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The world is designed to place our energy on outer objects, rather than on our innate natural powers and telepathy that lie dormant within each of us. By nature, everything returns to its source, and so it is with our collective psyche. Now, with the support of this age of enlightenment, more of us are
focused on our inner world. Therefore, we are, as a whole, cycling back to a telepathic tribal society.
The intention of this book is to inspire, awe and entertain you through the world of clairvoyance and what I've found is possible when we are open and focused.

           Tribal Telepathy
​A collection of  short stories from a clairvoyant
             Kelly Lindsay​
How to Read Your 
       Fortune in a Stone​

Everyone can do this! 
Kelly Lindsay  
No need for Intuitive, or Psychic ability.
​This method is for anyone interested in accessing answers to life questions.

This 27 page book is a workshop, or done individually.

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The following is a story from the book, Tribal Telepathy.

*** A True Life Tarot Card Reading.***


Don was in his mid sixties; a short rugged man with a ruddy complexion and heart of gold. Dark cards spilled out of the deck as he shuffled. He looked at them and then at me, and shook his head saying, "it's bad isn't it?"
I struggled to get the words out when he placed his rugged hand on top of mine and comforted, "I'm not afraid to die."
So I continued.."Well, I'm a bit confused..."
Don looked at me with his warm brown eyes which said,"Go ahead, just say it." 
"Well," I choked, " it says here that you have already died while driving your truck and that you will die again.
Don laughed and said, " Yes, you are right. I have died three times while driving my truck. Three total wrecks because I had heart attacks while driving, and every time, I saw the truck go off the road and hit things while my body lay inside. I die and always get the message to go back because it is not my time yet. Well, except for once, when I was revived in the ambulance." He then added, "I still don't know why I'm supposed to keep living. All I do is work, eat, and sleep and give my paycheck to my family every week." 
I replied, "Maybe that's why you're supposed to live!"
           ~ Sacred Arrow ~
By Kelly Lindsay
Release the Past and Find Your Future!

Designed as a workshop or individually.
​ ​​​
To effectively create our future ​we must first heal our past and learn to be in the present moment.
​It's only in this moment that we can see our future.

​Creating a Sacred Arrow is a path of self discovery that will help you stay focused on this moment and in turn bring you to the confidence needed to progress forward. 

​Creating a Sacred Arrow will open your creative spirit, help you to see how far you've come, teach you to be present, and inspire you to move forward!

This is a sacred ritual that can be done anytime one needs to set goals for the future. ​​

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