Awaken Your 3rd Eye 

                  If you have questions please Contact Kelly at; 

 Develop your psychic ability while learning to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Teachers.

                                              When you have a desire; Find a competent teacher & practice.

In This Course You Will Learn:
1. To Awaken your psychic ability.
2. Learn how to read other people. 
3. Master the Shamanic Journey and how to move beyond it for everyday use. * See Shamanic Journey
4. Acquire a balanced 3rd Eye for trust in your psychic awareness.
5. Learn how to ask questions and get clear answers from your spirit guides and teachers. 
6. Discover the science of intuition and its significance in psychic development.
7. Learn the ancient practice of Shamanic drumming and how it keeps us in harmony with the world around us.
8. Shift your energy from one reality to another and “see evidence” of it.
9. Understanding Ritual and its importance in intuition. 

As a Group:
* Our group will open and close our time together through ritual.
* Read for each other.
* Drum together as our ancestors did.

What to Bring:
* It's best to have your own drum, however, if you don't have one  Kelly has several to lend you.
* Blanket or Matt for laying or sitting on.
* Journal & Pen
Vegetarian Lunch & Snack Included. (Vegan's must bring their own food)
Beverages: (Hot or Iced Tea/ Spring Water)

Wind-Spirit Farm:
452 Fletcher Farm Road Bloomingdale, NY 12913
Time: 9:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM both days; Sat. and Sun.
Contact: Kelly at;

Date: May 15 & 16th, 2021 This Class is Full! I'm not accepting anyone else. Please DO NOT MAKE A DEPOSIT!

Class Price: $150.00

 - 25.00 - Security deposit
                     $125.00 - Cash only at the door
Bring a friend and get an additional $25.00 dollars off! 

Awaken Your 3rd Eye Workshop

This Workshop is on May 15th & 16th 2021

                           This workshop is Full!

Hello Friends,

This workshop is Covid dependent. 

To take this class,, you must read the following information and email Kelly at to confirm that you are coming and that you’ve read and understood this page.

* In compliance with N.Y. State Education Health Services Guidelines for a person to person contacts in stage 3 of COVID we will….

* Keep the class size to a minim of 10 folks or less in order to create adequate space between us.

We will also do most things outside, depending on the bugs.
Bring Bug Dope!

* Kelly will provide a clean/ disinfected environment for the workshop. All surfaces will have been sprayed and wiped clean prior to your visit.

Preparing for a one on one workshop.

Your responsibilities and mine.

* If you feel the slightest bit under the weather,, stay home!


* Arrive.
* Park your car.
* Step out of your vehicle with your mask on.
* Wait until Kelly approach’s you with a thermometer.
* She will hold it up to your forehead to take your temperature.

* If anyone’s temperature is above 98.6 F, then the class is canceled, and everyone will be asked to leave immediately.

* Be sure to shower and wear clean clothes for both days of the workshop.

* After using the toilet, you will use the rubber gloves provided to wipe the toilet seat.
(There will be a small garbage can to deposit the gloves and wipes into.
** NEVER Flush these items down the toilet! I have a sensitive septic system.)
Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with soap and water.


 Sat. May 15,& Sun. 16th 2021, COVID-19 cases per our surrounding counties.

Clinton County Confirmed Cases 
Franklin County Confirmed Cases 
Essex County Confirmed Cases