About Sacred Tools:

 Sacred Tools is a collection of effective methods to help us achieve success.
 Healing our self first is the most effective way to help others.
 It's not selfish... it's necessary.
 It is our birthright to be happy and stress free.

 The intention of my work is to teach self empowerment. We all
 have equal potential to achieve everything we dream possible.

 Each person is in various phases of soul evolution, therefore each approach to
 ​growth  needs to be unique.
 The purpose of this website is to offer a wide variety of sacred tools to assist you regardless of where you're at.

                                 Powerful Sacred Tools taught here are:

                                *   Shamanic Workshops, downloads and videos.
                                *   Clairvoyant Tarot Readings
                                *   Wheel of Life Astrology Readings
                                *   Meditations
                                *   Coaching Sessions

  Self responsibility is the first step to changing our thoughts and actions.

​​   "When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change."
   Dr. Wayne Dwyer​

   In Love and Light,
   Kelly Lindsay

There are three types of parties:

Evening ~ Weekend or Facetime

 Requirements of a Week-day or Evening party.

​ I require 8 -10 guests
"I only do this party if you live within one hour of Saranac Lake, NY."
*The hostess will earn a free reading.

 Weekend party requirements

​I require 15-20 (maximum) guests.
 I will arrive at your home at 8:45 Am. I will travel up to two hours of Saranac Lake, NY.​ Ogdensburg, Tupper Lake, Plattsburg and surrounding area towns.

The hostess will earn $5.00 per reading or $100.00 dollars with 20 guests.

* Book two reading per hour. 
 Save me a half hour meal break at noon.

* Ask your guests to come about 15 minutes early expecting to stay up to 15 minutes later then their appointed time.
"I don’t like to feel rushed and want to give my clients all the time they need."
* I charge $35.00 dollars for each reading (Cash Only Please)

* Provide me with a dust & animal hair free space to sit in throughout the day.
"I’ve got allergies and will leave if I can’t breath due to dust."
 I will bring my own table... but will need two comfortable chairs.
* Please send me your most reliable phone number and full address for my GPS search.


Email: readings@verizon.net
© 1978 ~ Kelly Lindsay /Business plan & marketing materials.

​​​​​​​​Sacred Tools  Make Great  

  * Birthdays
  * Anniversaries​​
  * Weddings
  * Engagements
  * ​​New Baby
  * Tool for  
  * Need to make
     ​big decisions?

  * Self Discovery
  * For the person  
    ​who has    

​​Kelly Lindsay - Clairvoyant, Author, Seer, Shamanic Practitioner, Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, Artist, Hatha Yoga & Meditation Instructor.

Kelly came into this world with a deep desire to help others. At the age of three she knew she could see things in people that others didn't see or talk about. In 1978 she met her teacher Mary Ann Fontana who gave her the information she needed to realize her abilities and encouraged her to read for people and to teach empowerment to to others.

Deepen your understanding and find solutions to problems by scheduling ​a reading with Kelly today. 

​Contact her at: readings@verizon.net​
Hosting A Clairvoyant Tarot Party?