This position will flavor your relationship with a wide-ranging ability to see all sides of all issues and the world may be your playground, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whenever you have finished exploring one facet of what you have together, the inclination will be not to stop there, but to leap on to another and yet another world to enter and explore. Barring any severe afflictions, this has the effect of picking out the good, amusing, and interesting and having a merry time with it and moving on before any potential trouble surfaces. This makes the relationship an uplifting resource and haven for both of you, particularly when either of you may be feeling a bit depressed. On the other hand, it will mean a tendency to gloss over differences that may surface later and cause complications, so it might be good for you each individually to chase after the bits and pieces you leave behind together as a unit and make sure that there is nothing troublesome. Because you emphasize the positive side of things, you can be a great help to others who tend to become preoccupied with the mundane.

This relationship can become a real emotional hothouse, steamy in the best and worst of ways. It will tend, when challenged, to fall back on itself and the two of you will be your greatest emotional resource, often to the exclusion of others. This will make for a comfortable nest to which you can retreat and live in your own special world together, a world of great commitment and emotional intensity. For this same reason, you may find the intrusion of the external world an invasion and to the extent either of you reaches out for other relationships it can engender jealousy or insecurity on the part of the other. If there is a lesson to be learned, it is to allow individual freedom outside of the relationship while maintaining the especially heightened level of feelings which you bring to each other. Tolerance mixed with passion, understanding blended with commitment, will make this combination a winning one and a powerful unified force in dealing with the world around you. Externally, over-sensitivity comes easily, so cultivate a thick skin when dealing with others, as they don’t mean things quite as personally as you may take them. Open as many channels of communication as possible so that emotional pressure can find release when you need it.

This relationship will never want for verbal expression; in fact, you may find that you have to edit yourselves in order to get to the point, since you have the inclination to go on indefinitely because there is always something more to say. This can be a tremendous advantage in communication with others and each other, because if you can’t get the point across one way, another will immediately present itself, then another, and so on until you are properly understood. At this juncture, stop, for to continue will cause further confusion about the issue. But, then, you will always be guaranteed the last word! You will find all your approaches will be more on the general side with a broad and inclusive expanse, leaving the specifics to sort themselves out, which they won’t do unless you assign them to someone. So make sure you do. That person might be either one of you individually or a third party; but when you get together, let it flow and you will be at your best and most inventive. Remember in the end that you will want to go back and decide which of the many paths you will both want to follow, or you will find yourselves going off in many directions without actually going anywhere. Variation, not brevity, is the soul of your wit, but establish a core of what you wish to communicate and elaborate around the edges of a focused interior. There your thoughts will blossom like a many petalled flower, with the seeds of the future well-lodged in its center.

A willingness to pursue your desires in an easygoing, friendly fashion marks this relationship and thus allows you to get what you want without a lot of confrontation. This is partially because your goals and aspirations are fairly wide-ranging and you’ve got plenty of room to get out of another’s way. It’s also because you’re more cooperative and not so likely to fight over territory if you know there is plenty to go around. Others are likely to be much more limited, so this gives you a material advantage in the search for self-satisfaction and will allow you to achieve it with less strife and pain in the process. This may not be the case with either of you individually, so here the relationship can serve to ease a lot of tensions and broaden your horizons thus becoming all at the same time a wellspring of opportunity and a pressure release. You might watch out for the possibility that you may chase after desires and goals that are too broad and indefinite to implement tangibly and thus may escape you altogether or be too large for you to get a grip on. Better to decide upon a greater landscape and then decide on individual features to explore one at a time and enjoy each one as it comes thoroughly within your grasp and possession.

Mars in this sign is very strong and very contained, giving your relationship great power to make itself felt both in the long and short run. Yours is a fire that burns hot and intense, but well-banked enough to see you through to the finish. Because of this, you may find your efforts give you more than an ordinary power over others, especially as you are likely to deploy this power so carefully so as not to lose any advantageous position you may have. When you are one up on someone, it’s important not to take undue advantage, but to use it positively for the good of all of you. The same goes particularly for your treatment of each other, which at times can become scheming or even confrontational, not necessarily from intent on the part of either of you, but because of the style the relationship overlays on the two of you. It will be a good idea to point that sort of thing outward, not toward each other. Barring these sorts of complications, you will find that the relationship is very reliable and that not only you but others as well will come to depend on you. It is good for your reputation and good for doing business with each other and as a partnership. You will be a source of personal power to those whom you permit, and after a trial period, they come within the bounds of your affection.

Growth styles differ; some things grow like the trunk of a tree: slow and solid. This style of growth could probably best be compared to leaves and branches: multiple, supple, relatively swiftly-changing, interdependent but able to stand alone when necessary. Thus you will find that major developments in your relationship are likely to take a variety of different manifestations, showing a general direction but not holding to a single pattern and building a more flexible structure that is open to change and adaptation when the wind alters direction. This may make you wonder if you are really committed to the new directions you adopt, but it is not a matter of lack of strength but the understanding of placement. You don’t put all your new eggs in one basket, but you keep them near enough to each other to reassign when you need to. This might not have been the way either of you were accustomed to doing things, but you’ll likely find it the most useful style to adopt when together. You will also have need to wait for the finished product before you can really judge whether your plans have entirely worked out, just as you can’t judge a tree’s growth until its leaves and blossoms have fully developed. This applies inside and out, so that you develop together gently, lightly exploring the possibilities of where you’d like to go until, voila, there you are, in full bloom!

There is quite an abiding determination and a long memory in this relationship which gives it both a lot of potential power and stamina and at the same time can lead to its undoing if you are not free to forgive and forget. It will be very easy to let real or imagined wrongs sink below the surface without resolving them, where they will gnaw at the underbelly of the relationship and undermine its stability and functionality. Part of the reason for this kind of hidden peril is that there is a certain imagined power in holding back injuries to get revenge later, when in fact such behavior undermines any real power to achieve a healthy and functioning relationship. Endurance is beneficial only when it is in the interests of love and friendship — in a battle to the last man, no one really wins, particularly in a relationship which must have at least two healthy partners. Use your individual generous and forgiving instincts to prevail above any negative tendencies the combination of the two of you may bring out and thus transform this Saturn energy into its positive aspect: stamina, unflagging loyalty and devotion. Use this to face outward to the world rather than inward where you can get lost in your own cross-currents unless you have a safety line that reminds you where the surface it.
accept and welcome change as part of the nature of things.

Self-discovery can be a particularly private affair in this relationship and may cause difficulty in communicating those special parts that either need attention or require a change of attitude, from one or the other, to meet your needs. This has an inner and outer manifestation. Within, you will likely build up pressure by resistance to change until it forces itself on you rather harshly, perhaps incurring emotional injury in the process. Thus it will be important to respect each other’s ideas and personal needs, however odd or even offensive they might appear at first. They are there because they are part of you, and if you intend to respect each other you must respect each part, even the troublesome ones. Trouble is just truth looking for a way to find you. Outside, you may find yourself hiding what you have uncovered from others and thus deny yourselves the opportunity for self-review from an informative third point of view. It can be easy to believe you have come upon something universal that may really be only specific to yourselves and should not be applied to dealings with others, leaving you to become victims of uniformed presupposition and its concomitant perils. Embrace the new with a disinterested (not uninterested) eye, and when you can’t do that, find someone who can broaden your horizons on the subject.

If there is any main, driving force in your hopes and dreams, it is that everything should be just right and everyone be happy with the way things turn out. It is a very unselfish drive and one which makes you strive very hard for the good of all and make every effort to make it come true. You are, in the nicest sense, idealists. The greatest challenge you face lifelong, therefore, is not formulating the best but coping with less than the best when it so often turns out that way. Life’s like that, and some rejuvenate themselves to try some more, while others can become embittered and cynical by the experience and cease to believe in the power of hope and the ultimate impact of their ideals. Your inclination to keep moving will likely be indefatigable, and it is the direction that it takes that will determine your happiness. When all does not turn out right, reshape your expectations based on your original vision and proceed further. Avoid the temptation to lower your standards, as to do so will simply lower the ultimate quality of your life. In the end, you’re only as good as what you can envision and strive for, and the individual results are less important than the lifelong effect you have on each other and those around you. Don’t let adversity, when it comes, get the best of you: just regroup and find another way to manifest what you believe to be right. When you keep your eye on the horizon, the bumps in the road become just a rhythmic accompaniment to travel on life’s highway.

There is a fundamental message that you share: you must make the world a better place to live in and get your message of how to do it across in a way that it will be heard. At its purest, this is a highly idealistic and laudable goal, but the methods of formulating and implementing it can be helpful and creative or negative and destructive, depending on how you handle it. Because the “must do” feeling is pervasive, it can be easy at times to believe it is your duty to enforce your opinion on others even when they don’t want it, because you believe it is ultimately for their benefit. That, however, is not your decision or prerogative, and to do so is a fundamental violation not only of others but of your own contract with the Ultimate. The life and death issues you have to face (which are really just life and death, themselves) are individual to you and only you can meet them. If you can do that, it will be an achievement, so keep your own house in order and let others keep theirs. Where you can share these feelings, you will have great power and faith in each other and your personal destiny together. When you cannot, try to understand your differences, but above all, leave them be. Real change, such as it can happen to most of us (and that is less than we suppose), comes only from within and cannot be forced. The bottom-line issues and beliefs in life grow out of our own individual experiences, which by definition we can share only to a limited extent. Be content with that. There’s more than a lifetime there for each of us to work on and where another welcomes it, share.

This relationship is likely to breed a kind of warm and friendly atmosphere around it that makes you good company to be with. Moreover, you will be expected to be just that, even when you’re not feeling all that sociable. Nevertheless, a kind of enthusiasm and bounce tends to come with the relationship that you can draw on even when neither of you is feeling terribly inspired, and together it will always be easier to look on the bright side. You will also be able to paint reality together with a broader brush and help others see the big picture as a whole when they (or you individually) might otherwise be lost in the details. Hesitation is not likely to be a joint affliction of yours, and together you’ll be the first into the pool with a laugh. Oversight of details may sometimes be a problem, so check that there’s water in the pool before you jump! An innate inclination to cover a lot of ground means this relationship has wide potential, as long as you remember to smell the flowers as you go. Don’t rush past in your haste to reach new territory. A combination of enthusiasm, energy, and willingness to change means that this relationship will never want for friends, but will need to choose among them.

This relationship is likely to be a forceful one in which the inner drive of both of you is brought to the surface. It will require a certain amount of compromise to make sure that one or the other of you does not get dominated or swept away either by the other partner or by the relationship itself, which will tend to have a fairly high profile, especially in face-to-face situations. In business, this means the two of you working together can sell anybody anything with a minimum of effort, an inclination you may have to refrain from applying to each other. It will always mean that you tend to put your best (or at least, strongest) foot forward as a unit and will tend to be quite indomitable because of this. If there is any caveat here, it is that you may forget to allow the input of others in your eagerness to make your mark, which can engender resentment and also cause you to miss valuable contributions from other sources that could help you achieve what you set out to accomplish. In personal life, this position makes for the two of you acting very much in concert, but also can make the relationship itself seem more important than those involved, because it provides such an energy boost. Remember where all that came from — the whole may be greater than the sum of its parts, as here, but the parts are the bottom line.

SUN conjunct VENUS
You have a natural level of affection for one another that will make whatever you do together easier and more enjoyable. Whether it’s love or business, there will always be a certain charm present, brought on by the fact that at some basic level, whatever else may be happening to the contrary, you just like being together. This will always help you get along in some fashion even in the worst of times. When things are good they will be really good. Because of this fundamentally right situation on the inside, people will find something about you that is easygoing and you will be able to get what you want out of social situations effectively. Partially that is because you have a pleasing approach, and partially it is because you instinctively know what you want and are in a much better position to recognize it and take advantage of it when it comes along. The only possible problem with such an aspect is that you might identify too closely with your desires and thus become excessively disappointed when you don’t get what you want. It may also lead you to be nice to those you shouldn’t be, thus opening yourselves up to exploitation or just simple time-wasting. All in all, however, this is a fine indicator for good friendship professionally and in a marriage, deep and abiding love.

SUN sextile MARS
Doing things together, in a very physical sense, is a strong point in your relationship, and when you are active together on the outside it makes you feel more fulfilled on the inside. There is an easy flow of energy from within to without and vice versa, so you can fall back on a physical sense of well-being when the rest of the world is in disarray. This will allow you to be ahead of the game in a variety of ways because you can make the assumption that you will be in tune while others will have to check to make sure before they can take action. A good sense of mutual timing is only one of the benefits this bestows, all of which arise from the fact that you can depend upon each other straight off and do so naturally, once you have noticed the quality in yourselves. Since you will be able to work well in tandem, you will have an advantage professionally as you will be first out of the gate and you will not have the tension and hesitation that fundamental conflicts within your competitors can engender. Once you get your natural rhythm under your belts, however, and see what a lead you have, it will be easy to let things fall slack and if you are not careful you can be overtaken for lack of a watchful eye. Although you have a natural strength, the story of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind; keep well exercised or your natural talents will not suffice to keep you from being passed by.

