Kelly's Approach to Tarot & F.A.Q.'s
Kelly began reading tarot cards in 1976 when she met her teacher Maryann Fontana. Maryann was the first person to acknowledge Kelly's abilities. Prior to that she along with everyone in her family thought of her as "Just weird". She knew things that know one else did; information would simply fly out of her mouth. All of this made for a complicated childhood. She had no one to relate to until she met Maryann Fontana. Maryann, was an amazing psychic. Upon first meeting her she gave Kelly a "Life reading"
​Now at age 58, Kelly can match her life reading to Maryann's predictions and can see how accrete she was. 

"After that initial reading Maryann took me under her wing. She encouraged me and acceptance me. Finally I was understood." 
 Maryann taught me to read the tarot cards as a safe means for reading people psychically.
​ "People with our abilities have a strong desire to help people, and Kelly you are going to read for and empower thousands of people in this lifetime." She said to me.

​​ While each card and it's placement has several meanings, Kelly sees them as uniquely individual to the person she's reading for. 
​She prefers the Robin Wood deck as it is colorful, bright and feels positive. 


Although Kelly believes anyone can learn to read tarot by the book, she reads with her right brain and feeling body, therefore, the books have little meaning to her.
Kelly is ​a multi-demential medium, meaning her ability allows her to see beyond the cards. 

Kelly offers both 1/2 hour readings and 1 hour readings. The one hour readings includes a couching session.

The Tarot is a beautiful and sacred tool that has been respected and honored worldwide. Did you know they  predate the Egyptian Pyramids?

​​Isn't it interesting that people have been seeking answers for life problems forever?

 Kelly finds tarot readings to be a rewarding and powerful guide in helping others on their life path. 
In light and love,

Kelly​ Lindsay
Frequently Asked Questions For Clairvoyant Tarot Readings:

Q. Why would I want a Clairvoyant Tarot Reading?

A. Generally we seek readings when we feel stuck or anxious about something. While other modalities such as psychotherapy have their own value, a clairvoyant reading targets both the conscious and unconscious issues that need addressing more quickly. By shining a light on and facing the situations head on in a confidential setting, the reading can clear out old belief patterns and perceptions that need addressing. In this way healing and understanding can occur far faster then in other forms of modalities.

2. Q. Can you tell me a little about the history of Tarot Cards? How old are they and are they a good tool or a source of magic or possibly evil?

A. Know one knows the exact age of tarot cards, however, depictions of them have been found as far back as 2649 BC and then later in the ancient Egyptian pyramids. The idea of the tarot cards as being evil or a source of magic, is a third demential Christen belief that some authority figures thought was needed during times in our history where religion was used to control the masses. Now, we've realized more about the spirit world, and how we are all connected source. Since we are all source energy, here having a human experience, we have realized the value of asking the guiding spirits to assist us in living a more full and meaningful life. Therefore, divination tools are welcomed and have returned to our conscious mind as a way of accessing the unconscious for guidance and suport.

Q. What is the difference between a Skype, phone or live in person reading?

A. There is no difference in the readings. In the end both conscious and unconscious questions will be addressed, assisting the seeker and pointing he or she  toward a more positive future.

When you come to Kellys office for a reading you will shuffle the cards, Kelly will lay them out and begin the reading.

If you want a phone or Skype reading please email to set up your appointment, then head to the home page on the website for payment.  All readings cost  $25.00 dollars each and run for about a half hour.

With a Skype of phone reading, Kelly begins the secession by asking the client to just talk about why they think they need a reading. While he or she is talking, Kelly focuses on what is being said, and listens to the voice, and all it’s vibrations while simultaneously spreading the cards out onto the table top. After she arranges them back into the deck, she begins the reading.
In both cases she
may have to ask questions in order to clarify what is being "seen".

* To schedule your reading please provide Kelly with the best dates and times when you can have your reading done then Kelly will try to fit one of those times and dates into her schedule.

Q. What is clairvoyance and how is it different from psychic energy?

A. Clairvoyance is mostly "seeing events before they appear in this time dimension. While Kelly advertises this term, she now understands herself as more of a  multidimensional reader. The word clairvoyance was better understood back in the 1970's when Kelly first began her business and so the term stuck but in reality she is a person who receives a combination of messages that flood through her. She downloads as she speaks.
Multidimensional readings can best be described as  a combination of hearing, sensing, feeling and just knowing information
about the client.

Information is energetically exchanged between people all the time, but the multidimensional being has the ability to translate that information into words in order to help her clients.
 Sometimes when Kelly gets a message, the inner knowing just nags at her until she feels compelled  to say what the client needs to hear.
This even happens while she's not reading for someone at all and simply passing someone on the street or in a store. She calls it getting hit with information.  When this happens Kelly will often find a way to tell the person what is going on. The information is never wrong and while this type of reading can surprise a person, they often thank her for it regardless.

Q. I find looking into the future a bit scary. I'm afraid the card reading will reveal something bad, should I be afraid?

A. While change can be scary the cards reveal only what we can handle. If we are supposed to know something of our future it will appear in a reading, but primarily it’s there to prepare us for it so that we can mentally be ready to handle it when it comes. The reading will show us what we can expect if we continue to take the path we are on. If you don’t like the outcome then all you have to do is make other choices and those choices will change the outcome. All the decision making is up to you. It's called "Free will".

