Soul Integration Workshop

                                                           The Feeling Body is Our Compass

              Erase “The Akashic Records” of your own history and restore it with new beliefs and actions forever! 

 Not into meditation? Not a problem. The methods learned here will give you the same results as a meditation practice but in far less time. 
Our energetic system contains several “Bodies” This workshop restores two of them: Your emotional and physical body.
The energetic physical body is our soul's vehicle and to feel balance in it determines our happiness.

This restoration will: 
* Improve your sixth sense.
* Open unused areas of your brain. 
* Loosen blocked energy from with-in your emotional and therefore physical body. 
* Change unhealthy perceptions & belief systems, concerning self-esteem and identity issues. 

* Upgrade a more empowered way of thinking.

* Full gain responsibility for your integrity. 

* Weak Boundaries? Not a problem as you will learn where they began and how to erase them forever. 

Total Trust In The “Self” is the only way we can stop abandoning our true nature! 
Stop running from it and start facing it in this fun group activity. 

The only difference between you and a fully realized being is that they have a completely integrated awareness.

Wear comfortable clothing. 

Date: To be announced

Instructor:  Kelly Lindsay
Location: 452 Fletcher Farm Road, Bloomingdale, NY 12913
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm. 
Cost: $35.00 minus your $10.00 down payment made here to confirm your spot in this class.