Learn To Communicate With The Animals

Imagine living in a household where everyone thinks of you a family; yet know one communicates with you?
Animas love to communicate with us!  
Have you ever asked yourself if animals are really independent or do we make them that way?​

​Often times in busy households where there are a lot of people taking center stage the animal is forced into taking independent action even when it's not comfortable doing so.
I once lived with a cat companion, her name was 'Lucky' ​who knocked things on the floor displaying her anger at me if I left the house and forgot to tell her that I'd be back. After my return she would put her nose in the air and blatantly knock something of mine on the floor. If it broke she would scatter the broken pieces all over the place as I tried to pick them up. Then she would hold a grudge for days!
Once we communicated about this I understood her insecurities better; she felt abandon when I didn't consider her need to know about my comings and goings. Finally we came to understand one another better and our relationship blossomed into a wonderful connection.  I agreed to communicate more frequently, especially when I had to leave the house and she promised to take her sulking to my meditation room where she always felt more nutured; instead acting out by breaking my things.

​Like small children; animals will act out if they don't get the required heads up when their routine changes. 

​​​​Join us at this for this two hour course and learn how to communicate with the animal kingdom!

  In this workshop you will:
* Develop communication techniques that really work.
* Learn specific exercises that facilitate trust and healing.
* Discover their purpose in your life.
* Uncover their fears, or worries.
* Build a more rewarding connection with one another or with other members of the same household.​​
*  Hear some true stories about the amazing things animals have done! ​And if you have one we'd love to hear it!

* Individually the morning and afternoon class's cost $75.00 ea. unless you take advantage of these offers:
The Early Bird Special ~ Reserve your spot by April 16, 2015 and get $10.00 off. 
* Combine morning and afternoon class's and get an additional $15.00 dollar savings. 
​* Make the required non-refundable deposit of $25.oo ~ Here from the drop down menu & buy now button.
​​​​​​​​​* Then pay $100.oo cash only please; at the door on the day of the workshop.

​The Combo Workshops:
9:30 AM - 12:00 Noon ~ The Sacred Arrow Workshop ~ Check it out... it's under the Shamanic workshop tab. 
1:00 PM - 3:00 Pm ~ How to Communicate With Your Animals​​

Location: Windspirit Farm; 452 Fletcher Farm Road Bloomingdale, NY 12913
Cost: ​$50.00

Date: Sat. May 2, 2015

These workshops are an hour apart so feel free to hang out at my house, but please bring your own lunch and beverage. 

I look forward to serving you in these sacred ways!

Kelly Lindsay

​Please indicate if your taking one or both 
workshops via e-mail.

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