Hi, I'm Kelly Lindsay.

I was born psychic just like you were.

The only difference between you and me is that I trust in my psychic abilities. 

Kelly's degrees and certifications. 

ASBA - Applied Science & Business

Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Certificate.

Certificated Minister for The Science of Enlightenment.

Racki Master/Teacher

Meditation Instructor

Shamanic Practitioner

Tarot Card Reading



Author of three books;

* Tribal Telepathy

* How to Read Your Fortune In A Stone

*Sacred Arrow

* 1990-2015 Taught Hatha Yoga classes all over Adirondack Park. I did about eight classes a day.

* I've taught hundreds of people Shamanism & hosted Shamanic Drumming Circles for twenty years. We drummed inside an eighteen-foot Native American Tee-Pee.

I've practiced all forms of Shamanic Healing and Plant Spirit medicine taught by Shamans I lived with while in the jungle of Belize.

I continue to teach students how to make hand drums, plus the importance of drumming.

Kelly's a multi-media artist.

Directed, coordinated, and hosted, The High Peaks Arts and Antiques Show in Keene Valley, NY. 

History: In 1985, My children and I escaped an abusive husband and came to the Adirondacks with 500.00 dollars in my pocket. We found a rental for the winter while I worked locally. One day I was guided to a realtor's office, searching for land, I could purchase. I explained to him that I could sacrifice one of my weekly child support checks of 35.00 dollars to put toward my land payment. He brought me to my current location. My kids and I sold everything we owned except for one change of clothing. With the garage sale money, I could put down the $800.00 requirement for the closing and purchase of a canvas tent and some hand tools. Ten months later, we were in a roughly built log cabin. There was no Google then, but we utilized the local library and found a book on how to build a  log cabin. I took the book out every week until I got the hang of building. Slowly over the years, I've improved the cabin to what it is today.

In those days, we lived off-grid, without running water, indoor plumbing, or electricity for the first ten years. I still grow 90 % of my food and medicine. 

My kids are in their forties, and I have three adult grandsons.

Since 2000 I've lived in tribal communities and worked with Shamans worldwide. To name a few experiences, I've volunteered in various locations around the globe and sailed around the sea of Cortez exploring islands. Mined crystals, visited temples, camped out with monks in India, and tracked through the Andies.

I lived in twenty-seven countries for 4 to 6 months at a time and in Belize for a year.

My international travels taught me many cool things about cultural beliefs and traditions. 

I'm intrigued by creation stories, world religion and philosophy, and ancient civilizations.  

I'm a lifelong learner and hope to inspire you to be as well! 

About Kelly Lindsay