The Spring Forward Reading:                          $30.00
A 30 Minute Reading: 

This reading is for those who feel stuck and who need clarity even though they don't have a direct question. 


* This will clarify your current situation and show where you are headed.
* Reveal the people or circumstances that either support or block you.
* Will show you some of the probabilities to the outcome and how to best utilize your free will while moving forward.
* Can give insight into the time frame for the significant changes you are waiting for. ​
​* Will give you answers to any questions; i.e. "Will I get the job I've applied for?"
* Will reveal health issues for yourself and your loved ones along with a few insights for alternative options beyond traditional methods. 

* ​
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  Full Moon Reading!                                                         $40.00
A 30 Minute Reading.)

 Are you curious about a loved one who have crossed over?​​

​I find their are
 three direct ways souls can easily connect with the earth plane:
1. Through a medium such as myself.
2. Through ​​the element of water; especially open water.
3. And through​ the light of the moon.

​A full moon
 represents a time of completion​, the harvest, the end of a cycle.
The moon's light vibrates at the same frequency as our souls energy field; this match allows the soul to release from the physical body. Those who fear death tend to resist leaving their connection to the body. The moon's light make it easy for them to let go.
After the souls passing it can utilize the moon's energy as a porthole for re-visiting the earth again.

 Reading for those whom have cross over is easier on the day of the full moon, but also a few days prior to and just after the full moon as well.

In this reading you will:
* Be able to hear from your loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit world.
* Discover what they have learned from their experience.
* Hear ​if they ​have regrets or need forgiveness.

* See if they have advise for you on your life direction.
* It's impossible to predict what your specific message will be, however, the above statements are generalized statements I repeatedly hear from those whom have crossed over.


The Karma Reading:  
 We have Karma with all types of relationships, this includes our children, parents, siblings or co-workers, with our friends & lovers, and even with an occasional stranger. Plus... we carry Karma with our talents and skills.
In this reading you'll discover:

* The​ Karma you have with-in your relationships. 
* Discover the patterns around your talents and skills.
* You'll better understand where you are in your 
Karmic cycle in your question.
​(Often times I'll get a glimpse of a past life here.) For more.. "see the past life readings tab."
* Determine if you are repeating mistakes or learning from them.
* You'll receive guidance for success.
​* Tips for resolving or healing the necessary chapters in your life.
* ​Empowerment for moving skillfully forward.

I look forward to helping you on your journey!