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​Get your reading for free or receive one of Kelly's books...
Email Kelly at: readings@verizon.net​
 Please specify the style & type of reading you have purchased when scheduling your appointment via email.

​Kelly offers both 30 or 60 minute readings for Tarot & Astrology.

​Regardless of the style you choose Kelly will give you the very best experience possible.
Kelly considers your reading a sacred and intimate way of helping you find answers. 
She's read for thousands of people since the late 1970s and yet her goal remains the same; "To help you."

A 30 minute reading covers three questions.                                       $30.00

*  It will clarify your current situation and show you where your'e heading based on your thoughts and current    
   ​ actions.
*  It will reveal people in your environment who both support or block your progress.
*  You will better understand your hopes for a positive outcome as well as the fears that old you back.
    Often times especially during a full moon souls whom have crossed over will show up. Generally they want to
    ​offer guidance, advise or to simply let you know how they are doing. 

*  Many readings will offer you a time frame around when you can expect a major events or significant change.


A 60 minute reading will uncover all of the above plus...                    $55.00

* The Karma of the situation and if the cycle is just beginning or ending.
  ​ (Often times past life info. comes here).

* You will see if you are repeating mistakes or learning the required lessons.
* A couching session that will guide you toward making the best out of your situation and give guidance about  
    ​all ​the possibilities for success. 

* Kelly will offer suggestions and powerful tips for healing as she empowers you into moving more positively  
   ​forward toward your goals.

P.S. I look forward to helping you move forward.

May you have many blessings on your path,​​
Kelly Lindsay
"The best way to predict the future is to create it!" Abraham Lincoln​​​ 
Wheel of Life Astrology 
3rd Eye & Other Workshops
                            Before making any type of purchase set your appointment;  E-mail Kelly at: readings@verizon.net
Two ways to get your Astrology Reading….

Style One:
Most of the charts are about 25 pages long. Each chart will show you the exact placements of the planets, their position and aspects in the Zodiac at the moment of your birth. 
Your chart will tell you the placements of your Sun, Moon and Rising signs and their along with the houses and aspects of their placement.

Style Two:
Style two is a repeat of the above except with this one you will schedule a one hour phone or Skype consolation with Kelly.
The intention will be to go over your chart together so that Kelly can explain it to you in everyday language rather then in Astrology jargon.
For example; Kelly can help you see why success in one area of your life comes more easily then it does in another.

Often times when we are trying to accomplish something and hit road blocks we begin to think that maybe we should give up. However your astrology chart could show you why you are struggling and how to overcome those energies. Perhaps it is a better time to revise your plan, brain storm another way or to do more research, so when the time to act is favorable your goals are accomplished with less effort.

The Required Information:

​​Your first and last name. The last name can be either your maiden or married name.
Birth Place and Current Location. Include the town, state, &  country.
Birth Time: Include Am or Pm​

First: Set your appointment with Kelly via E-mail: readings@verizon.net
Then: Return here to make your payment.
 E-mail Kelly for her phone number please.
Kelly's ~ Skype: tarotreadings2​​​
Style One:
Just send a quick e-mail note to Kelly with the required information, then make a payment here at sacredtools.net.
Afterward, Kelly will send you your chart for you to copy and past to your desk top or print out.
​Most charts are about 25 pages.

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