Q. Whenever I inquire about my life through this type of medium I find myself thinking about my reading so much afterword that I wonder if I am creating just what the reading predicted.

A. Yes, people often think they are predetermined to follow the events shown in their reading, however, Tarot cards can't force us to make choices.
Only we, make our choices. It’s your current decisions that are showing the possible outcome. The intention of the cards are to show us the outcome in order to utilize our free will so that we can change the course of our decisions so that an undesirable outcome can be avoided.
While there are some situations that are our destiny, overall we do have free will.

Q. Will a clairvoyant tarot reading tell me if myself, a pet or someone I love, is going to die?

A. Yes, a reading will predict a death. It’s important to realize that something unconscious with in you sought out a reading and therefore a part of
you needs to be prepared for what is coming in order to be mentally prepared.

Q. What about confidentiality? I’m sensitive about people knowing my personal business, and I especially would not feel comfortable with a stranger
exposing any secrets of other sensitive issues I am going through. How can I guarantee emotional safty in a reading?

A. Kelly has a background in mental health and is trained for confidentiality rules in psychotherapy, she clearly understands the importance of such
issues and intends only a non judgmental attitude toward people. While she has written a short story book about the best of the best readings
she’s changed the names to protect the clients confidentiality.

Q. How do the cards work?

A. That’s a big question. While we don’t have all the answers about how divination tools do what they do we also know that the tarot shows the reader
the inner awareness and unconscious processes of the personality of the client. It reflects what we are not always conscious of on the surface. They
are a kind of map of the inner worlds. The process is similar to those who I meditate daily and experience things from the unconscious mind
surfacing because they need resolution.

Q. How often should I get a Clairvoyant Tarot reading?

A. Unlike other readers, Kelly reads the entire deck of cards and also offers insights from what she "see's" from a clairvoyant persecutive, therefore, her readings generally cover between five to eight months of your life experience.

Q.  Will inviting a clairvoyant channeler into my home, am I also inviting any negative spirits that may linger after she is gone?

A. I only channel guidance from my own spirit guides and teachers whom are benevolent loving energies.
Therefore the only way a dark​ energies will come into your home is through someone else who is carrying that type of energy. However, generally if they brought the energy in with them, they will also leave with it. Because like energy​​​​​ attracts like energy, therefore, because the person who carry's it is dark, there would be no reason for the energy to go else where. 

In your book Tribal Telepathy, you say that we are all psychic; how do you know this?

Our world system is designed to keep us from our own inner being, and therefore from our own true power. We are born with our inner lights on and we are psychic by nature.
We are powerful beyond measure, yet we are kept from knowing this essential truth about ourselves through the way in which our worldly systems are set up. From the moment we are born we are thrust into the fast pace world. First into the hands of a caregiver, then into public a school system, and finally into the job world.
Everyone is on the go and encouraged to work endless hours in order to stay alive, or have all the outer attractions that lure them away from looking within for happiness.
However, if you recognize this and take the require time out to develop your natural abilities through a meditation practice then you can rekindle your innate power and reconnect with this power in yourself once again.

12. Because Tarot is a divination tool will uninvited spirits enter my home while your doing readings? 
I only channel the guidance from my own spirit guides and benevolent loving teachers. Negative spirits can only hang out with it's like energy, therefore If a guest should bring in a negative spirit, that negative energy will go home with the person it came with. Like attracts like. 
I've read people for over 40 years and never has anyone experienced a lingering negative energy in their home after the party ended.
13.When you read for me, you told me things that only I know about. Things that I never told anyone else.
How do you know the things that you know?

When the clients energy is open the reader can better receive information on their behalf. When energy circuits are both open ( in the reader and in the client) information can flow easily; its just like turning on a light switch which opens the circuit for the electricity to turn on the light. Which is why
phone readings work. Energy is unlimited and has no boundaries therefore an open client can be read from any location.

14. How would you define a blocked person?
Fear, can cause doubt which blocks energy. I can also hear it in the clients voice or see it in through body language.  When the client has their arms crossed or holds a tight lip and is super quite the circuit remains closed.   I've had many readings with this type of person and struggled to break though the block in order to read for them. I exhaust tons of energy in these cases only to over hear them report to their frends who are sitting in the next room how right on the reading was. If they had opened up just a little bit they could have gotten tons more information.
Hopefully now that my clients better understand this dynamic they will stop wasting their valuable time and money in testing me and instead get the full reading they deserve.

How would you describe the foundation of your readings?

Every reading has a foundation or root cause. The foundation of the reading reveal the topics that burn the most energy from my clients body, mind spirit complex.
Oftentimes we are not aware of how much energy is being burned up within us until we are presented with it through a reading.
 Then as I lay more cards down and the reading progresses it shows all of the influences that come from the outer environment like that of family, friends or coworkers and how the client feels either supported or discouraged by those influences.
The final portion of the reading will reveal which way the client is heading because of all of the above. If the client isn't happy with the final outcome then they have free will to change the direction of that outcome by utilizing their free will.  The purpose of a reading is to know where you are heading and to utilize your own free will to make the necessary changes if you don't like the direction your reading had revealed.

15.Q. Are psychic fairs a good resource for finding a reader to help me?

A. I can only speak from personal experience, but the people I know including myself who do this work don’t need to go to a psychic fair because we are to busy.
Therefore it makes sense to me what people in my field say; "Those who go to psychic fairs are generally just starting out and are there to build confidence, hand out business cards, and meet potential clients."

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