SUN opposite JUPITER
Your relationship puts a high value on growth and expansion, both physically and emotionally, and you will find yourselves speeding by each other in the process. It won’t be a nice even development but will come in fits and spurts like a child turning into a teenager. You may find that you have restless periods where nothing is happening between you and it’s just the same old story. Then, when you have almost given up hope, all of a sudden things take off with a bang and you find yourselves catapulting each other to new heights. The ideal here is patience, as it can be easy to get mad at each other when things don’t go the way you would like, but it’s not the fault of either of you, it’s just the way you work together. Like a surfer, just paddle around until the next wave catches up with you, then try to keep your balance while you ride the crest on in. Cooperation, so you stay in command when things start to really pick up speed, will be a premium for success here.

In a very special but perhaps unnoticed way, your relationship is a quiet justification of your dreams and a statement of your ideals. It is not something you are likely to make a big deal about, but you have the feeling without having to say it that this is where it’s at. In a way this is a fortune of circumstance, as what you would like to see happen simply turns up here with no one to blame or credit, including yourselves. But why look a gift horse in the mouth? Why, indeed? Well, because the horse will not live forever or even stay in good health in the long run unless you figure out what you are doing right and make sure you continue to do it as time goes by and don’t take it for granted. That’s a problematic prescription when all you have to do is lay back and feel good about yourselves, but there are sufficient numbers of others whose fantasies don’t so easily realize themselves that it might be worth your while to figure out your formula for their benefit. You are the stuff of your dreams, but you can only dream on so long. Share the dream.

There is a fundamental faith in this relationship that you will ultimately do the right thing, no matter what circumstances may suggest. There is the feeling that something operating here well beneath the conscious level will support your efforts in the face of adversity. Just the self-confidence this feeling inspired will go a long way toward making it the actual case, a question of self-fulfilling prophecy. You can get carried away with this, and sometimes it will be easier to do nothing when a troublesome challenge arises on the belief that an answer will come up on its own. It is more likely to do so for you, but don’t count on it every time, and certainly don’t get into the habit of it. God helps those who help themselves, and you won’t have to help yourselves as much as others may, but you can’t just lay back and put your trust entirely in Providence. Nevertheless, your approach to life has a fundamental faith in it that God is on your side, at least when you are together. Nice karma, that’s OK. Use what you’ve got, but also take some others along with you to keep the long-term balance on your side. Faith and confidence can be taught, and you are ones who can do it.

Yours is a naturally powerful relationship which has supply of energy and impetus that just won’t quit. It will be very easy to dominate your local landscape because you will be more up-front than almost any other two-person combination can be. This of course gives you a special advantage when together and it will be a major factor in keeping you together. Just being around each other involves a boost of energy and brings you out of yourselves to achieve a level of energy and assertiveness that you don’t often see on a regular basis individually. It will also mean that the relationship itself can come to dominate you individually and it may be difficult to distinguish your personal identities from the joint personality. When things go right, you will be matchless in your success and the intensity of your feelings, but should you not get your way, the feedback can get very tangled and blame can get laid on either or both of you for things that just couldn’t be helped. Because of this unavoidable inclination to go to extremes, it can be well to bank your fires and come on a little less strong in order to keep yourselves in perspective. Too much of a good thing, and all that. Enjoy yourselves, and make sure that others do, too.

The position of the Moon’s nodes is associated with the kind of responsibilities this relationship represents to you and the way in which you will fulfill them. It is also the kind of rewards it brings and in what manner they will be delivered. In this alignment, with the North Node in the first house, the relationship itself and your two personalities as they touch each other outside of any material complications is what matters. This is a one-on-one combination, which brings you the responsibility of forging a union out of two individuals without sacrificing one for the other. It is a lesson of learning your boundaries and how to keep them whole and yet not impinge on each other, all the while causing them to create an overall, greater border. The challenge is direct and simple, but the solutions may not be and you will need to be willing to learn the art of give and take more than with other relationships. The reward, however, will also be straightforward but enriching — the creation of something that is greater than the two of you and yet which benefits you both equally at the same time. What you have taken on in the process of learning more about yourselves individually in order to make this work will pay off not just in difficulties avoided or overcome, but in the tangible benefits of having what is in effect a third party, the relationship itself, working for you and carrying you where alone either of you might have thrown in the towel.

It may be somewhat problematic to give free range to your creative expression and growth potential, as you can’t just let it go and forget about it. This is because your success will be highly dependent upon the success of each other and of others you work with. To achieve this, you will require a certain selflessness and willingness to serve the goals of others in order to achieve your own. While those around you are helping themselves, you will have to help others in order to achieve the same thing, and that can often seem unfair, setting you at a disadvantage at least in the short run. It can be easy to feel you are being taken advantage of, which in turn will make you less likely to contribute to the overall effort; the most counterproductive move. It will be well to set guidelines together of exactly how much you will depend on each other’s sacrifice and when it is time for the other to take a turn in order not to fall into this trap. This way you will always be giving from the heart, which is the only way in which real growth can be achieved. Because of this innate inclination toward the general good over the individual, you will do particularly well in businesses which are service industries (behind which you will better understand the principle) or business and charities which are designed to serve humanity outright. In a world increasingly interdependent and in need of caring agents to tie it together, these are particularly valuable talents and will carry you far if you are willing to absorb yourselves in them for the greater good.

There is a strong idealistic and spiritual underpinning to this relationship that is not preachy or overstated but buoys up your feelings to seek for the very best you can achieve. The drive upward is not a headlong gallop toward redemption nor is it a fool’s self-delusion that you can be saved by a given belief or dogma. Rather, it is a warm, inner knowledge that the spiritual call is real and that you will get there if you’re willing to take your time. Because this is a mutually supportive aspect, you have a natural talent to sense what is leading you where you eventually want to go and what is leading you astray. You also realize there is no such thing as a short cut in the spiritual quest, so you aren’t easily sidetracked by promises of instant enlightenment. In a personal love involvement, this allows you to retain the physical joys of sexuality while adding the heightened experience of using it as a basis for a spiritual union. On the professional level, this will mean you have the highest possible ethical standards, something that will make you trusted and respected in whatever pursuit you may have chosen. You know that short term gain cannot supplant long term values without losing something far greater than a few quick bucks. When people put their faith in you, they know they will not be disappointed.

Yours is a partnership ripe for expansion, and one which brings the two of you out of yourselves and unites you in growing together for larger purposes. This is not speaking just externally, though you may well be favored physically and financially by this position, but internally where there will be a great deal of concentration on structuring the relationship itself. Where your major focus may have been on yourselves individually before, there will be a new overlay of attention to what you can achieve not only together but as a part of the larger whole that is the two of you. In general, you will be highly supportive of each other and some might say you even have a first-rate mutual admiration society underway. Indeed, you may become a bit preoccupied with yourselves from time to time, and you may want to turn outward to see what’s going on and how other people view you, a standpoint that will be of value and which you may at time neglect. Nevertheless, you have a lot to learn from each other and you can make great strides forward together without either of you losing your individuality or equality within the relationship. If there is any caveat in this pleasant and enlightening situation, it would be not to move too fast lest you miss some of the finer points of your relationship which may be tested later and which you will want to have well tied down when that occurs.

You will find that the test of this relationship is to be itself, that your emotional reference point is each other and how well it fares will be determined by how equal your emotional input is. In theory, this makes for the ideal one-to-one relationship, all for one and one for all, but ideals take work and attention to realize. Here, a great deal of effort will be needed to reassure each other that you are your own best reference point and that what you feel together is genuine and not an illusion. It means paying a lot of attention intellectually to match the emotional attention you naturally give to each other. This kind of emotional interdependence can be extremely satisfying, as you always know the other will be involved in what you do, whether you choose it or not. It can also cause one or both of you to become too dependent upon the relationship to achieve individual growth and fulfillment. In such a situation it can become an involuntary addiction which turns this ideal situation of equality into something you both lean upon without mutually supporting at the same time. Therefore, you will be wise to keep a sharp eye on each other’s emotional needs, as quick attendance to them will offer the greatest reward, while even seemingly benign neglect can start off a chain reaction of blame that can lead to endless, and pointless, dispute. Here achievement and satisfaction will be determined by alertness and adaptability.

There is an emotional steadiness here that will live on throughout the years if you are willing to pursue it. There is a feeling that there is something long-range here which you can take your time in pursuing and have as a reward a long way down the line. This is not instant passion, but deep, abiding emotion which you may not get off on in the short run but can depend on in the long run. What you feel strongly about you will defend to the end, and fickleness is something you will never be accused of. Once committed, you will stand by your man/woman as a faithful friend and committed partner. Your pace will be slow and even, however, which can be ideal if you are individually in need of stabilization and very frustrating if what you need individually is immediate stimulation and action. On the other hand, you also can be a rock of stability for others to lean upon who have less ability to control and channel their emotions and tend to get out of control without being able to help it. It is not that you can lecture them into a better way of life, but you can teach by example that instant gratification is not the only goal in emotional relationships, it can be the opposite of what is desired, given the circumstances. What is lasting, albeit less intense, may be the best thing to go for.

MOON conjunct URANUS
This is bound to be an interesting and even unusual relationship, as you stimulate in each other both intensity and an inclination to break the bounds of convention. When you express emotion, it will be with great intensity and it will come flying out all at once or not at all. Diplomacy will not be your strong suit, as you’re too likely to tell it as it is and not mince words. This may be a somewhat intermittent relationship, continuing in fits and starts, with perhaps long pauses in-between. However, when it is in gear, sparks really fly and you are likely to explore territory together you never would have run into alone. You can, however, grate on each other’s nerves now and again, and it will be good to remember that what might be seen as thoughtless remarks or even insults on the part of either of you are simply blunt attempts to get to the truth of the matter without stopping to think of the possible emotional impact. The direct approach isn’t always painless, but it’s honest. There will no doubt be much that is unusual and out of the ordinary about your relationship, which might be very obvious to everyone or might be hidden beneath the surface and expressed only behind closed doors. Your relationship will never be boring and it will always be an adventure for both of you.

Doing the unexpected will be the nature of your relationship and it will be important to allow yourselves and each other plenty of room for self-expression, however off-beat it might be. It will be impossible to make this into an ordinary, conventional relationship, whether business or marriage, so don’t try or you’ll just get into trouble. Uranus finds most positive expression, when left untrammeled, in originality and new approaches, which means you can forge something entirely new here if you are ready to recognize it and try it on for size. When fenced in, however, Uranus just makes things weird or explodes in your face, so give yourselves some room to maneuver. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, including (and especially) sexual ones, and don’t ask for them either, or you’ll be asking for trouble. Instead, enjoy the new and unusual when it comes along and turn it to your advantage. Even if it’s a little strange, embrace it instead of backing off — it might take you somewhere interesting, even profitable. Because the planet also is associated with intermittence, your relationship may not be a steady one. Let it be, because if you try to tie it down too tightly, it will sooner or later come apart at the seams. Enjoy it one day at a time.

This aspect happens in the sky only once every eighty-six years and last occurred in the early 1950’s, which likely means you were both born then or on equal sides before and after that time. Its effect is principally that together you share the qualities of that generation, even though you may be younger and older than it. It describes the end of a generational transition that marked the youngest of those that founded the 1960’s drug culture. Uranus (discovery) and Neptune (mysticism, higher consciousness) was in trine for those who originally and successfully experimented with drugs, the Leary/Alpert crowd. With a careful and scholastic demeanor, they in general benefited from the experience which was an avowed search for self-knowledge. Those that followed them, with the square of Uranus and Neptune, took drugs to party and get high, handled the whole experience badly, and created the drug “problem” that followed for decades around the world. The real problem, of course is not drugs themselves, but the out-of-control conflict between the physical and spiritual worlds of those that abuse them. However marginal this may be in your case, there is still a restless quality about you that makes it difficult to reconcile your observations with your beliefs and ideals, and you will tend to swing from the hard-nosed to the gullible and back again in an attempt to get a handle on it. The cure for this, like most outer planetary pictures, is age and experience that allows you to have made enough mistakes to even out your future track.

