Sacred Arrow Ceremony

  What is a Sacred Arrow Ceremony? 

A Sacred Arrow is a ritual that can be created at any time of the year and should be done with reverence.

Staff and wands are used in many traditions throughout the world as antennae to gain access to the spirit world. Even the pope carries a staff with a pine cone at the top signifying the symbol for the pineal gland. This glad is located in the center of our brains and referred to as 'The Seat of The Soul'. When the pineal gland

(3rd ey) is activated one can 'See' into the future or into the past!

Another symbolic tool used for communication with the helping spirits is a jeweled crown. Kings and Queens believed they were messengers for God and utilized a crown with various jewels in it to call in specific entities who assisted them in their decision making.

 Therefore, creating a sacred arrow assists us in our intention to envoke our dreams, direct our wishes and channel the energies of the (helping spirits) available in the spirit world. Helping Spirits are not our personal spirit guides but spirits that step in to offer specific assistance in times of ceremony. 

A Sacred Arrow draws in both the healing, creative female life force; and the second half of the creative principle of the masculine, aspect of the life force. When one develops a healthy balance between these energies one can design and align one's life in accordance with their highest potential. 

Come join our group as we unleash our creative spirit, release old habits and worn out patterns as we direct our dreams and wishes in this sacred ceremony!

Together we will utilize the power of ritual to reinvent our life path!

 In this three hour Sacred Arrow Ceremony You will Learn to:

Release old patterns and belief systems. Often concerning your creative ability.

Learn how to evoke the seven directions as you call upon your assenters for help and support.
Reconnect with the spirits in nature by learning to listen.
Utilize the power of ritual to reinvent your life path.

Please Bring:

* A Drum or a Rattle - An empty aspirin bottle with beans works as a rattle. I’ve also got some extras.
* An old shirt from your past to tear up into strips.
* I will provide one feather.

If you want to add a bundle of feathers to your sacred arrow please bring your own.

Location: Wind Spirit Farm ~ 452 Fletcher Farm Road Bloomingdale, NY 12913

Dates: April 18, 2021
Time:  9am-11:00 Am
Cost:  $35.00 Pay at the door on the day of the workshop.
Contact: Kelly at