You look fine to me. Now go and play in the water with your brothers." 
  “No Mommy, Tom retorted,  "I really drowned and that girl saved me.”  Tom pointed down the beach to the girl, but she was gone. 
 Finally, after a few minutes of this Tom's mother got very annoyed by his insistence on his drowning and snapped angrily, “Quit making up stories. You’re obviously fine now, so go and play!”
Tom knew he had just survived a traumatic experience yet there was no validation of his experience.  
He felt all alone and lost. His mother didn’t have any idea how close she came to losing her son that day.

Note:  When trauma goes unvalidated we experience soul loss.
Children especially need recognition and validation for physical or emotional pain.

 Soul Loss is a term used to describe a fragmented part of ourselves. The soul separates from our essential energy when a physical or emotional pain is felt. The soul loses part of its essential self. A piece of our essential energy slips away from our soul and goes to a safe place where it remains for years until it is retrieved by a Shaman or other type of healing such as years of psycho therapy.
There is no time in the Spirit world.  The trauma has long past. The lost energy doesn't know that time has passed, and so it lives in a kind of limbo. It's really all about displaced energy. In psychological terms it is referred to as disassociation.

Little Tommy stopped trying to convince his mother of his drowning, picked up his shovel and pail, and sat down near his parents on the beach to built himself a sandcastle.  He never wanted to go into, or near, the water again.

I turned to my spirit teachers and asked, “Is this where Tom has been all these years?”
They showed me the blond little boy happily playing in the sand on the beach building one sandcastle after another and replied, “YES”. 
My spirit teacher and I approached the little Tom and introduced ourselves as friends of his from the future!  
(In the spirit world there is no sense of judgment or time.)
  I knelt down next to little Tom and explained to him that time has past and that he is now a grown man who has had a lot of fun experiences. But adult Tom has been missing little Tom for a long time.
Then the little Tom asked, “What is missing?” I replied, “It is you who has been missing from big Tom’s life. The little Tom replied, “Are you sure I’m all grown up?”
I answered, “Yes I am sure, and if you want to come with us I will show you.”  He agreed to come with us, but only if I promised to have the adult Tom take him swimming some time and to watch over him in the water. I assured him that adult Tom would happily do that for him.

I  then assisted my spirit guides in returning little Tom’s energy to his adult self.

After I came out of the Shamanic journey, I explained what I was shown by my spirit guides. Big Tom cried for the first time in years. He admitted that everything that my guides had shown me was a true actual experience in his life when he was five years old. 
His six older siblings were supposed to be watching him on the day of his drowning.
 To this day Tom doesn’t have any idea who the girl was who had saved him.  He admitted never liking the water after that experience.

The words that really struck Tom the most was when  my spirit guides said, “HE CAN’T HOLD HIS HEAD ABOVE WATER”. 
Tom admitted that although he can’t remember when he started saying these words but he's repeated them most of his life. Like a mantra he's repeated, I just can't seem to keep my head above the water. Although to anyone looking at his life from the outside they would have said his life looked pretty good. Tom didn't feel that way at all.  

This journey helped Tom to understand that he’s been programming himself all these years to believe that he could never FEEL successful. He told himself over and over again that he could never keep his head above the water. 
He was all ways drowning. This attitude created a defeated pattern that he created for himself time and time again. 
Even with all of his seemingly successful attempts, he continued to sabotage himself in one way or another.

Four months later Tom called me again. I asked him if he was OK, and he replied, “Thank-you. I have my life back, 
I got my job back and everything else is going very well.” He reported  that his new found energy helped him to feel happier then he'd felt in many years. His energy had returned and so did his health. All the aches and pains just went away. He felt successful and strong in his body. He said, “I feel whole for the first time in a very long time. 
And guess what? I love the water!”

This is the nature of Soul Retrieval. 
Once all of our lost parts are returned to us our natural whole selves can begin to live life from our natural whole state once again. 
Soul Retrieval can’t take away the trauma, but it can heal the trauma, so that we can continue living the full life that we came here to enjoy.

( All readings are confidential. Even with permission to share, names will always be changed.)
What is Soul Retrieval:

​​Soul loss occurs when trauma goes unvalidated. 
Children especially need recognition and validation for their physical or emotional pain.
“Soul Loss” is a term used to describe a fragmented energy that has separated itself from our essential "whole self energy."
 A piece of our essential energy slips away from our soul and goes to a safe place where it remains for years until it is retrieved by a Shaman or other type of healing like psychotherapy or hypnosis.  
There is no time in the Spirit world and so although the trauma has long past the lost energy doesn't know that time has gone by and so it lives in a kind of limbo time space reality, where it waits for it's return to the body.
​It's really all about displaced energy. In psychological terms soul loss is referred to as disassociation. ​The problem with the methods used in modern day psychotherapy is that it can take many years for the lost soul part to return to the client. Because the person who is asking for the return of lost energy can't know where to find the lost soul part, where as the Shaman can see where it is thus making it possible to be brought back instantly.
With the return of the energy the client can begin working from a whole perspective while in psychotherapy, rather then from the fragmented self perspective. If psychotherapy methods are used instead of the Shamanic method, then it is highly recommend that the client sincerely ask the lost soul part energy to return. They ask with an open and sincere heart so that the lost energy can feel safe to return. Hypnotherapy has been another successful method used in retrieving lost soul parts as well. However, both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can take many years, whereas Shamanic methods take only a few minutes. 

Soul Retrieval
Symptoms & words we use to describe soul loss.

- Feelings of being incomplete
- Inability to move past an issue despite efforts to do so.
- Feeling like you’ve done everything you can do but are still stuck.
- Feeling disconnected from life, like you don’t really feel anything, or you feel you can’t connect to
- Memories of an incident in your past that repeat still in your mind.
- A sense of having lost a part of you and knowing you will never be the same again.
- A sense that someone took a part of you, your heart, your soul, or that you were not the same once
they left you or died.
- You keep wanting to return to a person, or a location that seems unhealthy or unlikely, even though
there is no apparent reason for you to do so.
- Lost memories, like a part of your history is “missing” (often time in childhood).
- Depression or moodiness that comes and goes.
- A sense that something is wrong with you, or your health, even though your doctor deny’s a
- Fear of the dark.
- Symptoms of feeling out of control and needing to know what is coming.
- Lack of spontaneity.
- Anger easily.
- Can’t break the habit of blaming others for what is wrong in your life.
- Feelings of powerlessness
- You feel like you have whole inside that can’t seemed to be filled regardless of your effort to fill it.
- Addiction to shopping, food, drugs or alcohol.
- Something missing from your life but you don’t know what it is.
- Feeling like an outsider even though friends and family love you.

Words we use when we unconsciously identify soul lost in others..
- She's very nice but is really out their!
- He's so not grounded in his body.
- I have a whole with-m me that never seems to get filled. I try to fill everyday with.... either, food, or shopping, or alcohol and or drugs
but come the next day I feel it's emptiness again.
- After the accident or operation, or divorce or other trauma, I just don't feel the same.
- I feel like a part of me is still at the scene of the accident.

Soul Retrieval