Moments of Awakening!
Hello Everyone,

Do you have a ‘true story’ about a divine healing, miracle, or highly unusual supernatural experience where your energy shifted in a profound way due to the assistance of an Angel, Spirit Guide or unseen force?
If so I’d love to hear about it.

I’m looking for stories to add to my third book titled, Moments of Awakening.

Ordinary folks all over the globe are experiencing moments of awakening.
The purpose of this series is not to feed the ego, but rather to inspire, educate and empower its readers.

I’d love to hear the details of your story along with any learned lessons or insights you gained through the experience.

If you would like to participate in this publication please follow the instructions herein and send your story to the email address below.

*Please insert “Moments of Awakening” into the subject area of your email.

*Please introduce yourself with your first and last name along with your country of origin and the location where your experience took place.
* Permission must be given for all publications on or about your story.
* Please follow the below format:
* I (your name) give Kelly Lindsay permission to publish my story for her book, Moments of Awakening or any other necessary format used for advertising purposes.
* Kelly Lindsay has my permission to write it in her own words if she chooses in order to keep a consistent writing style.
* I (your name) will not expect any royalties from this publication and neither will I pay any fees whatsoever for the publication of this series.
* My submission is a voluntary body of work submitted by me with the understanding that Kelly will choose the stories for her selection.
Please acknowledge acceptance of all terms and conditions of this agreement.

Kelly reserves the right to publish any overflow stories in a secondary book.

* Please indicate whether I can use your real name in the story or if you’d rather I use an alias name.

* Send your stories to:

I look forward to reading your stories!

Kelly Lindsay