The Shamanic Integration Course!
              ( The Feeling Body is Our Compass)

​​​                                                                                                               ** ​​Learn to erase “The Akashic Records” of your own history and restore it with new beliefs and actions forever!
 Not into meditation? Not a problem…
​ The methods learned in this course will give you the same results in only three short hours.
​ Our energetic system contains several “Bodies” ​This workshops restores two of them:
​ 1. The Feeling Body, is our inner compass).
​ 2. The Energetic Physical Body, is our souls vehicle.

​​ This restoration will:
​* Improve your sixth sense.
* Open unused area's of your brain. 
​* Loosen blocked energy from with-in your emotional and therefore physical body.
​* Change unhealthy perceptions & belief systems, concerning self esteem and identity issues.
​* You will learn how to cultivate trust in yourself as you become more empowered to overcome outdated belief systems and other obstacles that have blocked your success. 
​* Gossip and other unhealthy habits will disappear as you take responsibility for your integrity.
​* Weak Boundaries? Not a problem as you will learn where they began and erase them forever.

​​ Total Trust In The “Self” is the only way we can stop abandoning our true nature!
​Stop running from it and start facing it in this fun group activity.

​​ The only difference between you and a fully realized being is that they have a completely integrated awareness.

​Wear comfortable clothing.

​Date: To be announced-
Instructor: ​ Kelly Lindsay
Location: 452 Fletcher Farm Road
Time: 1:00 - ? This class time depends on how many folks sign up for it. The process takes less time with only a few participants, and more time when more are in the class. 
Cost: $65.00 minus your $25.00 down payment leaving $40.00 dollars (cash only please)​​​​​ upon arrival. 

* All students must reserve their spot in the class with the $25.00 dollar non-refundable deposit from the drop down menu at the Buy Now button.


​                                        Women’s Pampering Day!

* Come share in this fun filled sacred circle where we’ll laugh our way through a deep body cleanse while revitalizing our spiritual energy system.

Date: To be announced.         
Wind-Spirit Farm ~ Kelly’s House
452 Fletcher Farm Rd Bloomingdale, NY 12913

Hosts: Kelly Lindsay and Theda Wilfore

There will be several stations set up throughout the cabin where guests can move from one chosen event to the next throughout the day.

Stations Include:
* Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)
* Hand or Food Reflexology
* Vision Board Building
* Meridian Sweep
* Essential Oil Station
* Crystal Rock Reading
* Inversion Table
* Choice of Tarot Reading or Astrology Chart with counseling session
(Astro charts must have; Time of Birth, Birth Mo. Day, Year, Birth Location)
* Quan Yin Card reading.
* Green Juicing
* Drumming - Instruments Provided
*Lunch & Beverages Provided

This workshop costs: $125.00 ea.
Deduct the required $25.00 security deposit and pay only $100.00 cash at the door on the day of the workshop.
E-mail Kelly to further confirm your place in our women’s day event.

 ​ Awakening Your 3rd Eye Oct. 20-21, 2018
​  Learning the Shamanic Journey & the Realms of the Psychic!
When you have a desire; Find a competent teacher & practice.​

In This Course You Will Learn:
1.To Awaken Psychic Ability.
2. Learn how to read for other people.
3. Master the Shamanic Journey and how to move beyond it for everyday use. * See Shamanic Journey
4. Aquire a balanced 3rd Eye for trust in your psychic awareness.
5. Learn how to ask questions and get clear answers from your spirit guides and teachers.
6. Discover the science of intuition and its significance in psychic development.
7. Lean the ancient practice of Shamanic drumming and how it keeps us in harmony with the world around us.
​8. Shift your energy from one reality to another and “see evidence” of it.
​9. Understanding Ritual and it’s importance in intuition.

As a Group:
* Our group will open and close our time together through ritual.
* Read for each other.
* Drum together as our ancestors did.

What to Bring:
* A drum if you have one. Kelly has several for loan during the workshop.
* Blanket or Matt for laying or sitting on.
* Journal & Pen

Vegetarian Lunch & Snack Included. (Vegan's must bring their own food)
Beverages: (Hot or Iced Tea/ Spring Water)

Wind-Spirit Farm:
452 Fletcher Farm Road Bloomingdale, NY 12913​

Time: 9:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM both days; Sat. and Sun.
Contact: Kelly at;​

​Next Class:

Date: October 20-21, 2018

​Class Price: $125.00​

​* Non-refundable confirmation deposit of $25.00 needs to be made from drop down on this page by March 15, 2018  

Then,  $100.00 dollars at the door. (cash only please)
* ​No checks or credit cards for this portion of payment.

* Shamanic Journey: A process where one releases all expectations and outcomes while allowing their spirit to lead them into the many dimensions of reality.
With-in these dimensions are  Power Animals/Totems/Angels/Spirit Guides of all sorts. These archetypal figures are always guiding, teaching and supporting us. Without them we would die. They are generally unseen through our ordinary eyes, therefore learning to “see” them with our third eye awakens our pineal gland and is a starting point for further ‘Seeing’ and developing psychic awareness​​.

                          ~ "Spirits in Nature" ~ Date will be announced soon.

Join us as we explore the spirits in nature that unify our earth experience.
In this four hour outdoor retreat we'll discuss and commune with the spirits and elementals.
​We will become more conscious of their presence in our everyday reality. When we work and play with them our hearts respond and re-align. Our intention will be to restore balance between our interior world and the spirits in nature.

