Kelly's experience is obvious as she read my life so clearly.
Her work combines intellectual understanding, intuitive wisdom & deep abiding caring for the people with whom she works.​ The result is a deepened appreciation of our lives and the inspiration to make room for your own inner knowing.​

Dr. Sheila Rossman, VT​

A reading with Kelly made me see past so many of the obstacles that previously blocked me. I'm truly amazed at how this spiritual tool really works!

Anna Williams.

Thank you Kelly for all that you've done for me over the years. Your readings were key to my successes. The guidance helped me to see hope when I thought there was none. I've felt so guided. The spirits really know what I need and since I can't be in contact with them it's good to know someone who can.​​​​​​ Thanks again for all your help and support.

Peter Arnold​

Thanks for the wheel of life astrology compatibility chart Kelly. ​It helped me to see why my boyfriend and I were at odds with some key things in our relationship.​​
Now that we understand that our planets are just in different aspects we can stop blaming each other and start respecting each others differences. It all makes such sense now. ​Thanks so much.
Karen Devol​

Wow, That past life reading really cleared up a bunch of stuff for me Kelly. Thanks. Now I understand why I don't like the water and it helped me to see my sister in a whole new light. Thanks, Your the best!

Mindy Porter
Hi Kelly,
I will be in touch again. I hope you know, twice now, you have touched my life in remarkable ways, and have helped me move through some of the tight spots I have stumbled into where I might have otherwise given up.  I'm absolutely sure by assumption that you have changed many lives with your kindness, guidance, and accuracy in your readings.  I just want you to know,  YOU have made a difference in mine. 

Thank You,

Dear Kelly,
Thank you for sharing your gifts with me~ you gave me the courage to embrace my life again. I will call you again as time goes along. I enjoyed your wisdom!

Blessing To You,
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