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A 30 minute reading covers:               $35.00
*  It will clarify your current situation, & show where you are headed.
*  It will reveal those who support or block you.
*  You will better understand your hopes & fears.
*  It will answer questions like; Will I get that job?
* Full moon readings often have messages from those who have
crossed over.
*  Many readings offer a time frame for when you can expect a major events or significant change to happen in your life. 


A 60 minute reading will uncover all of the above plus...    $65.00
* The Karma of the situation your asking about and if the cycle is just beginning or ending. 
​(Often times past life info. comes here.)

* See if you are repeating mistakes or learning from them.
* Guidance for making the best of your situation and the possibilities for success. 
* Kelly will empower you to move forward with helpful tips to create a favorable outcome.

 I look forward to helping you!

May you have many blessings on your path,​​
Kelly Lindsay
"The best way to predict the future is to create it!" Abraham Lincoln​​​

All Shamanic readings can be done over the phone or in person. Please click on the individual tabs for more information on each one of these topics.

These include:
The Shamanic Journey ~ Where I ask the clients spirit guides three question's on their behalf.
Past Life Reading - Where I ask the clients guiding spirits and teachers for past life information. Generally, they give between 4 & 6 past-lives for the clients. With this they often say what lessons the client needed to learn and if they have indeed learn them. 
Soul Retrieval ~ Where I retrieve the clients lost essence; That part of their soul that has disassociated from them due to a trauma they've experienced at some point in their life.

Cost: $120.00 ea.

Wheel of Life Astrology 
3rd Eye & Other Workshops
 Before You Purchase... Set up an appointment.
     E-mail Kelly at: readings@verizon.net

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To see how you can understand & improve:
* Relationships
* Employment Situation
* Living Location
* Personal Growth or Spiritual Gifts

The Required Birth Information Is Necessary:

* ​​​Your Full Name; Either your birth name or married name. 
* Birth; Month, Day, Year ​
* Birth Place & Current Location. Include the town,   
   ​state, &  country.

* Birth Time: Include Am or Pm​

​   Charts Cost: $35.00
   Coaching Session with me is $65.00

In your email: Indicate if you'd like a phone, Skype or Face-Time reading.
* All phone, Skype or Face-time readings are purchased here.
*All in-person readings are cash only; no personal checks or credit cards.

E-mail: readings@verizon.net​

Kelly's ~ Skype: Tarotreadings2​​​

​Just send a quick e-mail note to Kelly (readings@verizon.net) with the required information, then make a payment here at sacredtools.net.
Afterward, Kelly will send you your chart for you to copy and past to your desk top or print out.
​Most charts are about 25 pages.

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A reading is a sacred & intimate event. All readings are confidential... I'm here to help you.