A 30-minute reading covers three questions and other relevant info. spirit provides.

 Below are some of the things one can expect in a 30-minute session. 

* Clarifies your current situation and show where you're headed based on your thoughts and current actions. 
* Reveals people or situations that either support or block you.
* Often times soul connection information is revealed.
* Loved ones who have crossed over invariably enter into the readings as they enjoy sharing their experiences. 
* You will better understand your hopes for a positive outcome as well as the fears that restrict you. 
* Generally I see a time frame for when major events and changes will occur in your life.

A 60-minute reading will uncover all of the above plus more. 

* This reading will often give the Karma of the situation and if the cycle is just beginning or ending.

(Oftentimes past life information comes in here).

*  You will see if you are repeating mistakes or learning the required lessons.

*  Your reading may include a life coaching session to guide you toward the best scenario. 

 * Kelly's channeled information will offer powerful tips and guidance for your healing, regardless of the situation. She may share dietary nutrition tips and tricks for a healthy body, mind complex or empower you toward a  more positive outlook in any needed area. 

Throughout the session, she'll continuously channel spirits on your behalf. 

I've never had a Tarot Reading; what can I expect?

You will sit with Kelly in a private location either from her home office or with you over the phone.  

In the case of an in-person reading, she will hand you a deck of tarot cards to shuffle and spread out onto the table and once you mix them enough you'll be asked to gather them back into a full deck. Once the cards are back in the deck you will place the cards in front of Kelly so she can flip and read them.

In the case of a phone reading, Kelly will shuffle the cards on your behalf as she is a psychic medium, therefore, distance is not an issue. She readings for clients all over the world.

She may gaze out the window while she speaks as she sees images of your life and interprets them to you as best she can.  

As with the thirty-minute readings loved ones who have passed away often come through the reading. They loved to share their experiences and to reassure they are still with you.  Even if the deceased person wasn't a fan of psychic work prior to death they tend to love being able to communicate with you once they're on the other side. 

There's absolutely nothing to fear whatsoever.

Kelly's readings are fun and insightful and packed full of information!

* Clairvoyance means; "To See"  

* Kelly, 'See's', hears, feels, and intuits your life and it's probable outcomes.

* Tarot Cards work as a type of porthole for Kelly to see into your future. 

* A typical reading will first reveal your current situation and then show you where you're heading based on a few probable outcomes.

* The primary reason why you need a Tarot reading is to 'See' where you are heading so that you can make better choices for your future.

 * If your Tarot reading says you are going to get pregnant in two months, then you have the 'Free Will' to either support that outcome or change it. 

                                    Clairvoyant Tarot Readings
My primary intention is to help you...  All readings are confidential. 
Clairvoyant Tarot Readings