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The Transit Report:
Want to know what tomorrow holds?
This report is a window into your future based on the energetic planetary cycles that are in your person horoscope. It's an extremely accurate predictor for the day to day events of your life.
Reading your day to day forecast allows you to best plan for ahead for large purchases, vacations or family events and much more. 

The Solar Return Chart:
The beginning of an individual's new year begins with their birthday.
This chart determines your overall moods, attitudes, feelings and actions for the year ahead. Make clear and conscious choices for the coming months.
Work most effectively with your potential and overcome difficult influences by working more skillfully with the future influences. I call this one;
"My private psychic!"​

Relationship Compatibility:
This is the perfect tool for evaluating interpersonal relationships. Knowing how you'll get along with others is the key to successful togetherness. This chart will highlight the strengths and weakness of any personal interaction, allowing you to see clearly both the possibilities and the pitfalls. Use this chart for friends, lovers or co-workers.

The Natal Chart:
This chart shows you the energy you came into this lifetime with. We are an accumulation of our past Karma. See what yours is!
Why Do A Chart?

​Astrology teaches us about our past, present and future.

Your personal blueprint reveals how to work with your destiny and overcome obstacles in this lifetime.

These 25 page readings point to your energetic foundation.

They reveal your energetic Karmic patterns carried from past incarnations and how your current beliefs shape your development in this incarnation. They are a great Sacred Tool for self development and fortune telling.​
What's your greatest potential! 

Required Information:

•Full Name :
​Maiden name not necessary)

•Birth Place: Town/County & Current Location

•Birth Month/Day/Year

•Birth Time: (include AM or PM) Time of birth is critical for chart accuracy!
Astrology Chart With Coaching Session
All charts: $35.00
All Coaching Sessions: $65.00