How To Host A Clairvoyant Tarot Card Party!

I offer two types:

The first type of party.
If I read between 15 and 20 folks, you get $5.00 per reading.
​20X5 = $100.00 dollars for you!
* I travel up to two hours from my location; Bloomingdale, NY
​(Near Saranac Lake, NY)
​Second type of party.
If I read between 10 to 12 people, you will get your reading free!
* I travel up to one hour for this party.

* Book two guests per hour and back to back one right after the other. Once my psychic energy starts flowing, I like to keep it going. If I stop and start it's like taking a nap, and it's hard for me to continue effectively.
* Ask your guests to come about 15 min. early of their appointed time to keep the energy flowing freely.
* I charge $35.00 for ea. reading (Cash Only Please)
* For an all-day party I'll need a half hour break for lunch at noon.
* I need a dust & animal hair free space to sit in while I am reading.
(If I can’t breathe due to dust, I'll leave.)
I have a card table but will need to chairs.
* I'll need your compleate address and best phone number.



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