It will be good to have financial and emotional buffers built into this relationship, as it is subject to an array of physical and emotional earthquakes that will be impossible to predict and can be seriously damaging if you don’t have backup to take up the slack. When you least expect it, something unusual will come up and interrupt the direction you have established and you will have to extemporize in order to get back on track. If you have the extra funds and emotional space to allow this to happen and give you time to recover, this will make for a very interesting and surprising life together. If you are living so close to the edge that you can be derailed by an unexpected change in direction, then you are asking for trouble simply by being involved. The Chinese say we should want to be spared interesting times, but that is what you inherit by coming together, whether you think you deserve it or not, so at least you should be prepared for it and be able to make the decision that this is what you want to look forward to. If you realize this at a basic level, you open yourselves to what can become a lifetime of revelation and personal growth free of charge that would have to be constructed on purpose by anyone else. That can be a real privilege or an awful curse, depending on whether you are ready for it and can embrace sudden change and reorientation on a moment’s notice.

The effect of Pluto here is to simply reinforce itself, so it will not be as likely to dominate the rest of your relationship as it would in other places. If this is a sexual relationship, it will be that much more intense and allow you to transform sexuality into a conduit to the spiritual of the first order if you choose to pursue that course. If not, it will remain dormant and not get in the way. In a professional context, this will make the use of financial resources from outside the relationship a matter of some contention, and it would probably be a good idea to be careful before you put your eggs in someone else’s basket, because disputes over the control of them could easily prevent them from hatching. Where you have close connections to the past, yours or a generic connection to what has preceded you genetically or socially, they will have a compelling influence on you and you may find that this relationship opens up the key to your inner pasts in the most profound manner. You might be careful by not getting too involved with what you believe to be your personal or cultural past, however, as there can be great sensitivity here and you can feel threatened by what may be issues of a largely imaginary sort. What seems to be associated with karma, reincarnation, racial past, and other root issues can be more of a personal power and insecurity trip than you may imagine and you can cross swords with those who do not deserve the associations you may attach to them.

Your physical appearance and presence together may be a lot more commanding than you might at first assume. Pluto’s forceful support makes you seem as if you really mean business and represent something there is no point in resisting. The relationship may have much the same effect on you as well, seeming to be something that was perhaps predestined or at least inescapable, something for you both to get wrapped up and lost in. Certainly it can have a transforming effect upon your lives, if only because it will definitely prove that there is something more to a relationship than just the two parts that make it up. The more you get into each other, the more this partnership will quietly take possession of the both of you and allow you to penetrate the deeper parts of your personalities, either physical, spiritual or a combination of both. It will also allow you to take charge of the immediate situation around you based on the powerful energies that are clearly lurking beneath the surface in what you have together. At times, this may be equal parts truth and illusion, based as much on your confidence level as what you can actually deliver in a pinch. If it works, why question it? Inside, you suspect that every bit is true and it’s up to you to find out, one way or another.

A lot of emphasis on achievement and recognition of what you do together will mark this partnership. Because you will spend a lot of time and energy on it, it is likely that you will have an especially high profile and be significantly noticed in whatever area you choose to excel. This makes your relationship an excellent one for professional endeavors, as you will always have the energy and focus to take the extra step necessary to see that you succeed. Success may, however, become your overriding goal, and where a personal relationship is concerned, the emotional side of things may be forced to take a back seat in order to achieve your mutual goals. As long as you agree on your direction together, however, a great deal of your emotional life will be blended with your external efforts and one will serve to help out the other. Reputation and professional direction can, however, become a bone of contention if you are not careful, primarily because it is the focus of so much energy and concern for both of you. It will be hard to step out of your public character and conduct a private life, as your immediate inclination will always be to construct things in a way that has appeal to others and seeks their approval. Sometimes you will be best off to just kick off your shoes and proceed as if no one were watching — except each other.

MARS conjunct SATURN
This can be a very troublesome or very useful position, depending upon where you manifest it. Mars is your energy and Saturn is restriction, so in areas where you need boundless amounts of energy expended quickly, this will be poor indeed. Bad for the 100-yard dash, but good for cross country. Where you need to have a carefully controlled flow, however, this is perfect. Doctors are known for this aspect, as for them precision and perseverance is required, both to train and to practice. Since Mars is closely associated with the sex drive, don’t expect mad, blind passion, but a cooler, longer-lasting form of sexual affection and perhaps even overtones of emotional or physical bondage. This will be a relationship where you take yourselves perhaps too seriously, feeling that you should always be getting something important done, so it may at times be a good idea to try to lighten up a little. This doesn’t detract from the impact of your mission, it just lets you have a little more fun along the way. Nevertheless, if you give yourselves time, yours will be a union that carves out an important and indelible mark along your timeline, because you are willing to deploy the energies to do just that. When others are flagging, you will still be in the fray, as long as you have not let contrary expectation take you off course or siphon off your needed energies to other projects or other relationships. This will be a demanding one, so be ready to go the distance.

This is a slippery aspect indeed, and it will mean you have to take great care about knowing and deciding what you are going to do and defining the motives which lead you to do it. It will be easy on the one hand to take actions based on what you believe to be your highest ideals and aspirations, and you will be extremely likely to do so, sometimes not taking into account the practical consequences. On the other hand, it may equally easy to deceive yourselves into thinking that you are doing the right thing when in fact what is going on is the most rudimentary self-serving deception. A big stretch, but you will be capable of both and should take pause for thought about which you will follow and when, and mainly how you will know your true course. This can lead you to the heights or the depths, or both, and in natal astrology was the dominating conjunction of both Napoleon Bonaparte and U. S. President Bill Clinton. You can feel the drive to subjugate your energies to a higher goal, or you can fool anyone by your actions with considerable ease. The import and effect of how you handle it is everything, and so you need to be particularly demanding with yourselves to see that you are, indeed, living up to the ideals you create when you come together. To allow them to become a sham will undermine the relationship in the long run. To follow them to their idealistic conclusions, however difficult, can turn your relationship into gold.

This is a strong indicator of long-term success careerwise, especially in public life. Saturn expresses strong control over what is heard about you and the vagaries of rumor and subterfuge are so dangerous to those in the public eye, they must be carefully avoided or manipulated to turn to your favor. For obvious reasons, this does not indicate instant fame, however, but success over the long haul as a result of careful study and work together to achieve goals which you have carefully worked out. Therefore do not expect your relationship to be primarily a carefree fling (though all work and no play would be dull, indeed), but expect real commitment to each other and responsibility to a publicly acknowledged joint effort to be the bottom line. Thus you will not want to take on each other and the relationship too lightly or it will run you and not the other way around. This does not mean taking yourselves or your mission in deadly or unsmiling earnest, just being ready to go for the long ball. Specific areas favored for success would be Saturn-associated as well: medicine, finance, hard science and other areas that require a meticulous approach and have been around for a long time and which are considered respectable and stable in the public eye.

It may be safely said that nobody (exterior to yourselves) knows what’s really going on here, and everybody’s version of who you are and what you want is somewhat of an illusion. This can be alternately troublesome and helpful. If you are in a professional situation where you need to create a clear and reliable image of yourselves, you’re going to have a difficult time. Your intentions will be misinterpreted and your real achievements misconstrued or ignored. On the other hand, it will give you an innate camouflage and an ability to fool anyone you want to any time you desire just by spinning a reasonably believable yarn. It’s a mix you will have to learn to deal with and manipulate with skill, or else you will be entirely awash when it comes to establishing and maintaining a professional presence. You will have to come to grips with another inclination here as well, and that is a propensity to believe that your public position — which is to say, what people are saying about you and your social and business situation as a result — is something of a matter of principle and ideals to you, a yardstick by which you will judge your beliefs and their validity. This may not be a realistic approach and you can find yourselves demanding more out of your surroundings and their reactions to you than can be reasonably expected. If you look at reputation as an illusion, you will more likely get tangible results than if you chase after a reputation that can continually escape your ability to stabilize. Follow what you think is right and let others sort it out according to their necessities.

This is a rare aspect, happening only twice in five hundred years. It’s most recent occurrence is happening as this is being written, beginning in the 1940’s and ending in the 1990’s, and applies to those born then or on opposite sides of it. Perhaps it is too soon to tell, but some educated speculation is worth while. Neptune is associated with aspirations and ideals, currently in conjunction with Uranus (shock, sudden change) which will also be making the sextile with Pluto (force, transformation) or close to it. It is, in short, a watershed period when a radical new arrangement of world order is being inexorably forced into being. Thus, this is a generational aspect, something you share in common with billions of others of your generation. Although in the sky it will have passed on, you will have it for life, which means it will be your inescapable task to be implementors of the new planetary culture born at this time. Therefore, where this is tied in to the rest of your chart by aspect and house, these will be the areas where you have to take your place in this order, to make your own personal contribution to what is perhaps the greatest transformation the human world has ever known. Heavy? Yes, but no different from everyone else your age. Do it well, knowing that you are the founding ancestors of an age undreamed of in human history. Your great-grandchildren will be looking back on you, hopefully with pride.

An aura of ineffability surrounds your relationship, giving you the ability to inspire each other and those around you to higher purposes and goals in life, to seek and find dreams that seemed to elude your grasp before. It makes you particularly sensitive to your surroundings and to the feelings and aspirations of those around you. Because you display greater response to those you deal with, you may become something of a focus of wish fulfillment, two persons who together may be able to counsel and lead people where they would like to go. Because dreams are such delicate fabrications, this is a ticklish job and a heavy responsibility if you take it on. As you may have found out already, being spiritual leaders is not all it’s cracked up to be. If you can counsel those in need to take responsibility for their own ideals and dreams and not lay them on you, you will have done your task well. In the meanwhile, you can also be the answer to your own hopes and dreams without asking for more, as the sextile has a steadying power that can guide you between the perils of false hopes and impossible goals. What you have is all you need, in the here and now. Learn that, and you learn all. And last, and perhaps least, on the quite mundane side, your ability to inspire imagination suits you well for creative ventures in the arts or anyplace else where the well-crafted use of the imagination forms the basis of the profession.

This is a very difficult and challenging position for Mercury, because it forces you to explore the dark side of yourselves and the world around you, and you may not always like what you find. It will make you great troubleshooters, because you’ll have a nose for finding out where the trouble is. It makes it very difficult to keep secrets from each other (or from others, unfortunately), so you will need to be very open and willing to admit your shortcomings in the interests of improving them. This can be a great position for deep self-understanding, but it will take a lot of mutual tolerance to let each other make mistakes and go on forgiving, remembering that this is how you learn and grow, even when it is painful. For this reason, yours is a relationship that should not be taken on lightly, as it will take up a lot of intellectual and emotional time to make it come to fruition, and if you just ignore the way things develop you will be wasting each other’s time and courting disaster. Ask yourselves if there is that much room (and patience) in your lives to succeed at this sort of venture. If the commitment is strong, or if circumstances compel, go for it. If not, you might consider sparing yourselves and looking for greener pastures.

If either of you had any difficulty getting a good word in, this relationship should fix it. The ability to phrase things perfectly tailored to the situation, is innate to the combination you create. You manage to improve each other’s ability to express yourselves with grace, and also to master the techniques of creating what is beautiful. Therefore, in the professional world you will find yourselves blessed with advantage in any area that requires combining artistic and intellectual or technical enterprises: photography, design, music or film production, and so on. Intellectual charm and a charming intellect. But it is more than that. You really care that things around you should be well-formed and you have a very clear eye for just how to do it, which may not be innate in either one of you but comes together when you are together. Smart and good-looking. Not bad. Needless to say, this is a really nice aspect and a good reason to be together and take advantage of the special talents you bring out in each other. On a personal level, this also gives you the ability to address each other with sensitivity and love, so there will be little likelihood of accidental offense when you’re trying to get a point across. If anything, there would be a problem in communicating real difficulties or unappetizing truths, as a result of an innate inclination to sugar-coat the pill, however bitter.

Big thinking, big plans that bound from great to greater will characterize your relationship, which will be a pleasure to experience and will encourage personal growth at a pace that you might never have experienced alone. Together you will experience new areas of thought and endeavor in an ever-expanding horizon stretching out ahead of you. As you experience more of life together, many previously-held prejudices and intolerance will be washed away and your heads will open up to the creative diversity of the world. A lot of this will come not just from going along arm in arm, but by provoking each other to prove a new idea, a dialogue of challenge and accomplishment that swings back and forth between the two of you. If there is any difficulty here, it might be as with all Jupiter aspects that you might go too far too fast. In most areas, that’s easy enough to counter: just back off and go over what you’d covered before in greater depth. When money or investments are involved, you can find the results damaging and yourselves in a position where you can’t turn back and you can’t handle where you are, either. Therefore, enjoy the enthusiasm, the learning, and the new understanding, but think twice before you sign a check for it.

