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Email Kelly at: readings@verizon.net
Before purchasing any reading option:
First: Make an appointment with Kelly via E-mail: readings@verizon.net
Then: Return here to make payment.

My Skype address: tarotreadings2
Request my phone number​​​ via e-mail.

What to expect from a 30 or 60 minute Clairvoyant Tarot Reading.

A 30 minute reading covers three questions.

* It will clarify your current situation and show you where your'e heading based on your thoughts and therefore actions.
* It will reveal people in your environment who both support or block your progress.
* You will better understand your hopes for a positive outcome as well as the fears that old you back.​​
Often times especially during a full moon souls whom have passed on will show up to advise or send you a message.​

* Many times you will get a time frame of the events about to unfold.
~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
A 60 minute reading will uncover all of the above plus:​​

* ​​​The Karma of the situation and if the cycle is just beginning or ending. (Often times past life info. comes through here).
​* You will see if you are repeating mistakes of the past or weather you've learned the required lessons.
*  A couching session that guides you toward making the best out of your situation​.
*  Kelly offers exercises and other simple tips for healing and guidance to move forward more positively. ​

Sacred Tool Purchases
Wheel of Life Astrology
Kelly is a multiple demential reader who gains information from other dimensions through the crown of her head.
She's not learned Tarot Card reading through books; in fact each card means something different depending on the individual.
​She utilize's Tarot cards as a focal point and a guide for both herself and the client.

People often ask her if she ever randomly stops people on the street to read for them. No, not  generally, even though she has but only when the feeling overwhelms her to the point where she must through a force with-in that won't let her go until she dose. Our spirit guides can be a bit bossy! Consequently the persons receiving the reading admits the reading has saved them from something tragic. They often admit to thoughts of suicide, being stuck or deep depression and the reading brought just the answers they needed. Therefore these random readings are on purpose and necessary for folks regardless of her personal discomfort toward doing them.
She prefers one on one readings that are done privately between a interested client and herself.

Kelly avoids doing group readings because she fully understands the psychology and dynamic's of reading for a client in front of others. This type of reading puts pressure on the client to accept what is being told with out question. Please look into what is meant by "Group Dynamic's" and beware of folks who do this!​

Your reading is completely confidential.
If it is an exceptional reading and worthy of being published with the purpose to help others, then Kelly will ask your permission and change all the names to protect your identity. 

Kelly keeps her prices affordable in order that all income brackets can benefit. 
Wheel of Life Astrology Charts & other info. 
Before making a purchase set your appointment by contacting Kelly at readings@verizon.net​
3rd Eye & Other Workshops
In order to get the most benefit from your reading please come prepared with specific questions about your life. To many times, clients will aknowleadage how spot on their reading was only to ask their most important question at the end of the time allotted for the reading.

It's a misperception to think any psychic knows everything about you. Therefore the more clear you are about why you want the reading the deeper the reader can go into that area of focus. Please visit the FAQ page for review of some of the faults beliefs on getting a reading.
​The best readings come from a client who takes responsibility for their reading by staying focused on the questions prior to your reading and working with the psychic so that she can go deeper into the reading. 
​ It's Kelly mission and life purpose to empower folks through her readings and asks that her clients come prepared to participate in their reading in order to get the best out of them.