In this 'Spirits In Nature Workshop' you will learn to:

* Work with your spirit guides and teachers in the realm of the "Middle World".
* Employ the teachings of  Kelly's book; "How To Read Your Fortune In A Stone".
  ​(Each participant will receive their own free copy)

* Connect and communicate with 'The Green Man' as he brings inspiration, fun, wisdom and light      ​to your spirit.
* Deeply connect with the elemental's.
* Learn and gather the wild organic foods that offer their nutrition that feed our body, mind and    

What to Bring:
* A small stone that is about the size of your hand.  
Note: ​(Walk outside and find a stone that calls out to you; Don't bring crystals or stones from other regions.)
 The stone will need to have four sides that are at least 2 inches thick.
* Comfortable weather appropriate cloths and hiking boots for outdoor walking. 
* Natural insect repellent.
* Water bottle.
* Yoga mat or outdoor mat for sitting on.

( Mid-morning snack & beverage's provided )

Course Details:​
Total: $75.00 dollars minus $10.00 for early bird special = $65.00
Location: Wind-spirit Farm ~ 452 Fletcher Farm Road Bloomingdale, NY 12913
Date: To be announced. 

Contact Kelly at:

* Make the required non-refundable deposit of $25.oo ~ from the drop down menu and 'Buy now button'.
* Individually the morning and afternoon classes cost $75.oo ea. unless you take advantage of these offers:

​*  Early Bird Special: Gets you $10.00 dollars off. 

* Take both classes ~ The Combo Pack: ~ For an additional $15.00 dollars off.
​*  Finally pay just $100.00 at the door for two fabulous 

The Combo Pack:
Sacred Arrow ~ 9:00AM - 12:00 Pm 
Nature Spirits ~ 1:00 Pm - 5:00 PM​​ 
​These workshops are an hour apart. You can bring your own lunch or visit Bloomingdale's store for a sandwich. 

​​I look forward to sharing this sacred path with you!


Kelly Lindsay

Sacred Arrow Ceremony
Un - Leash Your Creative Spirit!​

A three hour course.

In this Sacred Arrow Ceremony You will Learn to:

Release old patterns and belief systems especially concerning your creative ability.
Learn how to evoke the seven directions as you call upon your assenters for help and support.
Reconnect with the spirits in nature by learning to listen.
Utilize the power of ritual to reinvent your life path.

Please Bring:

* A Drum or a Rattle - An empty aspirin bottle with beans works as a rattle. I’ve also got some extras.
* An old shirt or piece of cloth to tear up into strips.
* I will provide one imitation Eagle feather but most people like to add many feathers. It this is you then please bring some of your own. 

Location: Wind Spirit Farm ~ 452 Fletcher Farm Road Bloomingdale, NY 12913

Dates: To be announced...
Time:  9am-12:00 pm
Cost:  $35.00​
Contact: Kelly at;

​To confirm your spot in the class you must make your non-refundable $25.00 dollar down payment here from the drop down menu. The remainder will be paid in cash only at the door on the day of the workshop.

Sacred Arrow ~ 9:00AM - 12:00 Pm
I look forward to sharing this sacred path with you!

Kelly Lindsay


Learn How To Communicate With Your Animal Friends
Dr. Dolittle once said he spoke over two thousand languages, including Dodo and Unicorn.

Imagine living in a household where everyone thinks of you as a family member yet know one asks how you're doing, or communicates with you in meaningful way?

Are animals really independent or do we make them that way?
Is your pet Lonely, Happy, Healthy?
What is his or her purpose in your life?
Do you have a soul contract with your pet?

Join us at this for this two hour course and learn how to communicate with the Animal Kingdom!

* Develop communication techniques that really work.
* Learn specific exercises that facilitate trust and healing.
* Discover their purpose in your life.
* Uncover their fears, or worries.
* Build a more rewarding connection with one another or with other members.
*  Hear some true stories about the amazing things animals have done.

* Please don't bring your animals to this workshop... Their focus would not be on wanting to communicate with you in this setting.​
Date to be announced for 2017

Learn How to Read Your Fortune In A Stone

Once you learn this skill you'll want to share it with all your friends!
We've got helping spirits in nature who can provide us with answers to our life questions. All things contain consciousness and in this class you'll learn how to line up with the energy of a stone, learn how to read any question you'd like. 

Date: ​April 21, 2018
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM
Cost: $35.00 dollars​​
Contact Kelly at


How does one know they need Shamanic Soul Integration?

If you’ve ever believed any of following messages, then you need soul integration.
( The word pain is loosely used, it refers to both physical or emotional dis-ease.)

* Suck it up and walk it off.
* There are drugs for what you're going through…Take    a pill for your moods, cover it up, mask it.
* Time heals all wounds, tomorrow will be a better day.
* Stop crying and go play.
* Focus on something other then the pain, use mind    
  ​​​over mater.
* Stay busy, think of something other then the painful  
* Get on with life.

* Lack of validation for our pain creates soul loss.
* Soul loss is described as a piece of our essential soul
   ​energy that separates from its whole self energy.
* All perceptions outside of unconditional love indicate soul loss.

* Have you ever contemplated the idea of a perfect universe? We utter the words; “Everything has a purpose and a reason weather we understand it all or not” Yet do we really know what these words mean, or even how to live in accordance with this understanding?
Shamanic Soul Integration will help you to unify these concepts, as this method syncs your energy with the deeper truths of what its like to live a happier more present experience here on Earth.

I look forward to coaching you toward a more fulfilled life through the this growth-full process.

Many Blessings on your path,


Shamanic Programs/Workshops For 2018!
Shamanic Soul Integration                   The 3rd Eye Workshop                           The Spirits In Nature
Sacred Arrow Ceremony
Unleashing your Creative Energy!​
Learn to Communicate With Your Animals Friends.
Please listen to this audio on S. Integration
Shamanic Course Deposits