Clairvoyant Tarot Card Readings

I've never had a Clairvoyant Tarot Reading...
What can I expect?​

You and Kelly will be sitting in a private location. This will be either in her cozy log cabin nestled in the Adirondack mountains or at the home of whoever is hosting the Tarot party.

In either case you will be handed a deck of tarot cards to shuffle.

Kelly prefers you shuffle by spreading them out onto the table top and gently mixing them up. She calls this washing the deck. This form of shuffling preserves the deck from being bent and broken. They are large cards and a sacred tool so it's important to treat them with respect.

After you've mixed them up enough you gather them back into a deck. Then you place them on the table facing toward Kelly. (Not sideways.) Kelly will then turn them around so that she can read them in the order you shuffled. If she didn't turn them the entire reading would opposite from what it should be.

Kelly will begin reading.

​Basically she takes a snapshot of the layout with her eyes and begins streaming information to you clairvoyantly.
​At times she may start talking rapidly. Consider this a good thing because it means clairvoyant information is streaming through her. It's as though a light goes on without a dimmer switch and her words try to keep up. Toward the end of the reading if time allows, she'll ask you if you have any further questions about this reading.

Try to be respectful of the time and it's always best to ask your questions at the beginning of the reading rather then at the end when time is short.​


The Two Types of Clairvoyant Tarot Readings:
Please be mindful of the time and ask your questions at the beginning of the reading and not at the end when time is growing short.

A 30 minute reading covers three questions and...

*  It will clarify your current situation and show you where you are ​heading based on your thoughts and current actions.

*  It will reveal people in your environment who support ​or block your progress.

*  You will better understand your hopes for a positive outcome as ​well as the fears that hold you back.
     Oftentimes especially during a full moon souls whom have crossed over will show up in your reading. Generally they want ​to offer guidance, advise or simply let you know how they are doing. 

*  Many readings offer you a time frame around when you can ​expect a major events or significant changes to occur. 


A 60 minute reading will uncover all of the above plus...  

* This reading will often give the Karma of the situation and if the ​cycle is just beginning or ending.
(Oftentimes past life information comes here).

*  You will see if you are repeating mistakes or learning the required ​lessons.

*  Your reading will include a coaching session to guide you toward making the best ​out of your situation and give guidance ​around all of the possibilities for success. 

*  Kelly will offer suggestions and powerful tips for healing as she ​empowers you into moving more positively forward toward your ​goals.

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