The Shamanic Integration Course!
( The Feeling Body is Our Compass)

 Free introduction Audio on Soul Integration

  Learn to erase “The Akashic Records” of your own history and restore it with new beliefs and actions forever!
 Not into meditation? Not a problem…
The methods learned in this course will give you the same results in only three short hours.
Our energetic system contains several “Bodies” This workshops restores two of them:
1. The Feeling Body, or (Our Inner Compass).
2. The Energetic Physical Body, or (Our Souls Vehicle).

This restoration will:
* Improve your sixth sense.
* Change your brain change your life!  
* Loosen blocked energy from with-in your emotional and physical body.
* Change unhealthy perceptions & belief systems, concerning self esteem and identity issues.
* You will learn to trust yourself and easily overcome obstacles that once stood in your way.
* You will be empowered!
* Gossip and other unhealthy habits will disappear as you take responsibility for your integrity.
* Week Boundaries? Not a problem as you will learn where they began and erase them forever.

Total Trust In The “Self” is the only way we can stop abandoning our true nature!
Stop running from it and start facing it in this fun group activity.

The only difference between you and a fully realized being is that they have a completely integrated awareness.

What to bring? Wear comfortable clothing.

I look forward to meeting you all!
Many Blessings On Your Path…

To Register:  Purchase the $25.00 dollar down payment at the 'Buy Now' button below, then send Kelly an
​ E-mail for further confirmation. 

Date: May 20, 2017
Location: 452 Fletcher Farm Rd. Bloomingdale, NY 12913
Time:1:00 - ? This class will start at 1:00 pm but the time it will take in total will depend on how many sign up for it. More people equals more time spent on ea. person.
Cost: $65.00 total minus $25.00 down payment here and then $40.00 (cash only please) upon arrival

I look forward to meeting you!
May there be many blessings on your path.​
How does one know they need Shamanic Soul Integration?

If you’ve ever believed any of following messages, then you need soul integration.
( The word pain is loosely used, it refers to both physical or emotional dis-ease.)

* Suck it up and walk it off.
* There are drugs for what you're going through…Take a pill for your moods, cover it up, mask it.
* Time heals all wounds, tomorrow will be a better day.
* Stop crying and go play.
* Focus on something other then the pain, use mind
over mater.
* Stay busy, think of something other then the painful
* Get on with life.
* Lack of validation for our pain creates soul loss.
* Soul loss is described as a piece of our essential soul
energy that separates from its whole self energy.
* All perceptions outside of unconditional love indicate soul loss.

* Have you ever contemplated the idea of a perfect universe? We utter the words; “Everything has a purpose and a reason weather we understand it all or not” Yet do we really know what these words mean, or even how to live in accordance with this understanding?
Shamanic Soul Integration will help you to unify these concepts, as this method syncs your energy with the deeper truths of what its like to live a happier more present experience here on Earth.

I look forward to coaching you toward a more fulfilled life through the this growth-full process.

Many Blessings on your path,


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