12 Sacred Tools That Will Align You With Your Greatest Potential

Key Words:

Ab’ra Kadabra ~ I create as I Think, Speak, & Write.

Kaduce ~ This was the Arabic password to the sacred temples. It means Open The Door. It can be taken literally but it was meant to mean; The allowance of another’s perception other then yours. Allow yourself to brainstorm other possibilities. Take your time and learn to contemplate.

1. Develop new self nurturing habits by always asking yourself;
‘Is this for my highest good?’.

2. Limit Electronic devices.
They suck energy, & lower our immune system.

3. Spend more time outside and connecting to the elements.
Talk to the trees, plants & water.

4. Balance your chakra’s everyday.
Sing, Dance & Laugh.

5. Ground yourself.
This will help you stay in the moment. Become an observer, this will help you to be more present, a better listener and help you to see between the lines of what is real in your life.

6. Stop dividing your attention.
Dividing attention drops our IQ by 10% Texting while driving has killed more then all the wars in recorded history.
Our IQ increases when we know we are loved, supported, and balanced in our mental awarness and the #1 motivator for happiness is through socializing.
(1st five yrs. in China is learning to socialize. )

7. Make the most of every moment.
Be present and show gratitude for all that you are and all that you have. Write it all down everyday!

8. Exercise everyday.
The number one most effective method of building stress resistance and depression is exercise. Lack of exercise reduces cognitive decline by 15 years.

9.Take time out for yourself daily. Utilize prayer, meditation or contemplation.
Brain scans show growth and complete transformation happens in the brain when you take time out for these activities.

10. Examine Your Frozen Conclusions:
Perceptions we think are real based on our perspective.
Allow yourself to be creative.
Brain storm ideas or dive into an art project, learn to play an instrument or a develop a craft.

11. We are all mirrors of each other.
Understand how to see the aspects in yourself that you dislike in others.
We are all one consciousness yet how can we accept all of who we are if we can’t see all those aspects of our self clearly?

Tips on how you can learn to identify the lessons in the mirror.

Ask yourself these questions:

* What is it about this persons distasteful behavior that also exists in me?
* Once you recognize it, acknowledge it and work toward changing it.
* Choose to do something about it.

Example: Lets say you have a friend whom you really like but her lack of self confidence bugs you.
However you are a person who is full of confidance, therefore you may ask; how this behavior is a mirror?
Then, after some contemplation you discover areas of your life where you don’t have confidence in yourself.
Acknowledge the area’s of your life where you lack confidence.
* Perhaps this lack of confidence held you back from getting a raise, starting your own business or getting the relationship you always wanted and because you didn’t achieve this you are frustrated or angry at your self. Your friend is only the messenger that is there to teach you about what you’ve wanted to burry and not deal with.

Generally anger arrises when we are mad at our selves for not meeting our own exceptions not at someone else’s lack.

Once you identify these core issues within yourself your friends behavior will no longer affect you.

Understanding ourselves better and seeing our own potential is always the reason for the mirror in the first place. Remember we are one anthers teacher.

12. Do this everyday.
Offer forgiveness to those whom have hurt you and ask that they also forgive you.
Making this a daily visualization will transforms your life!