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Email Kelly at: readings@verizon.net
Contact Kelly Before Purchasing.
Set an appointment through E-mail: readings@verizon.net
Then: Return here to make payment.

All readings purchased here are via Face Time or phone
I'll give you my phone number​​​ once your appointment is set.

What to expect from a 30 or 60 minute Clairvoyant Tarot Reading.

A 30 minute reading covers three questions.

* A reading will clarify your current situation; show you where you're heading based on your thoughts and actions.
* It will reveal people in your environment who both support or block your progress.
* You will better understand your hopes for a positive outcome as well as the fears that old you back.​​
Often times a loved one who has crossed over will enter the reading with messages.​

* I generally see a time frame when events will unfold regarding the reading.

~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
Additional benefits with a 60 minute reading are:

* ​​​I often see the Karma of the situation and if the cycle is just beginning or ending. (Often times past life info. comes through here).

​* You will see if you are repeating mistakes of the past or weather you've learned the required lessons.

*  I offer a coaching session that guides you toward making the best out of your situation​.

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Wheel of Life Astrology
Kelly is a multi dimensional reader who gains information from other realms. 
She's not a book learned Tarot Card reader as each card means something different depending on the individual.
​She instead utilizes Tarot cards as a focal point and a guide for both herself and the client. Because Kelly uses all of her senses to gather information for her clients her ability's are best described as multi dimensional.

I don't often stop strangers on the street and read for them,but when I do it's because I'm overwhelmed to do so.
​My guides just won't let me move on without sharing.  This only happens when the person really needs to know something.  

Consequently the person receiving the message admits the reading has saved them from their deep depression and often suicidal thoughts.

 Therefore these random readings are on purpose and necessary for folks regardless of my personal discomfort toward doing them.

I prefer one on one readings done privately and by appointment.

Kelly avoids reading for a client in front of a group. She fully understands the psychology and personal intimacy of a one on one reading  that eliminates prier pressure for the client. Confidentiality is an extremely important component of Kelly's work.

If a reading is an exceptional one and worthy of being published then Kelly will ask your permission to share your story but will change all the names to protect your identity. 

Kelly keeps her prices affordable in order that all income brackets can benefit. 
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To get the most from your reading please prepare for it by jotting down your questions in advance. 

​ Please don't save your questions for the end of the reading time.  

The best guidance comes from clear questions.

​Please visit the FAQ page for clarity. 

​ It's my mission and life purpose to empower you toward more skillful actions.