This is a difficult and challenging place for any planet, including benefic Venus. Being the house of difficulties and self-undoing, it means that you will have a taste for exploring those parts of the relationship and of reality in general which have the greatest danger to present you socially and emotionally. The operative word here is observation. If you keep your eyes open, there can be no more fertile ground for satisfaction, baring your inner secrets and making the changes necessary to improve and grow together and in relationship to the outside world. Blink, and you may find your desires leading you over a sudden precipice that can mean delay, frustration, or even destruction for the whole relationship. Here your desires become special responsibilities as well as potential rewards, so you need to become more mutually self-aware for every reward you get. That will not make this an easy relationship, but one that is born of open eyes, patience, and commitment in order to realize your desires. At the same time, if you do it well, you can find yourselves designated guides to the hidden and unconscious by those who see you navigating those waters with success. Navigate well, as when you bring others aboard, if you go down, so do they. . . but when you reach the other shore, you may have a loyal and thankful entourage.

VENUS opposition JUPITER
This is a fairly convivial aspect and although it may cause you some friendly jostling when it comes time to decide what new directions you would like to head off in together, ultimately you will find a good feeling about it and yourselves. You will bounce from one positive opportunity to another, but not without having a word or two about which bounce to take. It is like being at a smorgasbord where you both have to agree on each dish you will eat. It’s a nice thing to argue about or discuss, with your partner. Pleasant as the prospects are, it will be a hand-off situation, where one provides, and then the other takes over the honors. Truly sharing, in the sense of being of one mind will not come naturally, but rather an alternative leadership that will receive eventual mutual approval. Because this will lead you on in a stop and go manner, this will be most beneficial in a personal relationship where you have time to relax and enjoy it. To make it work professionally, you will have to dampen some of the enthusiasm with monetary considerations and external assurances that will take some of the spontaneity away.

You know what you want and you get it, not because of any great level of determination or ruthlessness about how you go about it, but simply because you know its going to happen and therefore act consistently upon the assumption. Partly it’s just the faith and self-confidence that keeps you on the right track, and partly it’s because you don’t waste energy making exigency plans so you’re ahead of the game, albeit driving without a safety belt. Nevertheless, you’ll likely find yourselves correct in your assumptions more often than not, which can make you seem a bit magical to those who aren’t so seemingly congenitally successful. In the business world, you’ll either be considered a good luck charm or a serious peril, depending upon how risky is the business you’re in. Even though you may be conservative in some ways, you don’t feel you require insurance to keep you secure, so you’ll want to avoid those who insist on living in a safe cocoon. On the personal level, you will find yourselves leaning on this relationship when you really want to get something, as you will feel more likely to get it together than by yourselves. That’s OK, because much of the meaning of faith and the transforming potential of a relationship is what you are together. As you learn, pass it on, for what is given to you, you ultimately only keep by sharing.

A charming and ingratiating presence will always favor your relationship, and the first reaction of those around you will be to like you. That is because you naturally lead with your good side and make an effort to please and give others what they want. This does not mean you are pushovers, but that you know you’ll get more out of people with friendship than with competition. The same goes for your interior relationship, where friendship will always come first and even when you are in competition it will never be cutthroat. Whatever the rest of the indicators here, you will always find something special in this relationship, and it will tend to be the place you come to put oil on the water of life’s rough seas and seek a little unquestioning friendship and a hug when you’re feeling really tapped out. This will make an ideal love relationship and a good professional one as well, except in those professions where violent competition is the order of the day (football, military, etc. ) If either or both of you are diamonds in the rough, this relationship can also be a learning experience, as it will smooth your edges automatically, and if you watch how it happens and apply it to your lives outside the relationship, you will be able to do the same individually.

       Wheel of Life Sample Charts​
 These are just a few samples from our selection of charts.
Sample Of The Relationship Chart

This chart  has both peoples combined energies. ​​

Sample of the Solar Return Chart
This chart begins and ends with your birthday every year.​​

This one is of a random client. ​

The more planets you have in the mutable signs, the more likely you are to be involved in changing circumstances. This is a year when you are better able to recognize subtle fluctuations in your situation as they occur. You are also aware of major changes as they occur little by little. Major transitions are anticipated long before they occur; consequently, you are able to adapt and prepare. Think of this as ad-libbing life. New developments and information necessitate constant reassessments and adjustments to your situation; therefore, this may not be the best time to come up with a master plan of how things should proceed. It will be much easier to handle daily issues as they arise, keeping a future goal or direction in mind. The key to handling changes at this time may be learning to ride the waves and make the adjustments necessary to stay on top of the situation.

There is a greater tendency to accept and adapt to changes as they occur than to initiate new changes yourself. Many times changes that other people are making or have made in the recent past directly affect your life. In some situations, you may feel that you have little freedom of choice and must adapt to surroundings that are different from those you have been used to in the past. At times, changes may be severe enough to cause anxiety, nervous upsets, and stress, and you should remember to take time for relaxation techniques.

People with a lack of water in their solar return charts may find it difficult to express emotions or respond to emotional situations in a natural way. It could be more difficult for these people to make a complete emotional circuit, one in which they are nurtured, and in turn, are able to nurture others. Some of these individuals are victims of the strong-woman or strong-man syndrome. They pride themselves on being emotionally self-sufficient and self-contained, but may be experiencing a new depth of emotion which they need time to learn how to express more openly. There is a tendency not to do so.

The third alternative is that the emotional side of life is just not a major consideration this year. This can be a time of intellectual or practical pursuits. A more rational orientation might be warranted. The danger is that the lack of emotional expression might be associated with sadness, loneliness or psychological stress, but this need not be the case. Other facets of the personality can take precedence.

When the solar return Ascendant is in Sagittarius, philosophy, religion, and personal beliefs guide your decisions and choices. Though you appear light-hearted and fun-loving, you live life according to principles and truth as you perceive it. You thirst for knowledge and have a keen interest in other cultures and belief systems, hence you love to travel. Unfortunately, you are not diplomatic. You can be very blunt. You suffer from foot in mouth disease which alienates others. If young or impressionable, you might compromise your principles.

SUN in the 6TH HOUSE
Health is a concern when the Sun is in the 6th house, and you should start taking better care of yourself. Your health needs and/or attitudes are changing and it is time to create a line of communication between your mind and your body. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you; it is more important that you eat and exercise right according to your body than according to some nutrition book or philosophy. Health should come from the inside out. Pay close attention to the effect of various foods on your system and make adjustments accordingly. If you ignore your body's warnings during this year, you can expect to have new or continuing health problems. Usually major illnesses are only a problem with this position if you totally neglect or abuse your body.

The emphasis of the 6th house is more on the daily details of work than the overall career. Consequently, you are more job-oriented than career-oriented with this placement. The difference is very subtle. You are aware of major career issues when the Sun is in the 10th house, and you are more apt to work for promotion, recognition, and career change during this time. Important decisions regarding profession are possible while career fulfillment is likely. But when the Sun is in the 6th house, your profession will tend to be stable, and the emphasis will be on immediate job issues and working situations. It is the daily procedures which are in a state of transition. This is an excellent time to reevaluate your work routines and make adjustments toward greater efficiency. Even if you love your job, you will find parts of your day tedious and boring. Streamline your operation and make changes where appropriate. You may be asked to adapt to changes beyond your control. Mergers and reorganizations can occur, affecting your work environment, position or job description. In a very negative manifestation, you may be laid off or forced to work overtime. Personal problems, illnesses, or family matters can also disrupt your work schedule. Work schedules may be changed and flexible hours might be an option.

The major task associated with the Sun square or opposite Jupiter in the solar return chart is expansion of the personality into new areas of experience and expertise. This expansion should be consistent with the individual's philosophical beliefs, spiritual goals, and career aspirations, but this is not always the case. The main danger noted with the Sun square or opposite Jupiter is a tendency toward excessive behavior and a refusal to curb personal needs and desires in consideration of others. Excessive behavior can be associated with workaholic tendencies, spending practices, diet, health habits, or any other activity. A refusal to curb personal needs overwhelms partners and family members who have their own preferences. It is important to maintain a sense of balance with these aspects. Beneficial opportunities are associated with Jupiter aspects; however, there is no guarantee of a positive return. You may have to create your own opportunities, augment the possibilities through enthusiasm, or take a risk to manifest the best results.

Pluto sextile or trine the Sun indicates an increased awareness of power. This aspect usually lasts for a number of consecutive years and can show a slow process of empowerment, both personally and professionally. Empowerment comes through an awareness of how people get, maintain, and use power to reach goals, or to control self or others. Learn to recognize hidden forces emanating from the unconscious.
For some individuals, this is a time to study psychology; however, many will notice examples of obsessive, compulsive, phobic, or manipulative behaviors regardless of educational background. Unconscious needs are intensified and life can become more complicated. Learning to deal with life on a deeper level is the hallmark of the Plutonian consciousness.
Negatively, awareness can come through conflicts and struggle. Power usage in confrontations and everyday situations will become more obvious, but even subtle shifts in power will be evident to you as you learn to recognize psychological motivations and manipulations. Awareness is more important than the struggle itself. It is the awareness which gives you a greater ability to change your own life.
Positively, awareness can come through ambition and self-control. Professional advancement and public recognition are possible depending on the career. Set goals and focus on achievement to connect with the true potential for this year. Profound changes are possible, both professionally and personally. This can be a turning point in your life. Make it count.

The Moon in the 1st house can indicate increased emotional self-awareness during the coming solar return year. Feelings and emotional needs will seem stronger and more urgent, residing just under the surface. Sometimes the emotional nature is overwhelming and cannot easily be controlled. Individuals with this placement tend to cry easily, and to feel deeply. They may also be socially withdrawn or quiet. The Moon in the 1st house is distinguished by the fact that not only are the feelings particularly strong, they are also readily apparent to others and ultimately carry great personal significance for the individual. Resolutions for the future are made from the subjective interpretation of these pressing feelings. Feelings do not just gain strength during this time, they become a motivating force. Feelings become useful. They have rhyme and reason within the context of events and they play a major role in decisions that you make. This is not the time to make totally rational decisions without considering the emotional ramifications.

For example, a new mother with the Moon in the 1st house of the solar return chart promised to return to work after the baby was born. Her full-time income was needed to support her student husband. She did not anticipate any problems with this arrangement, but she had not assessed how she would feel about this set-up. She had made an intellectual decision without any emotional input. Once she returned to work, she realized how unhappy she felt leaving her baby every morning. As the year wore on, she and her husband made decisions about their future that changed their work schedules significantly. The following year, the mother was able to stay home full-time to care for their baby. Her feelings about working while her child was young strongly influenced the choices she and her husband made. After this woman interpreted her feelings and grew to respect those emotions, she was able to work towards a positive resolution of the issue.

When the Moon is in the 1st house, your emotional nature is trying to tell you something important. Your feelings can be viewed as a connecting link between events in the past and guidelines or preparation for the future. It is common to find the Moon in the 1st house of the solar return when one is recovering from an emotional trauma, regardless of when that trauma occurred. It could have occurred in the very recent past or it could have occurred long ago (especially if the individual has a habit of suppressing feelings). Or you may be involved in a situation or personality pattern that is detrimental to your emotional nature or development. Usually this situation or pattern is well within your power to change. Present events trigger feelings, both old and new, and force them to the surface. This is not meant to be a depressing time, though sometimes this is the case, especially in the early months of the solar return. Moodiness is a common complaint. The goal is to get in touch with your feelings and listen to them. Understand what they are saying to you. Some pains are inevitable and some pains are avoidable. You cannot change death, but you can change the way you handle emotions, situations, and relationships. The Moon in the 1st house signals a very strong developmental stage for the feeling nature. This is not just a year of recovery, it is a year for great emotional growth.

This is also a time to become self-protective and self-nurturing. The Moon in the 1st house could be titled, "The Care and Feeding of your Emotional Nature." Many of us do not know how to soothe our own injured feelings and heal old wounds. Use this time to learn how to protect yourself from emotionally damaging situations while recognizing and fostering emotionally healthy relationships. Appreciate your own emotional needs and know when they are not being met. Allow your feelings to play a greater role in the decision-making process.

This is a time when you are able to feel the pain of another and walk a mile in his or her shoes, so to speak. Since you are becoming more sensitive to your own emotional needs, you are also more sensitive and aware of the emotional needs of those around you. For this reason, you can become increasingly supportive of immediate family members. Dependency is a possibility. The Moon in the 1st can commonly be seen in the charts of those with a new baby or elderly parent to care for. Your ability to be more nurturing at this time draws those who are in need of your care and assistance. Whether you are male or female, strong involvement with a woman is especially common.

