Kelly's Enlightened Teachers:
Swami Rama - Great Saint and Guru, 
Founder of the Himalayan Institute, Author, Enlightened Teacher.​ Met Swami in 1978 and to this day I am still processing all that he taught. I looked into his eyes and he showed me my true essential self. He demonstrated unconditional love, the science of yoga, psychology, and so much more. He taught me Hatha Yoga and Meditation. At the hour of his death he instructed Kelly to go to Gurumayi for ten years and from there I would find my  yet another teacher. 
Gurumayi Chidvilasananda awakened Kelly's Kundalini Shakti Pot and brought the value of chanting and so many other things into her life. Siddha Yoga.
Lennerd Permutter,  Ram -Lev. Author, Teacher, Life Master and founder of The American Mediation Ins. He and his wife Jennises were also devote's of Swami Rama's. They went to India with him and sat at his feet for Darshan. Ram-Lev gives selflessly to Kelly and all the students that love him.
About Kelly's Most Significant Teachers 
Kelly is a nationally acclaimed Author, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Channel, Astrologer and Life Couch. 
She has over thirty five years of study in the following spiritual modalities:
Mental Health, Hatha Yoga, Raki, Astrology, Shamanism & Ritual. She assisted thousands reclaim their lost power through Soul Retrieval. She see's into past lives, drafts astrology charts, and reads tarot cards, but mostly she loves to inspire people to live more consciously. 
She facilitates a variety of workshops using the ancient wisdom of various cultures around the world. Her goal is to help people heal using what ever modality they most need at the time. Her specific focus is on healing trauma. She's hosted events both here in the U.S. and internationally. Omega Institute; N.C.C.C., Wind Spirit Retreat Center.
She frist met her spiritual teachers Swami Rama of the Himalayan Institute in 1979 where she studied Hatha Yoga and meditation. Swami Rama recognized Kelly from previous lifetimes and reminded her to once again follow this path toward enlightenment. The choice to follow his teachings has remained Kelly's prime focus ever since.
​ On the day Swami Rama chose to leave his body he came to Kelly to guide her to Gurumayi. He explained how she would spend ten years with her and finally be returned back to her original lineage through Ram Lev​ of the American Meditation Ins. When this happened Kelly recognized him immediately from other lifetimes. It's been an interesting cycle and worth listening to the whole story, shared below in the video below. (coming soon)
Kelly Lindsay