What Do Psychic's Really Know?
5 Question Quiz... 

Circle only the (True) statements seen below.
(Answers found at the bottom)

A. Psychics know every thought I have.
B. Psychics know all my secrets from my past and everything that will happen in my future.
C. Psychics only know bits and pieces of information about me, and generally are not interested in my life, until I ask them about it.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.

A. All psychic’s see the same information. They all can pick up on names, address, and people who have crossed over.
B. A psychic always knows more about me then I do.
C. Psychic’s can see my past, present and future, but I am ultimately in charge of how it will turn out.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.

A. All psychic’s know my name without my having to tell them.
B. A psychic can see if I will like my new job.
C. A psychic will tell me if my husband is lying about something.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.

A. A real psychic is a vegetarian, dose yoga and is well educated.
B. A real psychic will tell me everything she see’s no matter how painful the information.
C. A real psychic will have come into the world knowing they are psychic and will have suffered in their childhood because of it.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.

A. A clairvoyant reading will ease my mind. She will see my imagined fears and concerns.
B. A clairvoyant will tell me if someone I love will soon die.
C. A clairvoyant will worn me of an illness, or accident.
D. All of the above.
E. None of the above.

Remember, a clairvoyant/ psychic can really help you if you participate. It is your life after all.
My goal is help you, so please let me do all that I can. If you are sitting with your arms folded in front of your chest and lips pressed together, (all closed off,) then your closing off your energy field which makes it hard for me to see into your life. The more open you are the easier it is more me to read you. You wouldn’t go to your doctor and not tell him why you are there, would you? The same open communication applies here. I set a high standard on privacy, therefore all readings I do are held in confidence.

Some people find it offensive when they return for a second reading and realize that I don’t remember them. It’s extremely important for me to always remain open, and the best way that I can achieve that is to continually let go, therefore, don’t be offended if I’ve forgot that I’ve read for you. Every reading is an intimate interaction between us and I honor every encounter, however, I must not hold onto my clients stories, therefore don’t take it personally.
Having said that, if a particular reading is unforgettable, I’ll ask your permission to record it after our session has ended. Those really memorable readings tend to stick to me for a day or two, therefore writhing them out helps me to forget them. Because I read approximately sixty people a week, I accumulated quite a number of exceptional readings in my lap top notes, so last year, I compiled some of them into a book of short stories. I felt that it would be both entertaining and interesting for my clients to see what a true clairvoyant reading is like. Remember what Mark Twain said; “The truth is sometimes stranger then fiction.” Again, not to seem inconsistent, but all readings are confidential. I will not expose your name and private information to anyone or in my publishings. I only extract the reading, and solely with your permission.


Answer: #1 (C)
Psychic’s generally only pick up on bits and pieces of information. The more you help your reader to understand what she see’s the more information she will get.
Finally, by working together solutions to problems come faster and easier.
If you are unclear about what you want a reading for, then the psychic will see a verity of things going on in your life. However, If your questions are clear and focused so will be the answers. The more clear the client the more clear the psychic.

Like anything in life, there are exceptions, but generally only when the client needs more of a healing rather then a reading or simply isn’t conscious why they came for a reading.

Watching the Long Island Medium will help you better understand.
Everyone who comes to her already is clear about why they are there. Generally they’ve lost a loved one and are looking for news from that loved one.
The difference between the long Island psychic and my work is that I get messages from both those who are passed and from the living.

The next time you water her notice how she asks the client questions. She dose this to further understand what she is “seeing or feeling” once the clients acknowledges what she is seeing then it’s a though a doorway opens for her to read deeper.
This style is the way most “Seers” receive further information.

The Long Island Psychic’s style is to walk into an audience and tell the crowd that a man is coming though by the name of …. what ever that name happens to be, for this example lets say his name is Peter.

She’s receives names whereas I get what they did for a living…

Once she says the name a client from the audience responds with; “My brother, Peter just died.”
Then she’ll say, “He wants you to know that he left you something.”
The client’s responds; “Where is it?”
Then she might say, “It’s in a dark place, a place where he hung out a lot, like a man cave.”
The client responds with; “He often hung out in the basement reck room of his home. It was his man cave.”
By now you can see where I’m going with this. It’s important to participate in your reading so that you both can receive the necessary information.

