Past Life Readings

            Why Get A Past Life Reading?

      Generally, a past-life reading reveals between four to six past lifetimes.

Most souls reincarnate again and again.

 I was nine years old  (52 years ago!) when I remembered my first past life and then realized I could see them for others. 

My spirit guides playfully refer to me as a time walker. They are hilarious and tend to make light of the things we humans might take seriously. 

Basically, the soul returns to revisit its unresolved situations to complete them or continue to learn all the unfinished lessons of the previous actions, be they in this life or others. This is similar to creating a flower bed. You purchased the seeds and dug up the soil, yet you didn't have time to plant or water those seeds, but you knew that you could continue your work on the following day.

Our lifetimes are like this.

We must finish what we started, and if we messed something up, we must return to correct our mistakes. Additionally, every action has a consequence. When we plant and water our seeds properly, we are rewarded with the fruits of our labor. i.e., "You will reap what you sow." This message repeats itself in scripture, worldwide but the Hindu concept referrers to this as Karma. Therefore, a P.L. reading can be a guide for you to live a more conscious life. 

      How to get a Past Life Reading?

 This reading can be done over the phone or in-person, Covid depending.

Set your appointment via email. 

Send Kelly your best dates and times so that she can match one to her schedule.

Set about two hours aside for this.

During your session, you should be in a relaxed, quiet space where you will not be distracted by family, animals, or phones.  

We all get clues about our past lives yet often dismiss these clues. 

 Some of the clues about our past life connections are:

* Strong feelings of knowing someone yet never having met them before.  
*  Repetitive dreams about a place in time that you’ve never actually visited.
* Giving birth to a child and recognizing him or her as an old friend.
*  Feeling an overly strong connection to a deceased family member from a photo.

We generally reincarnate in the same soul groups even when we don't understand why. Remember, we are here to either finish incomplete business or to continue the loving support we shared in our past lives.

We can see this in our current lifetime. For example, we've all noticed patterns arise in our marriage. We get divorced only to repeat the same issues in our next marriage. To resolve this behavior, you will first learn what the patterns are, and then you must practice responding to them differently until the new responses become a habit. Once the new behavior takes over, the old patterns stop, and the lessons are learned. 

What's the value of getting a Past Life Reading?

* Find a resolution to toxic relationships by discovering the reason for meeting again. 
* See the Karmic reasons behind unexplainable events or locations. 
* Become aware of hidden talents and skills that you can quickly develop again. 
* Learn if you are an old or new soul? 

* Heal Karmic wounds. 

Note: If you have something specific you'd like to know about, please ask me before the reading.

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