Wheel of Life Astrology Charts.
     Gift Certificate... For One Astrology Chart

* This certificate can be redeemed by E-mailing Kelly the required information to readings@verizon.net

Required Info.
Your first and last name. -  Maiden or Married it won't matter because it's astrology not numerology.
Your Birth day, month, year
Town/ city/country of birth.
Time of birth, included AM or PM​​​​​​​​ ~ Time of birth is critical for chart accuracy!

Astrology Chart Options:

The Transit Report: What to know what tomorrow hold?This report is like a window into your future and the most accurate predictor available! Read your day to day forecast ahead of time and plan according.

The Solar Return: Essentially this is a predictor that starts with your true "New Year" your birthday. 
This will determine your overall moods, attitudes, feelings and actions for the year. It's a great guide to assist you in making the most out of your conscious choices. 

Relationship Compatibility: Reading: This is the perfect tool for evaluation of your interpersonal relationships. Know how you'll get along with otters is the key to success in any type of relationship weather it be a friendship, lovers, or co-worker and boss. It will highlight the strengths and weakness of any personal interaction, allowing you to see clearly both the possibilities and pitfalls.​​

The Natal/Birth Chart: 
This chart shows you the energy you came into this lifetime with. We are all an accumulation of our past Karma. See What yours is!
Our unique individuality is founded with-in our personal birth information therefore to draft the perfect astrology chart I will need the required information.

Your first and last name
Birth month, day, year
Birth town/city/country & current location
Birth time is Critical for Accuracy!  Include AM or PM​​​​

      ​Gift Certificate... For One Astrology Chart & One Hour Couching Session

T0 redeem this gift certificate E-Mail Kelly the required information and to schedule a one hour couching session. 

The Required Information​:
Your first and last name: - Maiden or married name is irrelevant.
Your Town/ City/ Country of Birth.:
Your Birth Month, Day, Year​:
Time of Birth: Included Am or Pm​ Time of birth is critical for chart accuracy!

Style Two:
Style two is a repeat of the above in addition to a one hour phone or Skype consolation with Kelly.
The intention will be to review your chart together so that Kelly can explain it to you in everyday language rather then in Astrology jargon. This will deepen your understanding greatly. 
For example; Kelly can help you see why success in one area of your life comes more easily then it does in another and how to succeed regardless.
Style One: 
With this style astrology chart you will read all about who you are as an individual. All of this will be determined mathematically based on your personal birth information. In your chart you will see your personal individual planetary positions and aspects The position of the sun, moon and rising sign; along with the house aspects and how they together determine your elemental nature.
Are you more fixed, mutable, watery; cardinal?
Do you tend to have more of an air, earth, fire or watery personality?
Astrology is a path to self understanding. It shows us how best we thrive in life and also what needs to be overcome in order to live more happily.
Once we better understand our natural tendencies we can work with them more consciously.
See how and why you react to the things in your life.
Understand which parent influenced you most and weather or not you will abandon their belief systems to follow your own or if you will continue the drama of your family history.
Are you fearful, stubborn, fixed or always changing?
What jobs, carriers, and talents suite you best?
What needs to change in order for you to have the best life possible?
Often times when our efforts hit road blocks we begin to think that maybe we should give up. However your astrology chart could show you why you are struggling and how to overcome those energies. Perhaps it is a better time to revise your plan, brain storm another way or to do more research, so when the time to act is favorable your goals are accomplished with less effort.
Two Chart Styles:
Astrology Chart With Coaching Session
All Charts: $35.00
All Charts with Coaching session: $65.00