The Moon square or opposite Venus in the solar return chart can suggest a conflict between emotional security and financial considerations. Your monetary situation can be affected either positively or negatively by the lack of integration. For example, you might be ready to retire, but you still have college tuition to pay for your youngest child or debts to clear. You might be involved in a new and exciting relationship, but you partner does not handle money in a responsible manner and you are hesitant to commingle your funds. Problems can be major or they can be minor depending on your situation. Basically, your financial or relationship situation denoted by the house placement of Venus does not meet the emotional and domestic needs seen by the house placement of the Moon. The reverse is also truth. The emotional, domestic, and familial needs seen through the house placement of the Moon are not financially supported. In addition, significant others and partners can object to your plans. The best option is to compromise or create a plan that will address these issues over time.
Financial stability is also affected by domestic conditions. Moving, pregnancy, birth, and education are common events that affect the amount of money earned and spent. Occasionally this aspect can show a time when you are financially dependent on others or society for support for one of the reasons mentioned above.
If you are planning on pursuing an emotionally fulfilling goal, you will have to consider your financial situation before making any changes. Whether or not your goal is feasible at this time depends on how much money you have set aside. You might have to compromise your present income and take a pay cut to enter a more rewarding field. Ultimately, your salary will increase if you are successful in your new endeavors.

Moon sextile or trine Jupiter in the solar return indicates a positive outlook on life. This can be a year of happiness and contentment. You should be optimistic about the future and your potential for success. Use your talents and abilities to advance professionally or evolve spiritually. Expansion into new areas is advantageous. The house placement of Jupiter should indicate where expansion is likely to occur.
Your ability to express your feelings within a significant relationship is important to your own emotional growth, and also to the growth of the relationship. Jupiter symbolizes your ability to expand and the Moon symbolizes your feeling nature. Together in aspect, they emphasize the process of sharing emotions, having those emotions understood, and growing from the interchange. Expansion through emotional interchange and relatedness is the key. For example, if you are involved in counseling, this exchange is crucial to the therapeutic process. If you are involved in a serious relationship, sharing your feelings is necessary for the development of greater intimacy.
It is important to convey serious emotions as well as cheerful feelings, especially if you are in a situation where candidly expressing your feelings could motivate others. For instance, if you are working on a humanitarian project and you need volunteers, your ability to inspire others with your honest portrayal of the situation will help your cause.

Probably the most common theme associated with the Moon sextile or trine Uranus in a solar return chart is moving from one home to another. You may move yourself, or help someone move in or out of your home such as your parents or a grown child. Domestic changes are likely as well as structural change to the house itself. Renovations and additions to the home are seen with this aspect. Expect breaks in your daily routine and habits. This pattern of daily disorganization might last all year.
Relationships are also changing. You could be attracted to someone and involved in a new and exciting relationship. On the other hand, an old one may be going through a period of renewal or change. Relationships might appear less stable because of a major transition your partner is making. He or she may switch careers, need to travel for business, be required to upgrade skills, or experience a lifestyle change such as retirement.
If you feel you are caught in an emotional rut, it is time for a transformation. The external changes you either experience or initiate in relationships, family, or home can be a direct result of internal restlessness you may or may not be sensing. It stands to reason that if your emotional needs shift, you should begin to deal directly with issues and problems while welcoming opportunities. The best approach is to develop new and creative ways of expressing yourself. This is one way to break through any resistance or hesitation in regard to change. The process may not be smooth, but the results can be rewarding.

A 7th house Mercury in the solar return chart can signal the importance of communication with others during the coming year. You may spend a lot of time discussing, explaining, negotiating, and even arguing with others, especially if you have a major project or issue that needs to be handled. Matters under discussion will not be finalized easily. Projects may require much communication among all those involved before completion; disputes may require lengthy negotiations before agreement can be reached.
On a personal level, communication within couples will be important. This is a good time to share thoughts and get in touch with one another. You may want to attend a marriage encounter. If you are having marital difficulties, see a marriage counselor and open up the lines of communication. Clarification and negotiation may be needed to improve or restore your relationship, especially if you are aware of contradictions and discrepancies. Professionally, you may negotiate and communicate directly with others or hire the services of a professional to act as a go-between. Mercury in the 7th house can be indicative of another person with a great deal of knowledge or expertise. This is a good time to seek the advice and professional assistance of someone who is viewed as an authority in your particular field of interest or problem area. It may be in your best interest to let this expert handle certain business matters for you, but it is still important that you oversee proceedings and discuss decisions being made.
Both personal and professional relationships may be valued for the information and intellectual stimulation they provide. You will be attracted to people who are bright and full of ideas. The mental interchange fostered can lead to great creativity and insight through combined efforts. These results may far exceed the intellectual abilities of the individuals working alone. This is a good time to share ideas with others or to join a discussion group for the purpose of intellectual growth.
The danger associated with Mercury in the 7th house is a tendency to let others dominate your thoughts with their own opinions and comments. Do not personally accept truisms without assessing their validity or practicality. Since you are very open to advice from others, you may lack conviction in your own mental competence. You may grow dependent on the decision-making abilities of others. Mercury in the 7th house can indicate that you are lied to during the year. There is no guarantee that the information you receive is accurate or helpful. Therefore, it is essential that you evaluate information and advice as you receive it. This is an excellent time to gather information from others, but it is still your responsibility to evaluate the information received and make your own decisions.

Mercury square or opposite Saturn suggests a pessimistic outlook on life, and for a few, this might indicate depression. Saturn is associated with realistic perceptions. For those who have built their lives around fantasy, these perceptions may be too stark or too structured. They may not want to see life as it really is, or they may not know ways to change it. The inability to seek alternative solutions to problems is the origin of much of the stress associated with Mercury square or opposite Saturn. The need for restructuring is evident. Keep after problems until they are solved. Work through frustrations and the objections of others. Problem solving is needed. Producing tangible results by the end of the solar return year can be rewarding.
Learning is associated with Mercury-Saturn aspects and some individuals will seek a formal education while others will rely on reading and personal investigation. Thought processes are directed toward organizing information into structures that are more understandable, practical, and realistic. All forms of organized communication are emphasized, including writing and teaching. Occasionally a feeling of stupidity prompts the need to study a topic in greater depth. The material might be challenging. This is a good time to work on the completion of a major project. You have the ability to channel mental energy into constructive pursuits, even to the point of forcing yourself to finish a difficult and boring task.
Life is organized in such a way that decisions and changes are taken seriously. Choices may be studied in depth before decisions are made. For some, there will be no good and clear choice. Dilemma situations can plague Mercury-Saturn combinations. It is likely that at least one major decision will be made during the year. Sometimes this decision is made under stress and usually it involves great responsibility. For these reasons, you will tend to be conservative. You are looking for changes that produce greater stability, not chaos.

Mercury square or opposite Neptune in the solar return chart can indicate that important factual information you receive during the year may be partial, inaccurate, or vague. Sometimes secrecy and deception play a role. Your normal points of reference for evaluating information may be changing. Without adequate facts, you may be left hanging for most of the year. It may be impossible for you to make a decision at this time or to evaluate your circumstances. You may be easily confused or misled, especially if the information you receive is inconsistent or incomplete. In older individuals, confusion may actually be senility. Neptune's most negative interpretation is a loss of mental capabilities through drug and alcohol use or abuse. This tends to be an uncommon manifestation that is more closely associated with an individual pattern of consistent negative behavior. Most people will not fall into this trap.
This is not the time for detailed, factual information and left-brain processes. You may be more in touch with compassion, creativity, and spirituality than rational thought. Your sensitivity to subtlety increases and you acquire information through intuitive insights. Dealing with subtle experiences can lead to uncertainty and confusion. Increased intuitive awareness can precede the ability to weigh this information for its accuracy. It is sometimes difficult to discriminate between what is really intuitive or psychic and what is more closely akin to worry, fear, or false hope. Seeking practical applications for idealistic concepts and inspirations common with this combination can also cause stress.
Put your trust in the Universe during times of uncertainty. Focus on compassion rather than a search for mundane truth. Inconsistencies and confusion may not be resolved this year. Understand that in the end, all will be known. Be gentle with yourself when you are not as focused and detail-oriented as you used to be. Focus instead on right-brain, creative, artistic, intuitive, and spiritual processes.

A 7th house Venus emphasizes the importance of relating positively to others. This usually applies specifically to your relationship with one particular individual (such as a spouse or business partner), but may apply to others in general. Relationships can improve or deteriorate during the year, depending on your abilities and the situations involved. Effective relating is important to the task at hand, and your ability to foster and sustain good relationships affects your ability to succeed and prosper. For example, if you seek to form a business partnership during the year, your ability to get along with your future partner would have a direct beneficial or detrimental effect on the success of the business.
It is to your advantage to sharpen your negotiating skills and learn to compromise when the situation calls for it, regardless of the type of relationship you are involved in. Realize that you can allow your own personal needs to be superseded by your partner's demands, wishes or expectations. If your spouse is being transferred to another state, he or she may ask you to follow despite your own personal situation or preferences. Your wishes can be superseded by the needs of the relationship, but in the final analysis, the move may prove positive for you both.
This year, you can benefit directly from your associations with others, perhaps more so than if you tried to go it alone. A new writer worked closely with a literary agent to gain the writing contract of her choice while Venus was in the 7th house. She listened and responded to her agent's suggestions about the first draft of the manuscript. Because the two developed a good working relationship based on respect for each other's opinions, the manuscript was improved and the writer ultimately benefited greatly. This is an excellent time to ask for favors and assistance from others. You tend to reap what you have sown.
Negatively, Venus in the 7th house can indicate that you allow a relationship to suppress your individual identity, restrict your personal freedom and tax you unnecessarily. You placate your partner and bend over backwards to please him or her, rather than relate as an equal. You may feel torn between satisfying your own needs and those of the person you are involved with, especially if there are oppositions between Venus and planets in the 1st house.
In an extreme case, the relationship becomes more important than self-preservation and you allow your needs and energy to be drained away. When this occurs, subservience replaces relating, acquiescence replaces compromise, control replaces respect, and you begin to feel that it is your job to keep someone else happy. A young female administrative assistant at a local charity spent more time fulfilling her employer's personal needs than concentrating on her own charity work. She was in a precarious position and since he had the power to fire her, she allowed her own needs to go unmet. Focusing on the cooperative interpretation of this placement will help one avoid the pitfalls.

The ability to work independently or with a limited amount of supervision is shown by Mars in the 6th house. You can work entirely on your own or set up your own business, but independence can be relative. A medical laboratory student completed a yearlong internship with intense supervision and graduated to her first full-time job when Mars entered this house. During the coming year, her work no longer required constant verification; however, she continued to work in a large laboratory setting with others. If possible, it is better for you to work alone and/or be your own boss. You have the ability to be self-motivated and can initiate and complete projects without prompting.
Workaholic tendencies are likely, especially if you have deadlines to meet or if crises periodically occur. Compulsive work habits that are carried too far eventually begin to affect one's health negatively. On-the-job tension is possible for those who work too hard or find the working environment unpleasant. You could be easily angered or frustrated by your working conditions, co-workers or employer. Conflicts can ensue. A fellow who was used to a very professional environment found it difficult to adjust to the lackadaisical attitude of co-workers and managers when he changed jobs and began working at a new office. He was aghast to discover the poor quality of service being rendered to clients; consequently, the situation caused him great stress. If you are easily angered and frustrated by your work, make suggestions which will help to improve conditions for everyone. Complaining is associated with this placement, but it would be more advantageous to take the initiative for problem solving. If presented tactfully, your ideas can be accepted and may help to straighten out office difficulties or conflicts.
Caution is warranted when Mars is in the 6th house of health. If your health is slipping, start to reassess your habits, specifically looking for health practices or routines which are not good for you. It is not uncommon to find you are working against your own well-being. If you are presently healthy and follow a beneficial program of exercise and diet, you need not have any difficulty with this placement. Problems are more apparent when you are doing something you should not be doing. Generally, negative patterns do not develop during the year, but only become more obvious. This is the time you begin to see the effect of these detrimental habits and possibly feel pressured to control your behavior. Basically healthy individuals are more likely to discover minor impediments which can easily be corrected. For example, one woman noticed that her cholesterol count was rising and realized she consistently ate foods high in fat content. Another realized she was overdosing her body with megavitamins.
Common minor problems include overeating, harmful dieting, consuming foods which upset the system (such as caffeine products, hot or spicy dishes, salty snacks, allergy-producing substances), failure to treat minor or chronic health problems, over-scheduling activities, and aggravating skeletal problems with strenuous activity or lifting.
Serious health problems are related to self-destructive habits which tend to be especially noticeable and threatening this year. The more serious threats to health correlate with the more excessive habits practiced over a long period of time (obesity; drug, alcohol or cigarette addictions; self-neglect or abuse; compulsive or stressful work habits; anorexia, bulimia, malnutrition, yo-yo dieting or other indiscretions). Surgery is possible during the year, especially those surgeries associated with infections (appendectomy and tonsillectomy), and those surgeries considered to be elective (sterilization, cosmetic, or corrective).
The purpose of this placement is to make you more aware of any detrimental habits you might have. Correcting the habit can alleviate the health problem. Learn to take better care of yourself. This is an excellent time to exercise your way to better health.

