Hi, I'm Kelly Lindsay.

I was born psychic just like you were except my parents treated my natural ability as normal. I remember getting annoyed when a family friend asked my mom if Kelly still talked to her invisible friends! This was the first time I realized that not all people remember who they really are and that some doubt their inner knowing

I've channeled Spirit information throughout my life, and met my first teacher when I was about eight years old. Her name was Maryann Fontana. She was an amazing psychic. Maryann took me under her wing several years later and taught me how to manage life as a sensitive being. While I could read people without the Tarot Cards the artwork on the cards fascinated me and I soon realized the cards allowed my clients to relax, and as they become more curious they opened up. When the client is open they can be read quite easily. 

I started reading Tarot Cards in 1976 and while I've tried other professions I always came back to my readings as a way to help folks. I did free readings for many years and eventually charged $8.00 dollars for them! I still feel it's important to keep the price low so that low-income folks can get the guidance they deserve. 

My love for helping people naturally flowed into other interests. I'm a lifelong student of the esoteric sciences. I enjoy and practice Shamanism, doing Past life readings. I also study Astrology, Psychology, Philosophy, Healing plants, herbs, and nutrition. I love my Hatha Yoga and sitting Meditation practice. I utilize the modalities in helping folks as well as I employ Raki, and offer Bio Matt sessions to Clients as well. I enjoy Astro Travel and I love understanding how the brain works with our belief systems and anything to do with the Science of Spirituality. 

Kelly's degrees and certifications. 

ASBA - Applied Science & Business

Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Certificate.

Certificated Minister for The Science of Enlightenment.

Racki Master/Teacher

Meditation Instructor

Shamanic Practitioner


Author of three books;

* Tribal Telepathy

* How to Read Your Fortune In A Stone

*Sacred Arrow

Kelly's taught Hatha Yoga classes all over the Adirondack Park.

Kelly hosted Shamanic Drumming Circles for twenty years inside her eighteen-foot Native American Tee-Pee.

Kelly is a Spiritual Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, and Healer.

Kelly teaches folks how to make hand drums for ceremony as well as all the workshops listed on this website.

Kelly's a multi-media artist.

She directs, coordinates and hosts, The High Peaks Arts and Antiques Show every August in Keene Valley, NY. 

Kelly built her own home from the instruction of a single library book. It's a traditional log cabin made from the trees on her 15 acres parcel located in the Adirondack Mountains of up-state N.Y.

She lived off-grid, with no running water, indoor plumbing or electricity for the first ten of the building years. Back then she grew all of her own food and canned fifteen hundred jars a year on top of an old wood cookstove. She raised three children as a single parent on a thirty-five dollar a week child support check and with no visitation from the father.

Back then she raised pigs and chickens for folks in her neighborhood. She and her children also enjoyed the company of two horses; Loui and Posha and their five dogs, and ten cats! Her animal friends have since passed away and her children have grown and while she misses her organic roots she's moved onto other goals. Since 2000 Kelly's lived in tribal communities and worked with Shamans and folks from around the world. Her international travel continues to teach her life lessons and enables her to share her reading with folks from all kinds of cultural backgrounds.

Kelly continues to expand her horizons with on-line classes and stores. She hopes to reach a wider audience in order to provide guidance to folks from a more modern platform. 

Kelly is not just a survivor, she thrives on an organic lifestyle and wishes to share her knowledge with others.

About Kelly Lindsay