Soul Retrieval Q & A

What is Soul Retrieval?
Soul retrieval is the process used by a Shaman to re-unite fragmented parts of one's soul due to unvalidated trauma.

What is Soul Loss?
Soul loss occurs when trauma goes unvalidated regardless of age or circumstance.
It is a term used to describe fragmented energy that has separated itself; from our essential "whole self-energy."

Basically, a piece of our essential energy slips away from our soul and goes to a safe place in the ether where it can remain for many years. The psychological term for soul loss is 'Disassociation'.

There are several methods that assist in returning a lost soul part. One can retrieve a soul part through hypnosis or in psychotherapy, however, the latter two can take years of hard work, whereas a trained Shaman can retrieve up to three lost soul parts in one session.

Why Do Shamans Use Drumming During an S. R.?

 Shamans use drumming during an S.R. because the drumming keeps evil spirits away as anything has the potential of moving into the energy field when one is open. I set strong intentions to never let evil in, however, I do trust in the drumbeat for protection regardless. However, the main reason I use it is that the Shamanic drumbeat assists the heartbeat to align with the brain waves creating harmony with each other. This allows both the Shaman and the client to be present during the process.

How Long Does It Take To Get A S. R.? 

I recommend setting aside two hours for a  session. This is based on the average time it will explain to you what I will be doing and time for me to find the lost parts and return them to you and finally the time it will take to process the retrieval.

Preparing yourself ahead of time by reading the info. here will save some time as well.

Is There Anything I Need To Do To Prepare For an S.R.?

There are two things you will need to do to prepare for your S.R.

In the evening prior to your appointment please take a moment just before drifting off to sleep to ask your spirit guides and teachers to bring you a dream that will help you with information about any lost soul parts who are willing to come back to you at this time. In the morning jot down all info. that you remember from your dreams during the night. Even if you only remember parts of a dream write it down and bring your notes with you to the session. If you don't remember anything, don't worry the work will still be put into action. 

The second thing I ask you to do is to abstain from using any kind of drug or alcohol on the evening prior to your S.R. unless you need to take your regular medications. 

- I feel incomplete. My life is good but there's something missing.

- Inability to move past an issue despite efforts to do so.
- Feeling like you’ve done everything you can but feel stuck regardless.
- Void of appropriate feelings or feeling disconnected from life.
- Memories of an incident in your past that frequently repeats itself in your mind.
- A sense of having lost something within yourself that negatively has changed your outlook on life.

- A sense that someone took a part of you, your heart, your soul.

- Feelings of an inner disconnection or separation even while your outer life seems normal.

- Feelings of emptiness, or a hole within you that just can't be filled; or that you try to fill with addictions to shopping, busyness, food or drugs, and alcohol.

- Feeling like you're just not the same since the loss of a loved one regardless if they have crossed over or in a divorce or other separation.

- Feeling the need to return to a person or a location that seems unhealthy or unlikely, even though there is no apparent reason for you to do so.

- Lost memories, as with not being able to remember your childhood.
- Depression or unexplained anxiety or moodiness that comes and goes.
- A sense that something is wrong with you, or your health, even though your doctor denies a problem.
- Fear of the dark.

- Feeling the need to control people places or things and needing to always prepare for what is coming.
- Lack of spontaneity.
- Anger easily.
- Can’t break the habit of blaming others for what is wrong in your life.
- Feelings of powerlessness
- Feeling like an outsider even though friends and family love you.

Words and phrases used to describe soul loss.

- She's very nice, but she's really out there!
- I feel so ungrounded. 
- I have a whole with-m me that never seems to get filled. I try to fill every day with.... either, food, or shopping, or alcohol and or drugs but it comes back the next day.
- I haven't felt the same since...

the accident, operation, or divorce... (name the trauma).

- I feel like a part of me is still at the scene of the accident.

Will my life change after a S. R.? 
Yes, your life with change for the better.
You will feel whole again like you did when you came into this world. Babies are generally happy beings.
You will feel grounded and in your body.
You will feel more centered and confident.
Your feeling of completeness flows into all areas of your life.
You will have more clarity and confidence.
You will naturally want to take better care of yourself.
You will feel more at peace with yourself and with your relationships. 
You will feel complete. 

Soul Retrieval