The solar return house placement for Mars indicates where you wish to take action and move ahead. The solar return house placement for Saturn indicates where resistance arises. Saturn might indicate a stressful situation or a difficult person who delays or inhibits your progress. Your efforts might be thwarted every inch of the way, all year long, especially if you are not ready, if you do not perform in a skilled manner, or if you do not put in an honest effort. Delays are common when Saturn squares Mars. You can be delayed for reasons totally beyond your control, and those reasons do not have to be rational or reasonable. Saturn square or opposite Mars is like trying to drive a car with the brakes on.
Frustrations are common with this combination and your best option is to deal with circumstances directly. Step back and realistically assess the situation. Some problems arise from an inability to understand which options are available and what problems need to be addressed. Start to develop a plan of attack. Get organized. Time spent in preparation can be a game changer, so put in the effort up front. Be disciplined, knowledgeable, skilled, persistent, practical, and realistic. The best chance for accomplishment depends on your strengths. Nothing is given and everything must be earned.
Projects tend to be lengthy and time consuming. Expect to stay in it for the long haul; this is not the time for a quick fix. You may have to work through delays, restraints, and road blocks. In the most negative situations, you could feel like your life is on hold for much of the year. Actions and progress can be thwarted by others, by institutions, by regulations, and even by the weather, if not by your own lack of organization or unrealistic expectations.
As you strive to succeed in any endeavor, you have to maintain an awareness of societal structures, norms, and institutions. Certain requirements will be expected of you as a member of society. Those requirements may be exacting. Do not step out of line. Your actions have repercussions and punishments can be severe. Saturn is associated with rules and the authorities who enforce those rules.
Freedom can be limited if liberties have been taken in the past. If you have overspent your budget and have now incurred serious debt, your options will be restricted during the coming year. You, yourself, may decide to limit your expenditures or you may have no other choice but to cut back. If actions are not well planned in the present, or have not been well planned in the past, restrictions, delays, and frustrations are likely to become the norm.

There is a strong emphasis on spirituality with this Jupiter placement. It seems that an individual naturally begins to look for a higher understanding of the life purpose. Study of a spiritual nature is frequently associated with Jupiter in the 9th, but teaching and direct application of principles are more likely for those who are further advanced. The understanding of the word spirituality should not be limited to religion and philosophy, but should also include all New Age, esoteric, and metaphysical studies. In fact, this may be the more common emphasis. It is time for the great awakening. One does not merely learn with this placement, one begins to know and experience the force and draw of the higher realms. To do this, you can be a born-again Christian or a daily meditator. It makes no difference. It is not the teachings that are most central to the growth in consciousness, but the experiential process which fuels a desire to know and understand. The pull can be very powerful for those who are in a space and time to readily open up and go with the experience.

Aside from the spiritual emphasis, educational opportunities can exist. Depending on your level of expertise and search for knowledge, you can either teach or learn. Those who are interested in learning are just as likely to be self-taught as to attend a school. In fact, the greater emphasis appears to be on individual courses taken separately, (e.g., tutoring, independent study, or self-help groups whose focus is on personal advancement through shared-learning experiences).

Although one would expect a formal educational environment, attending college is a manifestation more commonly seen with Saturn in the 9th house. The degree of freedom associated with Jupiter is more likely to lend itself to a relaxed and enjoyable study environment without the detailed structure of a degree program; however, the possibility of a formal education does exist. If you do return to school, you may receive some educational honors or awards during the year. It is to your advantage to seek recognition for educational endeavors by entering writing contests, art shows, etc., according to your area of interest.

Your mind is very active during this period and needs stimulation; consequently, there is an interest in a variety of topics. Sometime during the year, you may be overwhelmed by the information you are trying to master or understand, especially if the experiential side of the manifestation is strong. If you choose not to study this year and have no other mental outlets for your mind (reading, writing, contemplation), this can be a time of mental restlessness. One way or another, you need to satisfy the mental hunger.

In conjunction with the emphasis on teaching is the possibility of writing a book for publication. Books, especially informational, nonfiction works, seek to allow others the chance for independent study of a topic. Although publication of the book will probably not occur at this time unless there are strong placements in the 10th house consistent with this interpretation, this is a good time to begin investigation into the publishing field.

You might travel during the year, but the focus of attention seems to be more on the above-mentioned areas of concern; however, interest in a specific culture or ethnic group can be evident without any travel whatsoever. You may be fascinated by foreign customs or foods. If you do not travel, you can still follow your interests in this area through books, foreign films, or ethnic sojourns. Relating directly with a person of foreign nationality is the most likely trigger for this interest.

Saturn in the 1st house is a self-imposed limitation and it is likely you will restrict yourself or your behavior for one reason or another during the coming year. It may be that you are trying to complete a long-term task or you may take on a major responsibility. You will tend to do all of the things you have to do and none of the things you want to do. This is a good time to push yourself to finish a master's thesis, doctoral dissertation or book, or to start your own business. Any piece of work requiring long hours, discipline, organization, and perseverance can be completed while Saturn is in the 1st house of the solar return chart. The project is likely to take most of the year to finish and the earliest completion date is three months before your next birthday.
You want to assess the reality of your innate and developing abilities. To do this you can concentrate on a major project. Those who are not seriously involved with the completion of a specific body of work can instead assume extra responsibility which may or may not involve other people and can go beyond what is normally expected. For example, suppose you have a newborn baby (which is demanding enough by itself), and you also decide to be a nursing mother during the year. Anyone who has ever nursed a baby or been involved with a nursing mother knows how this can tie you down and seriously limit the amount of free time available. However, you are the person who is deciding to nurse the baby and therefore you are the one who imposes this limitation on yourself. This is also the case if you are involved in a major project. You are the one who limits your outside activities and social life in order to accomplish the task at hand.
The negative manifestation associated with Saturn in the 1st house is the ability to impose limitations because of an overriding fear. You might shy away from particular opportunities possessing great growth potential simply because you are afraid to repeat a situation reminiscent of the past. Events occurring during the year may mirror former events, allowing unresolved issues to surface once more. In the negative manifestation, self-imposed limitations have nothing to do with the successful completion of a task or progress toward the future, but they have everything to do with stagnation and avoidance behavior. You can restrict your activities simply because you are afraid to face your fears, grow beyond your limitations and take risks.
If you meet and conquer your fears during the year, the rewards can be great. You can free yourself from unnecessary restrictions and gain more control over your life and destiny. But if you avoid the fear within you and limit your behavior unnecessarily, you will not only maintain your present level of fear and limitation, you will also augment your conflict for the future.
In your quest to avoid a confrontation with your fear, you will also have to avoid certain people and certain situations. Isolationism in one form or another is associated with Saturn in the 1st house. In the negative manifestation, withdrawal is used to avoid that which you fear most. In the more positive manifestation, withdrawal is necessary if you are to complete a body of work or fulfill your responsibilities to others. You are capable of being self-sufficient during the year. You are the one who must take total responsibility for your own destiny and actions. You cannot depend on others to accomplish what you alone can do. Nor can you expect others to undo what you have done to yourself.
Minor illnesses are sometimes associated with Saturn in the 1st house, but usually these illnesses are minor chronic inconveniences. Some examples are perpetual sore throats, numerous colds, problems with teeth and bones, and back problems. These illnesses are annoying, but generally they are not incapacitating. They reflect stress on the body and emphasize the need to limit activities to those experiences which are truly important. It is unlikely that you can sustain your new level of responsibility and productivity while still maintaining your former commitments. It is essential that you take care of your body and reassess your level of activity. Minor illnesses are the body's way of telling you to slow down and lighten up.
If you ignore your body's needs, or refuse to direct your energy into meaningful and healthy experiences, it is possible that an illness can make it physically impossible for you to continue. This is especially true if you actively avoid certain situations and refuse to confront your own fear. Fear and tension patterns can directly coincide with patterns of illness. The stronger the fear and the avoidance behavior, the more likely you are to be ill during the year and the greater the possibility of that illness being serious. If you sensibly meet your responsibilities, realistically face your challenges, and get enough relaxation, you can maintain good health.

While Uranus is in the 5th house, you want to be able to express yourself freely. You may need to function independently of peer pressure and relationship demands in order to do this. Your personality style is changing and you may take on more Aquarian characteristics. It is only through the change, and the freedom and independence that foster it, that the uniqueness of the individual can emerge. You must limit the influence of others to search for the identity within. It is important that you use this time to be your own person, one of a kind. You do not want to pattern yourself or your behavior after someone else. You can have something different to contribute to the environment.
This is not to say that others will find the transition from the "old you" to the "new you" easy. Depending on the restrictions and expectations others place on you (and which you allow to exist), this can be a difficult year or a very easy one. The changes in self-expression might cause conflicts with significant others if they do not believe in what you are trying to accomplish or who you are trying to become. These people will need reassurance.
If you feel very limited and restricted by others, you might think you have to be very rebellious and contrary to break their hold. Generally, assertive independence is all that is required. You need not contribute to the conflict. This is the year you will want to change old personality habits that are inhibiting self-expression. Be mindful of the ways you compare or contrast to others and pay special attention to the ways in which you are different. Differences matter this year and they mark growth. Allow yourself the freedom to flow with those distinctions which make you a unique human being.
This can be a very creative year, especially if you are already involved in an artistic field, but creativity need not be limited to artistic endeavors. Uranus represents the genius, the innovator, the inventor and the individualist. This is a time when strong individualism enhances the ability for original thought. You grow to see things differently as the year progresses and it is most likely that you will have to deal with a creative problem or issue in a new way. The more you allow your mind to float free, the greater your ability to think up new ideas. This is a great placement for the free thinker, writer, student researcher, artist or craftsperson.
The only difficulty associated with creativity and this Uranus placement is the tendency to go through a short frustrating period of transition. Most likely, there will come a time during the year when blockages occur because the creative style is in such a state of flux. These blockages are not permanent, but serve as a signal that creative shifts are now taking place and there can be a transition to a much higher level of attainment in artistry for those who understand the transformation and go with the new energy fearlessly. Do not be dismayed by this development. Go with the flow and trust that new skills await those who can progress. A prolonged blockage shows a resistance to new forms of expression waiting to be born. Adjustments may take a while, but they are worth the effort.
Sudden attractions are possible during the year, but not the norm. On-again, off-again episodes, either in a new unbonded relationship or an existing one, are common. The person you are involved with might not be dependable, could live in another area, or might be unable to make a greater commitment at this time. Relationship breaks, for one reason or another, are likely, and in general, the relationship will not run smoothly. You will not settle into the "boy meets high school sweetheart and dates high school sweetheart exclusively" routine. Who you are attracted to may surprise you. Potential lovers may be very different from those you have responded to in the past. They could be free-spirited individuals, having few restraints. These people are probably representative of your own need for freedom of self-expression.
If you are attracted to someone who is very conservative and limiting, perhaps you find it necessary to rage against the limits. Fear-of-freedom issues are likely. Either way, whether you pick someone far out or very straight, you tend to draw those who are an extreme of some personality trait you are trying to cope with. Unbonded relationships this year are not only erratic, they also tend to be mismatched pairings. Even when two very similar people get together, the emphasis will be on forming a unique relationship which in some way breaks relating patterns of the past.
If you have children living at home, they will be more independent, unpredictable, disruptive or unusual during the year. This can be a time when they are experiencing great changes in their lives and these changes can be unsettling. The most common change involves relocation. Either your family moves, or others move away, leaving your child without a best friend. New schools, puberty, and additions to the family are some of the other changes affecting children and their behavior. Any change can put pressure on kids to adjust, and Uranus in the 5th house usually signals a period of adjustment. As your children make their way through the transition, you will be less able to predict their responses. For this reason, it may be wise to keep a close watch over their activities, especially if they are young. They may be ready for greater independence, but still in need of your assistance and advice.
Disruptions can come in the form of behavior problems or minor illnesses. If they are stressed, children are less likely to "perform" and more likely to act out or become sick (colds, ear infections, and flu are common for young children). Expect schedule changes. Realize that disruptions of any kind show a need for more attention from you. Although you may be less patient at these times, understanding and a calm attitude will work more to your advantage.
Unusual learning characteristics in children can require special attention at school. Your children might need individualized educational assistance in one or more areas, such as a remedial or gifted course. Those parents with older children will notice a strong push for independence. Those who are still living at home may decide to move out and those who are already on their own may move away. Only in very negative situations will grown children be very disruptive or erratic. The real need is for the child to establish an independent and unique identity.

