Clients often ask me; "At what age did you know you had psychic abilities?

My answer:  "Around three years old; The same age you knew you were psychic."

My point:

We all have psychic ability.
We just need training to learn how to use them.

First step ~  What type of ability you have?

I happen to all of these, but some folks are aware of only one or two.
We all receive messages differently.
View the following list, close your eyes, and ask yourself which ones apply to your life experience.

Five Types of Psychic Abilities:

* Clairvoyance - Clear seeing
Actually seeing images of events that have or have not happened yet.

* Clairsentience - Clear feeling
Feeling anohter person's feelings even when their across the country or in another room.

* Clairaudience - Clear hearing
Hearing guidance from spirit guides, angels or from loved one's whom have passed away.

* Claircognizance - Clear knowing
Knowing something is about to happen even when their is no other way of knowing.

* Clairalience - Clear smelling
The ability to smell perfume or cigarettes from someone whom have passed away.

* Psychometry - Reading the energy of an object you touch.