Nature Spirits Workshop

This workshop is for the more advanced student who has taken the Awaken Your 3rd Eye Workshop. 

                                               Journey in the 'Middle World' 

Join us as we explore the spirits in nature that unify our earth experience.

 You will learn how to:

* Commune with the spirits and elementals that surround us.

* Acquire the knowledge, wisdom, and gifts of the 'Green Man' as he lights your essence with his offerings. Learn to respectfully gather wild food and work with the spirits in nature as you enjoy your harvest and all it offers to your body-mind and spirit.

* In conjunction, learn how to introduce yourself to the Fairy Kingdom and other tiny people who are in our reality but only show themselves to those they trust.

When we work and play with the spirits in nature our hearts respond and re-align.

Our intention will be to restore the balance between our interior world and to the spirits in nature.

     What to Bring:
* Comfortable weather-appropriate clothes and hiking boots for outdoor walking. 
* Natural insect repellent. 
* Water bottle.
* Yoga mat or outdoor mat for sitting on.

Mid-afternoon snack & beverage are provided 

      Course Details: 

This is a four-hour workshop.

Total: $75.00 dollars You can pay at door on the day of the workshop.
Location: Wind-spirit Farm ~ 452 Fletcher Farm Road Bloomingdale, NY 12913
Time: 1:00 Pm - 5:00 Pm
Date: Date will be announced
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