What is Shamanism?
Shamanism is an ancient technique used to gather information from the spirit world. The Shaman see's and communicates with various spirit teachers and helpers in order to find solutions to problems, cure illness or to retrieve lost energy to the seeker.
Tribal people often have one Shaman in their village giving the impression that those chosen were special in some way as though they were the only one's who contained the spiritual power to do the healing work. In reality, the tribe chose only one Shaman because that was all that was needed. More hands were needed to hunt and gather food.
​ In my findings, in having taught hundreds of people Shamanism and worked with Shaman's in various cultural villages, is that most anyone can acquire the skill to perform what is known as the Shamanic Journey. Even the intermittent courses can be learned and practiced by the aspirant who is able to let go of control and be open to what this practice offers.
The advanced practices require a more consistent and disciplined practice and therefore take more preparation. The student needs to prepare and build a strong foundation before moving into the realm of healing through Shamanism.

Why would I want to learn this skill?
Learning the basic Shamanic Journey empowers the aspirant to finding answers to questions​​ in their every day life experience.
I've used the Shamanic Journey from everything to finding lost items​ to looking at why I feel blocked with something in my life.

Utilizing these tools for inner work is a spiritual practice, much like a meditation. Areas of the brain open up that were perviously closed off. Our body's chemistry reacts by allowing for supportive hormones to be released into the body. With practice and strong intentions keeps us tuned into our core energy's and eventually we transform into more light  and love.

Icaros- Spirit Song
Every Shaman needs to be given a spirit song to chant.​​​​ This Icaros is recieved in a journey set forth by the Shaman.  This song connects the spirit of the Shaman to the spirit of the spirit of the plant world. Plants are extremely sensitive entities that have feelings and are intelligent. They can tell us if they are edible or poisonous and what medicines they offer. Read The Secret Life of Plants to verify the science behind what the Shamans have know for ever.

Mr. Carlos Plant Spirit Medicine
​​Kelly's Belize Teacher                                                                 
Nan Moss & David Corbin. Taught me Shamanic Extraction. Healing the self and others.
Sandra Ingerman, Shaman
Taught me Soul Retrieval​ and opened my creative spirit . 
Shamanic Teachers Kelly's trained with from the U.S. and in Central America.
Michel Harner, Shaman. Foundation of the Institue of Shamanic Studies. Numerous techniques.
Kathy - Shaman Movement Therapy. Shamanic dance, Spirits of nature, and power animal retrieval plus so many other teachings.
Monteverde,  Costa Rica
Sorry no picture of Mr. Gracia​; Shaman . Taught me Icaros. Spirit songs for communication in the spirit world.
What Is Shamanism?
Kelly Lindsay,
Life student, Shaman, Author, Multidimensional