What is a Shamanic Journey Reading?

A Shamanic reading is a deeper psychic reading that is more comprehensive than a Clairvoyant tarot reading. With this style, the client prepares three questions ahead of time to prepare for the reading. Other information will come up in the reading as well.  

Kelly communicates with her Spirit Guides and Teachers in conjunction with yours and asks them your questions.

The Spirits often respond with great detail. They are very funny, yet simultaneously serious as they don't discern judgment.  

This type of reading provides the "Spiritual" answers or Karma to your questions, and won't give ego-driven or mundane responses to why the events in your life. 

This process takes about an hour. If this is a video call session, Kelly will speak with you on the phone, Facetime, or Facebook messenger at the preappointed time to discuss her findings. 

Some things to expect:

* You will learn who your spirit guides and animals are.

* What their role and life purpose is for you and if they are with you temporarily, or for a lifetime. 

* They often share pre-lifetime agreements made with them and with the others you've chosen to incarnate with this life cycle.

* It's impossible to say what other things they will share as every reading is individual to the client.

* The readings are packed with information and offer insightful messages that guide you toward your highest potential. 

There is virtually no question too silly to ask your spirit guides.

One time I asked my guides to help me shift my energy

as I had negative thoughts. To my surprise, they

offered me a song to do the job.

The song goes like this:

All I see is beauty...

Beauty is behind me

Beauty is before me

And Beauty is with-in...me. 

Singing this song has helped me tremendously. It's healed my past and offered freedom to be in the present moment, plus it evaporated all worries I once felt about my future.

Shamanic Journey