What is Mantra?
Mantras are a group of words that carry transformative power.  Use them to release unsupportive thinking, to heal yourself or another or as a meditation in action. 
​ A mantra is a set of syllables that are chanted either out loud or under your breath and have the power to bring change.

​The mantra originated from the 'Vedic tradition of India'. Mantras are used in Hinduism for all celebrations; for healing yourself and others and as a sacred tool for accessing the divine.
​Basically mantras are found everywhere; all over the world.
Om is a communally used mantra. Om represents the God-head, Brahmin and the whole creation. Om is a common syllable between two religions, Hindu and Buddhism.

Mantras generate sound vibrations with-in your body and also connect you with the influences of its cosmic powers.
The best way to see how powerful a mantra is; is to start chanting them. Start with any basic mantra; like; Om Nam Shivia ( I honer my own true self) and before long you will start to experience the ecstasy of connecting with your divine true self.
​Manta chanting is one of the most powerful ways to attune to spiritual awakening.
​ Chanting will calm the busy thoughts in your mind which will allow your body to respond to its calming effects as well. 
​As you re-connect to the divine vibrations that happen with-in your body you are naturally purifying your entire mind body, sense complex, and burning the knots of Karma that bind you.
If you chant with faith, passion and devotion your connection to God will increasingly grow and before long your life will change for the better.
Mantra is a Sacred Tool!
I invite you to try it today.
I've downloaded a sample for you below the picture of Lord Shiva on the right.


Click on the picture of Lord Shiva to hear a Mantra Chant.
 Unconditional Love Meditation

In 2011 after the New Year's Eve Celebration at the 'American Meditation Institute' Kelly experienced a guiding dream from her teacher Swami Rama. He encouraged her to create an audio to teach people how to develop Unconditional Love. He said: "They have everything they need with-in them to do this and it's easy to access." Then he instructed her on the details. He was right, this is an easy, effective and powerful way to express Unconditional Love. Try it for six weeks and see for yourself!