Past Life Readings
​​Kelly is referred to by her guides as a " Time Walker". One who walks through time in order to report the past or future for those who want to evolve.  Time is a man made concept therefore why hold onto only one reality when we have access to all of them?
Past Life Reading
Why do we re-incarnate?

We return to our un-resolved situations and events to complete them. Yesterday you may have started creating a flower bed. You dug up the soil and purchased the seeds, but you didn't have time to plant or water those seeds, yet you knew that you could continue your work on the following day. Our lifetimes are like this. We must complete what we started, and if we messed something up, then we must return to correct our mistakes. Additionally, every action has a consequence. When we plant, and water our seeds properly we are rewarded with the fruits of our labor. Remember the bible verse; We reap what we sow? This message is repeats itself in scripture, worldwide but many of us know this as the Hindu concept of Karma.

What to expect from a Past Life Reading

Approximate Time: One to two hours per session. Time varies depending on the number of past lives I’m given and how detailed they are in relevance to your current life.

We all get clues about our past lives but discount them and continue on with what we are doing and dismiss the initial feelings.

* Have you ever had the feeling you’ve known someone before even though you’ve never met in this lifetime?
* Have you ever had a receptive dream about a place in time that you’ve never visited?
* Did you ever give birth to a child and immediately knew him or her as if they were an old friend?
* Do you feel an overly strong connection to a family member over others in your family tree?
We reincarnate with the same souls to either finish unfinished business or to continue the loving support we shared in our past lives.

* Find a resolution to toxic relationships and the reason for meeting again in this lifetime.
* See the Karmic reasons behind unexplainable events of locations. (Short example below)
* Become aware of hidden talents and skills that you can quickly develop again. (See example below)
* Learn if you are an old or new soul? 

* If you have something specific to focus on please ask me before the reading so that I can look for it in my vision.

This memory was triggered in me while traveling through Las Vegas Nevada.

At the age of nine, my parents took our family on a typical 1960’s vacation/ road trip across America. When we arrived in Las Vegas NV., I felt a strong connection with it. It was though I’d come home for the first time.
Past life memories flooded my awareness specifically when I saw the sign for the The New Frontier Hotel & Casino, and then again at Hoover Dam. I told my parent details about these places that were impossible to know otherwise.
Since then vivid memories from that lifetime revealed that I was a drummer in the Tommy Dorsey band. I enjoyed dancing and all the attraction of nightlife. However, as with any self-centered person I created a lot of drama, especially with women.
I’ve reencountered three of those souls in this lifetime, only this time they are men, and I’m a woman. Without getting too deep into the events that transpired, we’ll say my Karma has come back to bite me! I suffered a lot of emotional pain in these relationships this time around, but ultimately I knew it was payback time. Knowing this helped me understand why they did the things they did, and this allowed me to heal faster.
Once we know the Karma of a situation, it’s easier to take responsibility and learn the lessons. It’s also satisfying to realize the relationship circle has closed and the two of you will never have to re-live another lifetime.

Hidden Talents Revealed through a Past Life Reading.

I read a past life for a woman we’ll call Karen. I saw Karen in Ancient Greece as a master carver. In the reading, she received a powerful message encouraging her to carve again. If she were to take it up, she would create a lucrative business from it. Karen found the reading interesting as she’s been drawn toward carving but didn’t know where or how to start. However, her past life reading told her that these were only excuses she used as a way of avoiding her lack of self-confidence. Then Karen hit financial crises nearly losing her home to foreclosure. Therefore she decided to try carving. Right from the start, Karen found cutting easy and somehow knew the steps needed to create her ideas. After showing her pieces to some friends, she felt encouraged to put them in local art gallery's. Her carvings began selling almost immediately, enabling her to pay the bills again. Within five years she was selling her work in galleries all over the world. Today, Karen is a popular figure in the art world.