Answer: #2 (C)

While a psychic can get bits and pieces of information from your past, present and future, you still have free will. If you don’t like the outcome of the future portion of the reading then you can change it.
Remember the information the psychic receives is based on your current thoughts and actions, therefore, If you keep thinking and acting along the current path, then the outcome seen in the reading will manifest. However, if you don’t like the outcome then the purpose of the reading is to show you ahead of time so that you can change your current thoughts and feelings and manifest a new more positive out come. It’s all about your Free Will! You are never stuck if you use free will and your creative imagination to free yourself of unwanted outcomes.
Having said this, there are destiny readings. For example, if your mother is 98 years old and a psychic see’s that she will pass this year, there is nothing you can do about that, therefore, remember to allow for the obvious when listening to a psychic reading.

Answer: #3 (B)

Not all psychic’s see the same information. If you see two psychic’s in a day you could get two different readings. One may see your new job clearly, while the other one may see the health of your mother or friend as a priority. Some see, names and address, while others see core issues, or what people do for work, like I do.

While I can generally tell if someone is lying, even while I’m not “reading” them, I know they have their own reasons. And therefore, I let it go, and yes, even when they are lying to me. I have no desire to get involved in the reasons why they need to lie. I”m not saying I don’t feel hurt sometimes, especially if it’s someone I care about, but generally, confronting them in a lie makes them lie even more and only makes the other person into the bad guy, so why go there.

If in your reading I see that your husband is lying or cheating on you, I will see it, but unless you are already in divorce court I will not tell that to you what I see. I don’t get involved in domestic disputes.
On the other hand since you are the one getting the reading and you have two lovers in your life, then I’ll address it with you, not to pass judgment, but to help you figure it all out.

Answer: #4 (E) None

None of these is the “right” answer.
A clairvoyant or psychic dose not have to have a pure body, or even strong religious or spiritual beliefs. I personally feel it is beneficial to them, but I’ve know psychic’s that drink and smoke. Good health is not a requirement in fact we all have these skills we just haven’t trained ourselves to listen to them.
We are all humans with stress and life issues. Do not put a clairvoyant on a pedestal.

Not all psychic’s will tell you everything they see. As stated in the above #3 question. I made the mistake of telling a women that her husband had another women and found an angry drunk man at my cabin door, at 10:00pm. Then after he and I talked a bit, he hit on me! I no longer get involved in domestic affairs.

Not all clairvoyant’s suffer in their childhood due to their psychic abilities. Some parents are extremely supportive of a child’s ability and some people are not. Some people begin experiencing psychic abilities after they’ve had an accident or other traumatic experience as well. And others develop it over time because they want to put the effort in.
If you would like to develop your psychic abilities, please contact me via e-mail and I’ll put your name of my list of people who are interested in taking my workshops.
I generally host my workshops during a weekend in May. Check them out on my web site posted at the bottom of this page.

Answer: #5 (D) All

All of these are a yes.
A clairvoyant will not always see “all” the details of your imagined fears and concerns, however we will see that you carry both realistic and imagined worries and how to deal with them.
A clairvoyant will know if someone you love will pass, however, keep in mind that an old male dog may feel like an old man to the reader. Therefore, if a clairvoyant see’s an old male passing, ask yourself or the clairvoyant who that could mean. Tell her you have an old sick dog. This way she can ask more questions to get clear answers.
Again, it’s important that you participate in your own reading.
I believe most clairvoyants will worn clients of illnesses or accidents. Keep in mind that you were guided to have a reading, therefore someplace in your unconscious mind, you wanted to know about the upcoming event, in order to be mentally prepared for it.
If a reader see’s a court date approaching, and the final result of the court decision.
Ask yourself, do I, or anyone that I’m close to have a court date approaching? If you don’t, then consider this a worming that something could occur requiring an appearance in a court room. Watch your speeding. Only you know if you’re doing something illegal. Take responsibility for your actions, and utilize your free will to change the outcome.
One of the things I find funny about clients who do use their free will and change the outcome of their reading is that they will often turn their finger toward the reader and say you missed it, your reading was wrong, you told me I was going to get pregnant and it didn’t happen.” Then I ask them what changed? And they’ll admit getting on birth control after the reading because they were afraid of getting pregnant. And say things like, “Man was your reading off! “ instead of realizing they prevented it on their own. So much of life is about taking responsibility and owning our own stuff.

Blessings on your path, …….. Kelly Lindsay………….. www.sacredtools.net