The most positive manifestation for this placement is an ability to be open to new information and new ways of looking at life without prejudice or judgment. Saturn is equated with reality structures which help us to categorize information quickly. Our criteria are set. But sometimes structures are more limiting than helpful, and need to be broken down so new realizations can arise. If we continue to pattern information in the same way, we will never realize totally new forms of organization. The thought pattern associated with Neptune is very unstructured, general rather than specific, and for periods of time resembles no pattern at all. There are no lasting mundane criteria by which to assess individual pieces of information. The emphasis is more on the big picture and a total reorganization from the established structure. During the changeover, you may not be sure what is true. While Neptune is in the 3rd house, you are asked to acquire information without judgment, at least for the time being. Explore concepts without a preconceived notion of what you are looking for or what you will find. This openness is needed for major realizations to occur, and new ideas or perspectives can arise which you have not and would not have previously considered.

Neptune is also associated with higher forms of thought and profound questions that cannot be answered easily. There is the tendency to be very concerned with spiritual issues and the practical applications of higher concepts to the mundane level. A new sense of spiritual purpose could influence your daily activities. Intuitive insights are common, and often the shift in your understanding of reality is caused by the infusion of both emotional and spiritual information into conscious awareness. Do not box yourself in. Allow the mental transition to proceed at its own pace and time. You cannot force insights, nor can you hold them back. Flow with your feelings and realizations, not making concrete demands for the future. Some realizations may be beyond language and cannot be fully translated into words.

The negative side of this Neptune placement is the tendency to be easily confused and distracted. Your lack of emphasis on the "here and now" makes it more difficult to focus on practical matters. Your mind is becoming more aware of subtleties. You no longer have to be confronted with physical evidence to sense what is real and true. Intuition is strong and you are open to knowledge through the alternate channels of intuition and insight. While your mind is expanding rapidly on a spiritual level, it loses some of its desire to concentrate on maintaining daily patterns and physical order. This new sensitivity tends to overload your senses with subtle information, making it more difficult to deal with and remember mundane details. Right-brain insights predominate over left-brain concentration, and distractions can occur with or without any perceived trigger. Your thoughts will be pulled away repeatedly from the task at hand to contemplate some new and sometimes vague concept or fantasy. Remembering to pick up the clothes at the cleaner's does not seem so important when you are realizing your relationship to the Universal plan or fantasizing about some new love and the future. Forgetfulness is common, or to put it more definitively, you do not care to be unduly concerned with details in the mundane world. The shift also makes it more difficult to discern between real sensations and anxieties. Premonitions and fears appear the same and one has the tendency to worry. Misinterpretations of insights can occur until the powers of discrimination are enhanced. Because of the mental uncertainty caused by the new information and thought patterns developing, you might give mixed messages to others until your system adjusts. Therefore, verbal communications are subject to misunderstanding and you have to work consciously during this time to communicate more effectively.

Decisions are harder to make, especially when they involve major choices with limited information and no guarantees. Some individuals become immobilized by the decision-making process. They become very concerned with doing the right thing, wanting a guaranteed result when none can be given. A lack of conviction may cause you to expect others to make decisions for you. Numerous pieces of advice will only add to the confusion. Make tentative plans as you proceed and save room for adjustments as new information becomes available.

Your mind is very susceptible to alteration. This may be a time when you explore different mind-altering experiences from drugs to meditation. Be an educated consumer and know what you are getting into. If you are on any medication, learn the side effects of the drugs you are taking. A pattern of confusion and low vitality may relate to a prescription you are on. A very negative but rare manifestation is substance abuse. Metaphysical education is associated with the Neptune process and could help trigger the spiritual and intuitive insights needed for growth and awareness. Use this time to work with the finer experiences associated with life and perceptions.

Dramatic changes in financial situations are associated with Pluto in the 2nd house. Your income may increase or decrease during the year and it is not uncommon to either enter or exit the job market at this time. Income losses can be preplanned and may not indicate any difficulty. You may wish to quit your job or retire. Unexpected salary cutbacks or financial difficulties are possible, but generally changes in salary come from self-initiated decisions.

The task for the year is to work toward controlling your own finances, including both income and outflow (spending practices). In the more positive manifestation, you will want to manage your own money. You must be the person in control, the one who decides how much you will or will not earn, and how you will spend it. It's time to either draw up a budget or trim the fat off the old one. Perhaps you want your own checking and/or savings account if you do not already have these. Learn to handle money responsibly. The tendency with this placement can be to maintain tight control over expenses. All purchases can be well thought out in advance, with allocations for specific expenses.

The need for personal financial control might cause a problem for your spouse, parent or significant other. Financial struggles over debts and expenses are possible, especially if you have not maintained good control in the past or need to tighten your budget now. You may need to make some changes in order to meet your goals for the future. Changes generally involve spending less and saving a sum of money for a large expense further down the road. Some individuals realize that they must be free of financial concerns now in order to freely pursue goals which are not financially rewarding at this time. For this, you must stockpile funds now and learn to live on less money.

Financial control may be an all-or-nothing deal. It may be the total lack of control that rules your life. In this case impulse spending and large expenses will drain your capital. The inability to control spending results in serious financial disruption. In this negative case, disruption will last for the year.

Changes in self-worth are frequently associated with changes in income, since many measure their self-worth against a materialistic yardstick. For them, money equals self-value. Equations such as this reinforce psychological messages which define personal worth in the context of conditional love. Those with poor self-images will not be able to support their sagging self-esteem without external monetary confirmation. Once income stops or the flow of money tightens, one must face the issue of innate value separate from abilities and accomplishments. Grow to appreciate who you are regardless of what you are earning or doing.

The Transit Report

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SUN transit House Three
Enters on Jan 30, 2015
Under this influence your mental processes are energized. Filled with many new ideas, you have an increased urge to read more, gather all kinds of information, and to learn new things. A greater need to communicate with others can enhance your effectiveness in doing so. During this period you may become extremely busy; planning projects, attending meetings, running errands, and taking short trips. Buying a computer, new car, and communications equipment, or upgrading your present systems and machines may be on the agenda. Interactions and social activities with siblings as well as neighbors are likely to increase, and you may be asked to assume a position of leadership in community affairs. You may be more assertive in expressing yourself these days but you must avoid the negative potential, which is to think that your own ideas and opinions are the only ones worth listening to. Whether or not the people and circumstances you encounter during this period are enjoyable and pleasant it is in your best interests to turn every situation into a positive learning experience.

Transit MARS sextile natal Pluto
Jan 30 through Feb 2, 2015, exact on Feb 1
Intense energy in the present circumstances represents opportunity for you to gain a more powerful position of one sort or another. Your efforts may lead, for instance, to increased physical strength, more control over your actions, and greater resourcefulness. This period is a chance to put more concentration into your efforts, whatever they are. Taking advantage of the people and circumstances you encounter, may increase the potential for your ultimate success in activities that involve research and investigation, renovation, recycling, and the analysis and investment of financial assets.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Mercury
Feb 1 through Feb 2, 2015, exact on Feb 2
Unbiased information and ideas lead the way right now. Devoid of emotional need or egotistical input, the ideas and information you apply and the activities in which you are involved make rapid progress. There is an easy exchange of talk and assistance at meeting and discussion groups. Mechanical projects proceed smoothly and so does travel. A good time for running errands, answering correspondence, gathering information, and launching neighborhood activities.

Transit MARS sextile natal Sun
Jan 31 through Feb 3, 2015, exact on Feb 2
Use opportunities presented by current circumstances to take physical actions; advantageous actions that can eventually lead to furthering your career or to gaining recognition of your individuality and talent. Do not pass up a chance to demonstrate courage, integrity, and loyalty, or to vigorously defend your principles. The ultimate ego satisfaction you get or goals you attain during this period may come through men or a male individual, or from being in situations that may be described as competitive or aggressive. Success is also most likely to result from being a doer, which means you cannot sit around waiting for things to happen. You need to put yourself physically in different situations, participate in a variety of activities, and circulate among a wide variety of people in order to attract the kind of opportunity you’re looking for.

Transit VENUS square natal Mercury
Feb 1 through Feb 3, 2015, exact on Feb 2
Others may think your manner of expressing thoughts and ideas is too abrupt or even rude. There is as much potential that you may also find the reverse is true, and it is others who will lack adequate or polite forms of communication. If such interactions are allowed to proceed past initially disagreeable impressions, the continuing contacts are apt to become intellectually stimulating and provocative. Under this influence traveling with others, working with a partner or other allies on intellectual or artistic endeavors, or planning meetings and social activities may hit a few snags. However, the thing to keep in mind is that not only is it possible for any of these endeavors to succeed the challenge they present can turn out to be a lot more fun than you anticipated. Compromise in contract negotiations or establishing common goals in partnership and other joint ventures may be harder to achieve. Commercial activities related to the beauty business, art, music, jewelry, flowers, design, diplomacy, and the law are other activities that may turn out successfully, but only after a certain amount of delay or resolution of discrepancies. Others seek your advice.

Transit JUPITER trine natal Uranus
Jan 26 through Feb 10, 2015, exact on Feb 2
Good fortune may come to you through friends and organizations. For the most part however, the potential luck that is promised is more likely to benefit your particular generation rather than you as an individual. This influence makes it easier to organize people and coordinate group activities. There is also a certain amount of success to be expected in financial dealings, but this success is likely to be associated with organizational efforts such as fund-raising rather than a private windfall that comes your way.

Transit SUN opposed natal Jupiter
Feb 2 through Feb 3, 2015, exact on Feb 2
Others will not be inclined to recognize your intellectual efforts or projects. It may be for reasons of their own pride or jealousy; whatever the cause, you are likely to be wasting your time if you try to arouse their interest or admiration. Situations and people you encounter under this influence may be pompous, all show and no substance. There is no productive way to expand your mental horizons or increase your personal status in this atmosphere. An unfavorable time for publishing, religious or political activities, advertising, long-distance travel, and court decisions. The most constructive thing to do is to stay put in your own sphere of influence and attend to routine business.

MARS transit House Four
Enters on Feb 3, 2015
The focus of many physical activities and concerns these days is likely to involve your personal possessions, home or domestic arrangements, family relationships, family-owned property or business, and real-estate transactions in general. Under this influence more enthusiasm for doing things as a group may encourage an increase in family activities. You may be inspired at this time to rescue or restore heirlooms. The potential of this period may also be described as a new beginning. If you have been thinking about a new business venture or achieving some physical goal, this is a time when you are likely to put such plans in motion. In case there are negative circumstances at work during this period, it would be a wise idea to make sure your household insurance is in effect, check your home for possible fire hazards. Watch your step to prevent falls, cuts, and others mishaps around the house, and go out of your way to avoid angry domestic scenes.

Transit VENUS conjoined natal Neptune
Feb 3 through Feb 5, 2015, exact on Feb 4
If you seek unearthly beauty or pleasures, you are apt to find them. If you desire inspirational beauty and pleasure, you are apt to find them as well. If you look for beauty and pleasure that is real and starkly available, forget it. Illusive, mysterious and spiritual are descriptions of the people and situations you are likely to encounter during this period. Photographs taken of you at this time are apt to be flattering, as well as pictures taken of your social events or of you with your friends. An excellent time for freedom of imagination and disguise, but a difficult time to get one plus one to equal two. Under this influence your artistic temperament thrives and so does abstract thinking; both endeavors having the potential for profitable as well as satisfying results. Do others find you out of touch with reality, or do you find others hard to pin down? It may not matter since things are apt to work out well in the end.

Transit SUN square natal Sun
Feb 4 through Feb 6, 2015, exact on Feb 5
Circumstances during this period are likely to test your self-confidence and willpower. Success may depend simply on your ability to withstand the demands of others, especially those in positions of authority. You may have to cope with situations that cause you to doubt that you are right or that you will be successful in what you are doing. Under this influence failure is not necessarily meant to be the outcome. It suggests that you can and will be able to accomplish what you set out to do, but not without first overcoming frustration or discouragement. You may be particularly busy at this time living up to promises or commitments that you have made or that others have made for you.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Saturn
Feb 5 through Feb 8, 2015, exact on Feb 6
What you read or hear during this period can help you become more organized and better prepared to accomplish important, long range goals. Information and activities may also fit neatly into whatever organization or plans you have already laid out. Under this influence circumstances may present other opportunities that will lead to easing current restrictions, be useful to you later in life, or result in recognition of your authority and experience.

Transit SUN sextile natal Uranus
Feb 6 through Feb 8, 2015, exact on Feb 7
It is a good idea to get in touch with friends and to welcome any opportunity that comes along to make new ones. Respond positively to the invitations or advice of friends. This influence brings favorable situations through your involvement with children and their activities, a club or organization to which you belong, or the network of friends and acquaintances you have established. Joining an organization at this time may bring future opportunities. Attending meetings and social events can be very advantageous. Other positive potentials in your present circumstances include superiors or other authority figures who suggest ways for you to gain more personal freedom, lead you to creative solutions and ideas, and provide a more visible format for presenting your own ideas.

