Hi, I'm Kelly Lindsay.

I was born psychic just like you were.

The only difference between you and me is that I trust in my psychic abilities. 

Kelly's degrees and certifications. 

ASBA - Applied Science & Business

Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Certificate.

Certificated Minister for The Science of Enlightenment.

Racki Master/Teacher

Meditation Instructor

Shamanic Practitioner


Author of three books;

* Tribal Telepathy

* How to Read Your Fortune In A Stone

*Sacred Arrow

* 1990-2005I Taught Hatha Yoga classes all over Adirondack Park. I did about eight classes a day.

* I've Hosted and taught Shamanic Drumming Circles for twenty years inside an eighteen-foot Native American Tee-Pee.

A Shamanic Practitioner, and Healer.

I host classes on making your own hand drum and teach the importance of drumming.

Kelly's a multi-media artist.

She directs, coordinates, and hosts, The High Peaks Arts, and Antiques Show every August in Keene Valley, NY. 

I built my log cabin from the instruction of a single library book.

It's a traditional log cabin made from the trees on my 15 acres. It's located in the Adirondack Mountains of up-state N.Y.

I lived off-grid, with no running water, indoor plumbing, or electricity for the first ten years. I still grow 90 % of my food.

 I raised three children on a thirty-five dollar-a-week child support check. 

I raised pigs, and chickens for my neighbors, taught Hatha Yoga and gave Meditation Classes, and of course, read Tarot Cards.

 We also had two horses, five dogs, and ten cats!

My animal friends have since passed away and my children are now in their forties.

Since 2000 I've lived in tribal communities and worked with Shamans all around the world.

I lived in twenty-seven countries for between 4 to 6 months in each location. My international travels have taught me lots of cool things about cultural beliefs and traditions and about myself. 

I read virtually for folks from all over the world! 

I'm a lifelong learner and now wish to expand my horizons and soon will offer online classes.  Coming soon!

About Kelly Lindsay