Past life Readings
Past life readings explain who you are now based on your previous incarnations. 

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   ​For Your Spiritual Journey
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A 30 minute reading covers:               $35.00
*  It will clarify your current situation, & show where you are headed.
*  It will reveal those who support or block you.
*  You will better understand your hopes & fears.
*  It will answer questions like; Will I get that job?
* Full moon readings often have messages from those who have
crossed over.
*  Many readings offer a time frame for when you can expect a major events or significant change to happen in your life. 


A 60 minute reading will uncover all of the above plus...    $65.00
* The Karma of the situation your asking about and if the cycle is just beginning or ending. 
​(Often times past life info. comes here.)

* See if you are repeating mistakes or learning from them.
* Guidance for making the best of your situation and the possibilities for success. 
* Kelly will empower you to move forward with helpful tips to create a favorable outcome.

 I look forward to helping you!

May you have many blessings on your path,​​
Kelly Lindsay
"The best way to predict the future is to create it!" Abraham Lincoln​​​

All Shamanic readings can be done over the phone or in person. Please click on the individual tabs for more information on each one of these topics.

These include:
The Shamanic Journey ~ Where I ask the clients spirit guides three questions on their behalf.
Past Life Reading - Where I ask your spirit guides and teachers for past life information. Generally, they give between 4 & 6 past-lives for the clients. With this they often say what lessons the client needed to learn and if they have indeed learn them. 
Soul Retrieval ~ Where I retrieve the clients lost essence; That part of their soul that has disassociated from them due to a trauma they've experienced at some point in their life.

Cost: $120.00 ea.

Wheel of Life Astrology. 
        ​Our Charts:
Birth, Compatibility, ​Your Year Ahead.
These charts​ are guidelines for personal growth &
positive change!

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Awaken Your 3rd Eye & other workshops designed to help you grow to your true potential.

Please set your appointment with Kelly before you purchase. Thanks.
              E-mail Kelly at: 
    ​      readings@verizon.net

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To see how you can understand & improve:
* Relationships
* Employment Situation
* Living Location
* Personal Growth or Spiritual Gifts

The Required Birth Information Is Necessary:

* ​​​Enter Your Full Birth Name.
* Birth; Month, Day, Year ​
* Birth Place & CurrentTown,  State, &  Country.
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​ E-mail Charts Cost: $35.00

One Hour Coaching Session with me is $65.00

In your email: Indicate what style reading you want.

*  Face-time & Phone readings are purchased here.

*All in-person readings are paid upon arrival.
​  Cash only; no personal checks or credit cards.

E-mail: readings@verizon.net​

​Just send a quick e-mail note to Kelly (readings@verizon.net) with the required information, then make a payment here at sacredtools.net.
Afterward, Kelly will send you your chart for you to copy and past to your desk top or print out.
​Most charts are about 25 pages.

Reading Since 1978!
A reading is a sacred & intimate event. All readings are confidential... I'm here to help you.
N.Y. State law suggest's all pseudo science's are for entertainment purposes only. As some folks are easier to read then others time per reading varies more or less then the time purchased. 
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