Transit MARS square natal Moon
Feb 6 through Feb 9, 2015, exact on Feb 7
Things are not as apt to run smoothly during this period. Equipment falters or breaks down, causing frustration and delay. Encountering traffic jams is a strong possibility, especially if you are homeward bound and/or children or household errands are the reason for being out in the first place. Accidents or temper tantrums waste more time. Under this influence you may suffer from digestive complaints-- the likely consequences of anger, frustration, or eating too fast. Care should be taken not to arouse antagonism in male relationships. Check your home for possible fire hazards. Disagreement between family members, whether or not the arguments involve you, can be enough to send you somewhere else until things quiet down. When cooking or baking be sure to check the time and temperature you use, or your food may be overdone, or even burned. Even with all the potential for trouble and frustration, it is nevertheless possible to accomplish quite a bit. Things may get done because of rather than in spite of the obstacles that must be overcome.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Pluto
Feb 8 through Feb 9, 2015, exact on Feb 9
Interactions during this period, even on a casual basis, are apt to stimulate deeper responses than usual. They may lead to closer examination of your reactions and motivations in dealing with other people, though you may or may not choose to share the results of this self-analysis with anyone. Current circumstances may engender inclination and opportunity to measure how much, or how little as the case may be, personal influence and control you exert in a partnership and other alliances and with other people in general. This is an excellent time to test your ability to plan, control, and execute every detail of social events, negotiations, debates, diplomatic overtures, and legal matters.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Sun
Feb 8 through Feb 10, 2015, exact on Feb 9
Social situations in which you find yourself during this period can be ego-massaging experiences. Even better, they may be opportunities that lead to wider recognition of your personal integrity, special talent, and efforts. This potential is not a sure bet mind you. It represents a chance you are either given outright, or one that provides circumstances in which you can successfully create your own opportunity. Under this influence you may get a chance to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to gaining cooperation and support from a partner or other allies. A chance encounter or situation may lead to a position of leadership, enhancement of your social status, or other personal success.

Transit SUN sextile natal Moon
Feb 8 through Feb 10, 2015, exact on Feb 9
Current circumstances promise opportunity, a chance for you to make your life more efficient. Others, for example, may show up to help, keep you company, or provide emotional support. Something or someone can come along to create an emotional high for you, which in turn can also make you feel physically more vital. Creative projects go well. Events and information you encounter can be used as opportunities to enhance your creativity and imagination. Opportunities also exist with regard to women, infants, home and domestic projects. Under this influence you may get the chance to express your feelings. In addition to the possibility of enjoying smoother personal relationships, interactions with most people are apt to be much easier. Take advantage of this atmosphere to establish better rapport or discuss problems. This is a good day to socialize, especially at home. Invite your boss or those with influence home for dinner.

VENUS transit House Four
Enters on Feb 10, 2015
Entertaining at home and encouraging social gatherings within your family should be among the priorities on your agenda these days. This is a period that also favors redecorating or enhancing the physical appearance of your home; adding books, music, or art to improve the quality as well as the looks of your domestic environment. Your efforts should also include promoting harmonious relationships between family members. Other concerns you encounter under this influence may involve real estate negotiations, legal matters connected with a family business, or the artistic endeavors of a parent.

Transit VENUS square natal Moon
Feb 12 through Feb 14, 2015, exact on Feb 13
Do not expect instant gratification. Satisfaction or success may come, but not immediately or without some difficulty. There are apt to be problems or lack of cooperation connected with household tasks, family-related activities, and social events, especially when such events involve entertaining at home. It is not that your endeavors cannot be accomplished, it is more a matter of having to work harder to achieve the desired result. You may have a tendency to be jealous of others, especially of those who may be more attractive or possess more in the way of material wealth or status. You may also be the one to arouse such feelings in others. It is good to promote the idea that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because you may be tempted to adopt the tastes or manners of others-- though, once again, it is also possible it may be the other way around. Under this influence too much or too little emotional input, most likely on your part, can slow many situations down. You may not have as much confidence in yourself, your physical attractiveness, or your talents. Romance does not proceed smoothly, although trying to overcome the interfering obstacles may actually provide a stimulating challenge.

Transit URANUS trine natal Jupiter
Jan 14 through Mar 7, 2015, exact on Feb 14
Your generosity may pay off handsomely during this period but in ways you may not have anticipated. Since the influence at this time is generally favorable your social or professional status may increase, success may attend travel and educational endeavors, and important recognition is given to writing or publishing efforts. There is potential for economic prosperity as well as cultural and spiritual growth. The fortunate circumstances that provide your potential success are likely to occur as a result of the decisions and actions of other people. They may develop quite unexpectedly or arise in some unusual or unorthodox manner. Whether or not you are the initiator or simply react to favorable situations caused by others, you gain a new independence, philosophy, and benefits of one kind or another.

Transit MARS sextile natal Mars
Feb 14 through Feb 16, 2015, exact on Feb 15
People and situations you encounter or that you attract at this time are likely to help you accomplish physical tasks. Opportunity that others give you is apt to also directly or indirectly help them accomplish their own physical goals. This is a period when the attitude of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” is the most successful approach to getting things done-- and it keeps everyone busy. Under this influence the more physical energy you use, the more you will generate. Accomplishing one task will lead to another.

Transit SUN square natal Mars
Feb 14 through Feb 16, 2015, exact on Feb 15
Physical energy and stimulation arise either from within yourself or in the circumstances you encounter. The key to using it successfully however, is not to push too hard. Avoid anger and frustration in trying to carry out the demands of superiors. If others challenge what you are doing or get in your way, don’t stop to prove anything or engage in time- and energy-wasting maneuvers. Simply keep moving along. The spirit of competition is easily inspired but nothing will be accomplished if aggressiveness is allowed to get out of hand. Under this influence too much stress and strain could adversely affect your heart or head.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Saturn
Feb 14 through Feb 18, 2015, exact on Feb 16
What you read or hear during this period can help you become more organized and better prepared to accomplish important, long range goals. Information and activities may also fit neatly into whatever organization or plans you have already laid out. Under this influence circumstances may present other opportunities that will lead to easing current restrictions, be useful to you later in life, or result in recognition of your authority and experience.

Transit JUPITER square natal Sun
Feb 10 through Feb 26, 2015, exact on Feb 17
You are likely to be confronted with obstacles that block your path to success. Obstacles that could very well be caused by your own ego, stubborn pride, greed, self-indulgence or overestimation. Avoiding such pitfalls in your attitude and behavior, as well as contacts with others who indulge in them, will certainly help to minimize the negative potential you may encounter under this influence. If your nature is not given to being paralyzed with anger or inaction when recognition or success appears to be delayed or denied, you will pass the tests of this period with flying colors, and no doubt obtain your goals in the process.

Transit VENUS sextile natal Mars
Feb 17 through Feb 18, 2015, exact on Feb 17
Current circumstances may offer a chance to turn romantic, artistic or musical desires into physical realities. Just an opportunity mind you, not a sure thing. You must be willing to take advantage of situations and aggressively follow through until success becomes a reality. Others may offer proposals for various types of affirmative action, any of which may turn out to be very successful. No matter what happens under this influence there may be a dynamic role for you to play somewhere along the line. If you grab or create the chance to play such a role, and you play it well, the consequences are likely to be fortunate for everyone concerned. Watch for opportunities that could lead to success in cooperative efforts, diplomatic quests, and legal suits. A good period to also take advantage of any situation that might increase your interest and success in sports, physical fitness, and work projects.

Transit SUN trine natal Venus
Feb 17 through Feb 18, 2015, exact on Feb 18
Others find you very attractive and openly express their admiration or affection. Superiors are impressed and favorably disposed toward recognizing your talent which makes this an appropriate time to ask for favors or a promotion. Romantic relationships and female relationships in general are encouraged. You can move forward with social plans, artistic endeavors, matters that pertain to luxury items and beautification projects. Luck is with you, especially in your dealings with other people. Partnership or other alliances, joint ventures and public relations efforts initiated under this influence are likely to be successful. You come out ahead in debates and judgments are in your favor. Don’t let laziness, overindulgence or taking too much for granted spoil what should be a fortunate and enjoyable period.

Transit MARS square natal Venus
Feb 17 through Feb 20, 2015, exact on Feb 18
Social activities, partnership, cooperative efforts, romantic adventures, diplomatic maneuvers, and legal negotiations can be successful under this influence, but the potential is that these endeavors will not proceed altogether smoothly. Jealousy, envy, and insensitivity are factors that must be avoided or eliminated when they appear. Another way to minimize the negative potential of this period is to tone down aggressiveness and promote an impression of harmony and cooperation. If life were to imitate art under this influence, the message would be not to choose colors that blend, instead choose colors that go well because of the contrast they make with each other. There is much that can be stimulating and exciting in the course of your physical efforts and interactions with others during this period.

Transit VENUS square natal Venus
Feb 19 through Feb 20, 2015, exact on Feb 20
Things come off pretty well during this period, though the timing may not be exquisite or the setting one you might have preferred. Describing this influence is a bit like giving advice to a woman who wishes her lover would give her a round diamond but he happens to give her one that is square. Don’t apologize for or regret the things that are missing; enjoy what is. If you turn up at the wrong party by mistake it may be more fun than the one you were supposed to attend. This line of thinking should be applied to almost any situation you encounter at this time.

Transit SUN square natal Saturn
Feb 20 through Feb 22, 2015, exact on Feb 21
This is a time when hard work, organization, and planning will stand you in good stead. If you have not previously conducted your affairs in this manner, you may now wish that you had. You may not initiate or be in control of the events and circumstances that occur under this influence, but you will nevertheless be called upon to measure up, to take a responsible position in some way. Life may be, or seem to be, more somber than usual. Your timing is off and you are more easily discouraged by problems you may usually regard as minor annoyances. The answer is to forge ahead. Forget instant gratification. Wait for the rewards or real enjoyment to come later.

Transit MERCURY trine natal Mercury
Feb 21 through Feb 23, 2015, exact on Feb 22
Unbiased information and ideas lead the way right now. Devoid of emotional need or egotistical input, the ideas and information you apply and the activities in which you are involved make rapid progress. There is an easy exchange of talk and assistance at meeting and discussion groups. Mechanical projects proceed smoothly and so does travel. A good time for running errands, answering correspondence, gathering information, and launching neighborhood activities.

Transit VENUS trine natal Saturn
Feb 22 through Feb 23, 2015, exact on Feb 23
You have a wonderful chance to succeed if you seek to establish solid, long-lasting relationships during this period. Romance as well as friendships are based on mutual commitment and responsibility along with love and affection. Others are attracted to your maturity and accomplishment. Endeavors that involve formal agreements, diplomacy, contracts, and other legal matters are likely to produce long-lasting, successful results. Your efforts to bring organization and stability to social groups will not go unrewarded. Should you happen to be seeking a position of greater authority at this time, others will favor your promotion.

Transit MARS trine natal Saturn
Feb 22 through Feb 24, 2015, exact on Feb 23
You are apt to have more patience during this period. If you require more time to accomplish a certain task, it will be granted. Maturity and experience behind your actions is one of the keys to the successful results they bring. If you fail to apply such wisdom in a given situation, you may nevertheless benefit from the actions of those who do. This is one of the most favorable of influences-- not only for the potential success of your efforts but because they are likely to be meaningful, long-lasting accomplishments. It is an auspicious time to initiate projects that are geared toward bringing benefits at a later time in your life.

Transit NEPTUNE square natal Mercury
Jan 28 through Mar 23, 2015, exact on Feb 24
Clear and rational thinking is going to be increasingly difficult to achieve during this long-term influence. Other factors such as your age, maturity, past experiences, current circumstances, and, of course, other planetary influences that occur during this time will no doubt contribute to the overall impact, but in the end, this period will introduce disorganization, disorientation, unreality and undermining influences into thoughts, ideas, methods, and communications-- the ones you get as well as the ones you receive. The increased potential for misunderstanding things as well as for being misunderstood, causes frustration and at times, needless hurt. The best-laid plans will go awry, especially in such things as transportation, travel, writing, education, and trade. Some element of inefficiency or ineffectiveness creeps into the employment of your mechanical, design, computer or other manual skills-- causing problems if you happen to work in such areas. Is it your fault? The fault of others? This description cannot provide the answer except to say that if such problems occur, you can make sincere attempts to correct them. Though constant delays, mistakes, and repetition must also be dealt with, they too, are not unconquerable obstacles. The positive potential of this influence suggests that through diligent attention and devotion to detail you can proceed cautiously and eventually attain success.